Saweetie – Tap In [Official Music Video]

Saweetie – Tap In [Official Music Video]

TAP TAP TAP IN ! ❄️ out now:


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Director: Mike Ho
Producer: Vanda Lee / Leslie Terrero
Production Company: Cinema Giants


Too Short:
Dont never stop if you wanna be on top, BITCH
Lil’ waist, fat ass, bitch Tap in
Tap, tap, tap in
Diamonds dancing on yo neck nigga Tap in Tap tap tap in
Fuck a nigga get rich bitch tap in
Tap tap tap in
M.O.B. Icy gang nigga tap in
Tap tap tap in
Wrist on glitter, waist on thinner
I’ma show you how to bag a 8 figure nigga
Face on zaddy, Pockets on jigga
You better get the card and make it swipe like tinder Private villa in a fur chinchilla
When he post me all the hoes get sicker
Fuckboy killer, i don’t need fillers
Never been a lame so the real bitches feel it
Daddy on the facetime
You could never take mine
End up on the date line (Uh, Uh, Uh)
Rich with no dayjob
Bitch hit yo wop wop
Always on the courtside (Uh, huh, huh)
Billionaire niggas wanna eat me out
Bitch I’m from the west coast, they wanna go down south All these lame ass niggas tryna fuck for clout
I won’t let him hit but he can put it in his mouth
Lil’ waist, fat ass, bitch Tap in
Tap, tap, tap in
Diamonds dancing on yo neck nigga Tap in Tap tap tap in
Fuck a nigga get rich bitch tap in
Tap tap tap in
M.O.B. Icy gang nigga tap in
Tap tap tap in
You gotta itty bitty waist, pretty in the face
Never let a broke nigga take you on a date
Haters can’t relate, bitch I’ve never been fake
I got a real nigga putting icing on my plate
Icy from my lips, to my fingers, to my toenails Drippin in chanaynay, this ain’t going on sale
All these hoes boosie baby, i do not do friends well Lotta niggas pussy but I promise that I won’t tell Shhhh, now what’s my favorite word? (ICY)
Bitch gone smile but I know she don’t like me 200 for a verse bitch I’m way too pricey
Fuck around and bring back hyphy
Lil’ waist, fat ass, bitch Tap in
Tap, tap, tap in
Diamonds dancing on yo neck nigga Tap in Tap tap tap in
Fuck a nigga get rich bitch tap in
Tap tap tap in
M.O.B. Icy gang nigga tap in
Tap tap tap in

#Saweetie #TapIn #PBM

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72 Responses

  1. Song says:

    Good job. Who are your Favourite Youtubers? Also, Let’s be friends 😀

  2. Standup Reject says:

    lmao is it me or is it weird that right now there are 9 comments and 14 people waiting for SAWEETIE

  3. nosadzone says:

    everyone: can‘t wait, new song 😍
    me: this mouse symbol has better fingernails than my girl 😂

  4. shabye boop boop says:

    this is giving me something to look forward to 😌

  5. Official Saweetie says:

    TAP TAP TAP IN ! ❄️ out now:

  6. Daniel John says:

    I like it and all but I want some original beats…there is nothing wrong with sampling songs but when you do it all the time you kinda lose your originality. Yes you are writing lyrics but we want something that sounds fresh and never heard before.

    • Alena says:

      Mi kel so you saying it’s the audiences fault that her original stuff doesn’t go viral? Sorry but that just means her original beats aren’t good enough. There are many artist who create original content and that’s what makes them so amazing eventually. As long as you are dependent on other peoples beats you will always be limited. Again I’m not saying that re-sampling other beats is generally a bad thing, no, There are many songs who are sampeled and absolutely amazing but with her I just feel like it gets kind of the same.

    • Verretta Mckinney says:

      True! It happened to Ashanti

    • Brittany Bogan says:

      @Bianca Egypt Too short- blow the whistle

    • G.D. says:

      Shes from the Bay. You wish you knew…

    • Beautiful Bee says:

      I feel the same way. I’m a fan but also disappointed

  7. Ty Williams says:

    It doesn’t sound like saweetie. I mean her flow is kinda off and the hook is weak. I miss the high maintenance saweetie tbh. Not impressed 😒

    • Ty Williams says:

      @kaithebratt_ ! facts

    • Ty Williams says:

      @Mimi1117 yeah icy ep was so so

    • stan loona uglies says:

      focus was her best track imo that shit sounded soo smooth but this aint it…

    • Sophia Alvarado says:

      A lot of people say they miss High Maintenance Saweetie bc they think she’s over sexualizing her music now. I loved it when she talked about going to school, her parents, being a boss, and 🖕🏼 lames. But I’m also fine with her talking about 😽 and money because I blasted My Type! I don’t know just wish there was a balance between the two. I agree this song didn’t sound right at all. Some of what she said in her verses was cringey af

    • Brittney Rain says:

      Sophia Alvarado I think a lot of people say they miss those vibes because she was very authentic then & very hungry. I have been following her for a while and the way she is now feels like a completely different person… Music wise and the way she acts.

  8. Dunja Friščić says:

    love her but miss the old, bougie, high maintenance, chill saweetie

  9. Joel Cruz says:

    Ion like it 🥴 She could do waaaaay better! Hopefully the next single is better.

  10. Stephanie Mayfield says:

    Not another sample 😬, I’m rooting for you but sorry unimpressed

  11. Paul Roberts says:

    It’s a No for me on the song, But a thumbs for the video🤷🏾‍♂️

  12. smgt06 says:

    Almost all of her tracks are remake throwback 80’s – 90’s beats. Why Warner Brothers/Atlantic allows this to happen is beyond me. It probably has to do with her OLD washed up manager, Max Gousse. He doesn’t know what’s hot. Time for new Management.

  13. nana says:

    someone give this girl a ghostwriter being pretty only gonna do her so much also her use of samples 😭

  14. xLxUxSxTx says:

    All that talk about letting it marinate to come head… and delivered a sub par song over the great Too Short. What a waste of all the hype!

    • fiyaworx says:

      Right with all that teasing I expected a summer anthem for the ladies, and this sounds like something a kid came up with

  15. chanti L says:

    I like Saweetie. She got potential, looks and nice tone of rapping voice too. But she has to improve her songwriting and also have original beats. Until she does that, people won’t take her serious. It’s frustrating that her team keep putting her on these tracks.

  16. The LA Gentleman says:

    I’m sorry I HAVE TO SAY IT… I’m rooting for her and I love her but WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR MUSIC!??? This is NOT the hungry Saweetie we feel in love with In the beginning… this is a pretty girl making noise to a beat 😩

  17. Tapiwa Love says:

    We tired of “diamonds dancing on your nheck” we need something new🙄

  18. Aolani • says:

    This song not even three minutes long 💀 💀

  19. Ash Nicole says:

    Honestly this just isn’t for her it’s the same old same old 🥴 I genuinely like her personality but as an artist it’s a no for me at the moment…. only song of hers I actually like is anti

  20. Janay Williams says:

    At this point her man need to and help migos have hit after hit maybe he can help her team quavo we need you 😂

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