Saying Goodbye To Our House… Leaving California

Saying Goodbye To Our House… Leaving California

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20 Responses

  1. Nikki A says:

    Can’t wait to see Colorado Christmas vlogs in the new house!

  2. Tippyturtle84 says:

    The “shed” talk got me! I felt all your pain and happiness with y’all in that moment. 😭😁 Wishing both of you all the luck and happiness in the world in your new home.

  3. saraeleonora says:

    Such a beautiful moment caught on camera. The process of moving is crazy, you go through so many emotions at once and start questioning every decision you make. But this is so the right thing for you guys! Can’t wait to follow you guys along during this next chapter in your life. Here’s to a new beginning!

  4. Erika Berry says:

    Ryland tapping his foot in doubt in the podcast shed is the scary dad that is waiting for you when you come home after staying out past curfew look vibe.

  5. Leslie Gonzalez says:

    This was the quickest 27 minutes of my life. Why is it overrrr. I cant wait for the next vlog 💕

  6. Lynn L says:

    “Looks like a Grinder hookup , that I paid for. “ 😂😂😂. Shane is hilarious.

  7. Amanda Ruth Barnes says:

    There is no one else on YouTube who makes me bust out laughing the way Shane does!

  8. ObsidianWhiskey says:

    Damn it Shane, I didn’t need to cry , him walking around and sniffling got me, this is a new chapter if your lives, congratulations

  9. MissLola says:

    Can’t wait till the next episode, Shane looks so happy and so do you! Sending the best of wishes on the new house and all the great memories you both will make in it!

  10. Emily O. says:

    Shane: “let’s get the fuck out of here I’M READY!!” 😂 love that he’s so excited and finally starting to come out of his shell!

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