Saying Goodbye…

Saying Goodbye…

Hey evereyone… How are ya? Today it’s time to say goodbye… There has been some major changes in my life recently. Thank you for watching and being patient. Love you guys so much.

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65 Responses

  1. Sarah St-Pierre says:

    Never clicked so fast.

  2. Corey Sturgeon says:

    The clarity and quality of the camera is way better than my life.

  3. DeAnna Wafflez says:

    Jeffree: “there is alot of thing going on, and I wanna have a deep talk”


  4. RubyRoseRivers says:

    If there’s not the phrase: “the last couple of days/weeks/months/years has been crazy/a lot” then it’s not a Jeffree video

    • Tony Dark says:


    • Oksana Gutierrez says:

      😆 yep. Omg , I was seriously saying the same sh 😆 he’s falling off with the yt vids and seeing or talking to us subscribers. It’s sad and I hope he’ll get his happiness 😔

    • Deonaha Conlin says:

      I saw the lead line, and thought he’d lost a family member, and in a way, he has. But, a door closes, another door opens, right? Took me sixty years (!!), a pandemic, and a whole house full of ‘doors’ to finally see that. He’s got this. We all need a recharge now and then.

    • KRISTINE SANTA says:

      Right? When has his life ever been calm? 🤣

  5. Maria Cristina Escobar Ramirez says:

    “Bitch I know I’m strong, but it’s being a lot” You don’t even know the hard times that I’ve gone through, and you have been a total inspiration to me to start over. I really admire you. You’re a f—ng badass!

    • Tushyam Panchal says:

      Yes, “I am Bitch, I am Boss, I am a Bitch and a Boss and Imma shine like a Gloss” – Jeffree star!!

  6. justin says:

    Jeffree is trying to be sentimental and his dogs are in the background screaming at each other lmfaoo.

  7. oreb says:

    ‘bitch, I know that I’m strong. but this is a lot.’ every strong person can relate. no one will quit!

  8. Tessalynn Johnson says:

    I can see the genuine in this, there is so many good intentions within you and I notice it. I wish you well, and I hope you restock my sizes in apparel! I’m dying for it. Good luck ❤️

  9. Joan Ferguson’s Girl says:

    I genuinely hope he finds the right people to fill the shoes of his cameraman and assistant. Like he said, it’s not so easy for him to just be able to throw a job advert out there. I wish him luck on this endeavour.

  10. Stevie Isakson says:

    I’m sad about Chris not being his camera man ill miss him in the background 🥺🥺

  11. Bijou says:

    Jeffree: talking about saying goodbye to his people with love
    Donatella: destroying blanket beside him

  12. Jessejade Inno says:

    That “Chris, what do you think?” after finishing a makeup look

    It’s my first time getting this much likes. You guys feel the same about that line huh 😭😭😭😭😭

  13. Brauer Pauer says:

    I’m trying to focus on Jeffree, but all I can pay attention to are his precious poms.

  14. sooshinini says:

    I can feel all the emotions in here, we’ll definitely miss Chris and Maddie on Jeffree’s channel but it’s really heartwarming seeing Jeffree being proud and happy for them on their next journey. Their level of friendship is astounding.

  15. Megan Elizabeth says:

    When you can’t apply to be Jeffree’s PA 😩😩😩

  16. Rosie says:

    me seeing the title: hysterically wheezing for about 10 minutes

  17. Asmr sand foods and petscute Asmr says:

    I’m gonna miss the “chris how are we feeling what do we think?” 🙁

  18. PSHOW says:

    I saw the title and clicked straight away, I don’t even watch Jeff but I watched it all❤️

  19. Sheeps sleep while you stare says:

    Jeffree: makes a video trying to say goodbye to his team
    People : Jeffree is quitting YouTube

  20. poopjones2 says:

    Commenting before watching hope he’s going to Mars

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