saying goodbye to the tesla :( #shorts

saying goodbye to the tesla 🙁 #shorts

🙁 #shorts
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42 Responses

  1. Isaiah Photo says:

    You guys aren’t ready for this..

  2. yo dill says:

    RIP Tesla
    After such a journey like all good things everything must come to an end

  3. Kacy Mitchell says:

    Noooo we will misss love you Benny the Tesla. Also early!! Love ur vids

  4. Mxrasaki Ch. says:

    Fun fact: 3 people can’t be first.

  5. tmb the 1 says:

    i thought the video might end in a twist
    like u just giving it for servicing or something
    but its real

  6. Mariyandog999 says:

    Why are such a legend.

  7. Prabhat Singh Negi says:

    Next up:
    Dude is trading something for starship.
    Elon: wait a minute

  8. Piyush says:

    “little over month now”
    My father who has the same car for nine years:

  9. slayzyo45 says:

    The sad thing about changing is when you say goodbye your old things

  10. ZippY says:

    I love how he gets road rage at the light

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