Scariest Day of My Life

Scariest Day of My Life

Music by Alan Parodi and Julian Piaggio

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20 Responses

  1. Zombers says:

    Omg I totally thought your apartment or something was on fire (I rushed to
    click the video) and then I read the title and I was like, “Wasn’t he there
    for 9/11 though?”

  2. Michael Jimenez says:

    i bet you loved Ferris Bueller as a kid

  3. bbllsht77 says:

    I’m from Croatia, and I remember that day breaking news on every channel,
    live streaming on BBC, I was scared, like it was end of the world, some
    weird feeling… I was 10, and kids were talking about that on street…

  4. Suhail J. says:

    I hate how people do things like 9/11 and dare to associate themselves with
    islam. Makes it harder for the rest of us.

  5. L. MacKenzie Perin says:

    I don’t remember much of the day it happened, because I was only 6 years
    old. But I can remember before that desperately wanting to visit the World
    Trade Center because they were called the “Twin Towers” and I’m a twin. I
    dreamed of them having a “twin day” festival where twins could go and

  6. ittsdann says:

    i remember i was in 5th grade science class and all of a sudden teachers
    are running into the classrooms and whispering into my teachers ear and
    running out. then all of a sudden every kid was just being picked up by
    their parents including myself. and my mom not telling me what it was until
    we got home and i wasnt allowed to go outside to play or anything. that day
    was intense. everyone was driving around in a frenzy. i couldnt imagine
    having been there

  7. Cow says:

    Your content gets exponentially better by the vlog.

  8. JJROADSTA says:

    Brilliant vlog! Loving the music!!!!

  9. winstonwolfe1964 says:

    There is pure Evil in this world and then there are those firefighters,
    police and others who run to danger forgetting about oneself to try to save
    others. It’s what makes the USA exceptional! God Bless the Sheepdogs!

  10. Kilian Schreier says:

    Dear Casey please do not DO NOT let your baby cry itself to sleep. I have
    pedagogics and psychology as a major and one of the first things we learn
    is that baby’s think that theyre dying when they’re left alone crying
    BECAUSE THEY CANT COMPREHEND IT. DONT do that to your kid it can really
    effect him later in live in a negative way!!!!! Please believe professors
    in psychology more then some mumbo jumbo

  11. nickuso16 says:

    I was 16 I remember 9/11 I was listening To Music and then I heard like a
    huge Boom noise I looked out my window and I yelled Oh my god. I remember
    Running out I grabbed my things ran out. Then the Second Plane hit. I just
    kept running. I WAS EXTREMELY SCARED

  12. Trina M says:

    I remember that day vividly, too vivid. I lost a friend because of that
    day. He worked in the first tower. When the plane hit, he ran down all
    those flights of stairs with the others. He got out, he survived. But
    because he survived, he suffered great survivor guilt and a year later
    committed suicide. He just couldn’t take it. He couldn’t take it that he
    made it out and all the others didn’t.

  13. Jasn00sh says:

    i could see the picture you were describing because of how well u described

  14. Jaspah karkar says:

    4:04 ‘cunt’

  15. Paulius Daunys says:

    So what’s this whole thing about Jacksgap stealing Casey’s originality??

  16. Degrastic says:

    You trying to kiss the viewers? Back the fuck up off the camera, jeez.
    Nobody wants to see your nasty, oozing zits from inches away.

  17. Myrisha “NotSoPerfect” Louise says:

    I had just found out that I was expecting my son, and thought what the fuck
    am I doing bringing a child into this world.

  18. moyashisoba says:

    Thanks for sharing, Casey.
    Also: keep up your amazing work. I barely can stand vlogs, but yours are
    more like little documentations, little pieces of nyc or the rest of the
    world, brought together with wisdom, humour, power and inspiration. I
    truely love to watch them. Thank you.

  19. MagicHarps says:

    9/11 is like our generation’s Kennedy assassination or Pearl Harbor. No
    matter how old, you remember where you were when you first hear the news

  20. Jayce Amumu says:

    Thanks you for sharing this story, really opens your mind