Saw something weird at Venus Gate Lord.. [Husky Raid]

Saw something weird at Venus Gate Lord.. [Husky Raid]

this has happened before.
anyone with any information regarding this incident please contact us immediately.

Twitter: @HuskyRaidGuys

Dancers: g1vMEE uh HAN, VoidJedi appel, SuperStartop, BoisterousBiddy, MegaMagwitch, Acetonicetryle, Twizinator1

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20 Responses

  1. AssassinKiss says:

    This is…. perfect. MARRY ME HUNTER KEVIN!

  2. Its JFN says:

    im done

  3. TOOCKEER10 says:


  4. dreaming4ffr says:

    2:39 checking out the boootteyy

  5. Dangelo Steadman says:

    This is the greatest thing ive ever seen on the Internet!

  6. Hard Rocker says:


  7. Lemon Chief says:


  8. cabington says:

    Good Game pocket brought me here ??this is so good

  9. Mike Mitchell says:

    Dying right now. Fucking brilliant. Instant sub.

  10. Marshall Storey says:

    thanks, song stuck in my head now

  11. Gilberto Mercado says:

    there literally could never be enough of these

  12. Bradley Herrin says:

    This is amazing.

  13. Sky Fang says:

    Haha love it. Makes me wanna play this game again xD. Great job o/

  14. risingfalcon says:

    I laughed so hard. XD Excellent job, guys!

  15. KatoFifaGoals says:

    hahahahaha que chistoso 

  16. Joel Rozier says:

    You just made Backstreet Boys some serious $$$ on this video (looking at
    the view count). Congrats! lol

  17. YoungJ From S.M.E says:

    sick as fuck. good job

  18. Richard Kindle says:

    one of the best video I have seen

  19. Justin-tracy Lackey says:

    insanity insues

  20. Th3 Elucidator says:

    Atheon does not approve xD