Scales: The Insane Mermaid Movie Nobody Asked For

Scales: The Insane Mermaid Movie Nobody Asked For

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Scales: Mermiads Are Real is an extremely bizarre take on mermaid lore and mythology. Please enjoy my review

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61 Responses

  1. Spooper Senshi says:

    I’m making chicken strips

  2. Jo Picconatto says:

    i- wh- my jaw literally dropped. she just melted him. she just-

  3. Caryn Fogarty says:

    Her tail is so fake tho like u can literally see the wrinkles in the cloth 😂

    • Tae's Lost Gucci says:

      @Robyn Bran no way

    • //jacky// says:

      The tails in H2O are also fake tails but they’re so high quality and heavy af. So it’s possible but I guess the budget wasn’t enough

    • Caryn Fogarty says:

      //jacky// yeah but that was a Nickelodeon (I think it’s nick correct me if I’m wrong) show they def had a lower budget- this is a mermaid movie the first thing they should have gotten was the tail lol

    • Jess B says:

      all the special effects make up went toward the gross transition stages. Blehhg

    • athena says:

      Robyn Bran i am so so shocked. my mind is blown. never would have guessed. thank you for enlightening us all 😌💖

  4. kazoobard says:

    also like. if siren’s mom wanted to keep her safe and pretend she’s human then WHY NAME HER AFTER A MERMAID

  5. Dot_Plot says:

    The moment the weird dad came out I was like: ah he’s a hunter

  6. hallie weis says:

    “why would anyone go to the bathroom?”
    “guys my bones are gettin’ squishy”

  7. Obama Toy reviews says:

    Scales: **girl goes in a bath and changes into a mermaid**

    H2O just add a little water: *a m I a j o k e t o y o u?*

    • Mostly Animated Sketches says:

      A lot of mermaid shows and movies used that. There was a series on YouTube (that was obviously inspired by H2O) called Mermaid Scales that I used to watch when I was in elementary school that did that too.

    • Maddie Heck says:

      Count Draculakid I can imagine that voice vividly

    • Pokey Oat says:

      Count Draculakid omfg that accent annoyed me so much but I love the show sm

    • Kokochi Ouma says:

      @Maddie Heck I can hear it.

    • Purple Biased says:

      @Count Draculakid my sis and i have been rewatching the series for the 3rd time and we’ve been going around the house for the past few weeks yelling “CLEORR, EMMAH”

  8. Jeta K says:

    Real question here: why did that one hunter guy ask Siren how old she was as soon as he meets her?? Like…what does the information have to do with anything? She said she was a friend of Adam’s from school so it’s to be assumed that they are around the same age??? Then later he keeps her adoptive mom hostage cause she’s ‘attractive’ uhh…that guy should definitely not be in your house around your kid.

    Also why does that same hunter guy continue to try to kill the mom and literally the only other little girl whose a mermaid? Like why is he so fixated on little mermaid girls??

  9. Internet Comment Etiquette: Grayson says:

    Writer: How do u think it’ll sound if like cus she’s a mermaid and she kills a man that like her name is Siren like that’s clever and foreshadowing right?
    Intern: Absolutely Amazing. Clever, Smart, Never done before. Send it right now

  10. Love Kitties says:

    “And at night…”

    “… *they get squishy* “

  11. Star Boy says:

    “I don’t understand, why can’t the mermaids just give there blood to everyone? What’s the big deal?”

  12. Madison Longley says:

    I can give you ANOTHER bad movie. It’s called “Valentine: The Dark Avenger” and it’s on Amazon Prime video. It is a shitty superhero/vigilante movie.

  13. Venice Vibes says:

    Jack is literally the only good thing about this, not his character, just the fact he is in this and is a good actor

    • JamesAndGames says:

      he genuinely seems to be the only good actor. I mean i can’t fault the child actors too much because they’re young, but he’s better than the adults lmao

    • Lg Rader says:

      My thoughts exactly. See, I had NO respect for this but then my mind was like “bAbY jAcK” and now I have a biiit of respect 🤷‍♀️

  14. Kintara Heart says:

    I’m so glad someone else noticed how dumb the “are they singing?” Scene is. Thank you for giving me some solace after being forced to watch this with my sisters, Danny.

  15. g4bli n says:

    Soooooo does this mean she’s never had a bath before? Or have her parents just knocked her out and while she was unconscious gave her a bath

  16. Chase Davis says:

    “Each mermaid whale is unique” she says and an entire town of mermaids sing the same song in unison

    • Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam says:

      Your comment confused the shit outta me. It’s wail*, rather than whale. I was picturing all the mermaids having pet whales and was baffled. Derpppppp😂😂😂😂

  17. Kayla Taylor says:

    Why is this just a copy of Disney’s “Thirteenth year” right down to the adopted mermaid child and the friend’s dad trying to kill mermaids.

  18. Mherdio〜シ says:

    “Sometimes you gotta get together with the homies and AAAaAaA”

    -Danny 2020

  19. Turtle Derp1123 says:

    “Her room doesn’t have walls!”

    Guys Danny is actually a pigeon

  20. Kinaydah Ramalho says:

    “i’ve never heard humans talk about air that way” um actually i’m sorry but the Lorax is literally all about loving and tasting air in an unnecessarily sexual way.

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