Saying Goodbye to My Minecraft Hardcore World..

Saying Goodbye to My Minecraft Hardcore World..

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i can’t believe it. 1 and a half years.

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32 Responses

  1. Kevin Bzezovski says:

    When i saw the vid i was so sad 😢

  2. Lonely Sandwich says:

    Idk why but a part of me feels empty knowing that this world is gone 😩

  3. Eleanor Pernice says:

    This is sad 🙁 You should make this series again so then our hearts don’t feel a little bit emptier, and the videos will put a smile on our faces 😀

  4. KayTime says:

    not me actually crying-

  5. Drip Sands says:

    dan is the toughest man i know, he can stand hearing his own voice in recordings

  6. Falafel Studios says:

    Ok people kept saying what I said was overused SO you are left with this

  7. NateTheGreat1234 says:

    When I saw the title of the last vid I couldn’t believe it. Somehow I was physically and mentally crying. R.I.P Dan

  8. Turtle says:

    That ‘Game Over’ sign has never looked so saddening

  9. Peakcabbage says:

    “I’m sorry that I died”
    Never thought I would hear that sentence…

  10. Best Twitch Moments says:

    A wise man once said
    “Dont be sad because its over, be happy that it happened”
    We will all share the memories

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