Scaramucci out as WH communications director

Scaramucci out as WH communications director

Anthony Scaramucci is out as White House communications director, sources tell CNN.

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20 Responses

  1. Tact1calSkullz says:

    This administration is a joke!

  2. arithsem says:

    Scaramucci got front stabbed by the Donald

  3. Olusanya Kayode says:

    That didn’t last long!

  4. Giovanni Naranjo says:

    Already? LOL failure to trump and his trumptards!!!


  5. Brian Garrow says:

    Higher turnover than McDonalds!!! LOL!!! Musical chairs!!!

  6. eddie stanner says:

    Today an unbelievably brave man who stands for what the United States once stood for got the medal of honor from a disgusting., narcissistic, egomaniacal 5 time deferment chickenshit! What the hell is wrong here! Has the United States lost its way? A system where out of 300 million people, a narcissistic, self absorbed, egomaniacal serial lier could rise to the top tells me there is undeniably something wrong with the process of electing a president! A system where ignorant uneducated people could elect such a vile excuse for a human being is deplorable! A system where a man with the outlook on human decency is equivalent to that of a juvenile delinquent could have his fingers even near the nuclear buttons clearly has to be reformed. A system that allows an obvious halfwit to be sitting in the Oval Office making decisions that effect the very servival of the human race is at best, rediculous, reckless, broken and laughable! At worst! Simply terrifing!
    A system where a man so obviously intellectually unqualified being president of the United States screams the need of a nomination process that ensures a qualified leader with a verifiable familiarity of mathematics, economics, science, and ethics ends up being the nominee of a political party!
    The two co equal branches of government that have the power to end this madness need to act NOW to impeach this maniac before he does something truly horrifying!
    No reasonable person bargained for this absolute mess! Any one that says that they support the way this Egomaniac is conducting the business of running the office of the President of the United States is either being provocative, completely ignorant, or flat out lieing!

  7. Words of My Leader BingBing BongBong BingBingBing says:


  8. Michael Williams says:

    Must have hit on Trump’s daughter. Only Trump is allowed to hit on his daughter!

  9. Roots says:

    Wow. Trump is such a great business man. He clearly knows what he’s doing! America is in such good hands. – smh –

  10. Farmer G says:

    “I love my president, I love my president…. Wait, what? But…. But… I love my president?”
    I think Trump gave the Mooch this job just to make him delete those tweets…. lol

  11. Cory Lee says:

    Anthony Screwedthepucci

  12. Ryan Ellis says:

    HAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHA…..fuck Trump, fuck ‘the mooch’, fuck Trump supporters…..

  13. HnRDrunk'n'Stuff says:

    Awwww, he lost his wife, his dog, and his job all in one week.

  14. Roger Smith says:

    What !! He was hired the last week and he’s already fired whatttt

  15. Acer Maximinus says:

    The Mooch just got stabbed in the front! LMFAO!

  16. Michael Williams says:

    I have to hand it to Trump; gross incompetence hasn’t been this funny to watch since the 3 Stooges died.

  17. K. Jones says:

    Aw, man, we didn’t even get to see who would portray him on SNL!

  18. Saltonion Layspack says:

    WOW! From now on, if I ever make any mistake, I will still be happy knowing that I did not sell my company, get humiliated on national TV and lose my family just to get a job for 10 days.

  19. Torrian Sapp says:

    😂😂😂😂😂this administration is a joke

  20. Marco Foerster says:

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