“Say Yes” – Michelle Williams ft. Kelly Rowland, Beyonce (2015 Stellar Awards)

“Say Yes” – Michelle Williams ft. Kelly Rowland, Beyonce (2015 Stellar Awards)

Michelle Williams performs “Say Yes” with Kelly Rowland and Beyonce at the 2015 Stellar Awards.

Now available for download via iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

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20 Responses

  1. MontAKALamontTV says:

    amazing… loved this!!

  2. Kunal carter says:

    No more poor Michelle.

  3. nanette coley says:

    Wonderful !

  4. Keishla Fernandez says:

    When they are togather on stage, it gives me chills. Love them

  5. Angelous Dixe says:

    I don’t care about another album I WANT A NEW TOUR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. MimiXtinaChelleKRow says:

    the beyhives are just so disgusting!!! stupid beyonce tried to outshine
    again… well at least she knows her position and that she knows she isnt
    very welcome in the gospel industry…

  7. william haywood says:

    MICHELLE! KELLY!! AND BEYONCE! Y’all needa stop playing and make another
    album!!!!!! it’s been like 11 years! WAY TOO LONG! This performance more
    than proved why each of these ladies deserve to be the last three standing
    in Destiny’s Child! Michelle finally had the spotlight! Kelly slayed.
    Beyoncé was on point as usual! I CANT SAY NOTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT THIS

  8. michael tangas says:

    They sound like angels… so heavenly!!!!

  9. Joyful347 says:

    I absolutely love this. Great great great job.

  10. M.M# says:

    beyonce is so good 

  11. Rossellini C says:

    gwannnn Michelle!!!!
    Kelly’s booty looking thick and delicious

  12. Tony Tyson II says:

    These girls are meant to sing together as well as apart.

  13. misshotlikeme says:

    One word >> Yassss!!!

    Michelle had me bout to shout in this office!

  14. Bianca Nauls says:

    Come on yall and sing

  15. rj smith says:

    Too many people acting like Beyonce a God she human just like us smh..

  16. iamquita3 says:

    I love this. I love Michelle, Beyonce and Kelly. This performance was
    beautiful. Especially the ending with Michelle singing. Beautiful. 

  17. Orlando Giraldo says:

    I´m so proud of you my belle Michelle Williams

  18. iamquita3 says:

    I’m not going read these comments either, because I enjoyed this
    performance and them so much, and I know someone is going to have something
    negative to say. 

  19. Ricardo Ventura says:


  20. Terri Sanders says:

    When you are singing about the Lord, you can’t help but dance. I’m not mad
    at Beyonce. They ALL did a great job! It’s an uplifting song! Great Job