Scaramucci Calls Into CNN’s New Day

Scaramucci Calls Into CNN’s New Day

White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci called into CNN’s New Day…..

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20 Responses

  1. Matt M says:

    What a train wreck lmao

  2. Robin Messing says:

    “The fish stinks from the head down… But I can tell you two fish that don’t stink. OK. And that’s me and the President.”

    Ummmmm… in case you didn’t notice it–the President IS the head.

  3. qerguil says:

    A little more than halfway through the video cuts out.

  4. Edward Rozboril says:


  5. Keith Harry says:

    I can’t wait until Trump throws Scaramucci under the bus!

  6. Julian P says:

    lmao The Pooch is a fucking buffoon. He sounds like he’s been huffing paint. “If you’re nice to me the President will let me come back on your show” ???!!! What the FUCK.

  7. Jesse Brown says:

    How is this actually happening?

  8. Tracy Shea says:

    I wonder how much therapy mucci needs.

  9. Matthew Davies says:

    Holy shit, these people have the nuke codes HOLY SHIT.

  10. Nathan D says:

    LOL wtf is this “between us Italians” thing he said?!?!!?

  11. Grainne O'Donovan says:

    The guy never shuts up. Verbal diahorrea.

  12. Rick Lemke says:

    Name dropper. We get it, you know people

  13. Jerry Harper says:

    He has the ways and looks of a mafia reject.

  14. Linda H says:

    They all drink the same kool-aid.

  15. Interlude Jones says:

    “One Italian to another.”

  16. crafter31415 says:

    Why is this on trending lmao

  17. Ben Hill says:

    Trending at #6 on YouTube with only 405 views.. Lol.

  18. Jaxon Moreno says:

    405 views #6 on tending

  19. Commander 2594 Gaming says:

    444 views and it’s “trending?” Nice try YouTube

  20. UebeyTubey says:

    This has 450 views why is this trending lol

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