Schalke 2-3 Manchester City: Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

Schalke 2-3 Manchester City: Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

Manchester City stunned Schalke with two late goals to take a 3-2 lead after the first leg of their Champions League Last 16 clash.

Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling turned the game on its head despite the Citizens losing Nicolas Otamendi to a red card.

Nabil Bentaleb had scored two penalties to put City 2-1 down after Sergio Aguero had opened the scoring.

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82 Responses

  1. Vlone Jayy says:

    What a golazo from Sane

  2. Rupak Dahal says:

    Referees tried best to make city lose. Come on City!

  3. The MLS Zone says:

    This was a hell of a match ???I love sane this man is just ?world class? yo????⚽️??‍♂️

  4. Ronaldinho10 says:

    What a goal, Sane!

  5. cristian hidaldo says:

    These commentators are so boring no hype in the goals score nothing this match deserves better commentators

  6. OLVERABOY says:

    Wait does that last goal count as an assist for Ederson?

  7. Alberto Mendoza says:

    Learn how to make a proper highlight video.

  8. J Boogie says:

    Is it too much to ask for a replay of the hand ball? And only a replay of the Sane kick? C’mon bleacher report

    • Gooner16 says:

      +Evan Malcolm Commentators are good as they’re actually from the UK. I just don’t listen to the nonsense pregame and post game shows from them because it’s an actual joke. Fox’s American commentators were atrocious.

    • TheGamingPanCake says:

      +Evan Malcolm I hate how now there is only 1 game on tnt now and the other one isnt on tv. It was so much better previous years when they were on fs1 and fs2

    • Evan Malcolm says:

      +TheGamingPanCake exactly, or able to stream on FSgo if you already paid for the provider.

    • Evan Malcolm says:

      +Gooner16 John strong wasn’t too bad bc he actually got into the game and had some emotion. Whoever called this game sounded half asleep

    • Alain Ebrottie says:

      +Evan Malcolm they are killing a great competition…I am so upset.. sucks ..worst coverage ever

  9. Tristan Le Coz says:

    badly edited commentators were awful refs were awful what a shitshow good game though

  10. Ronaldinho10 says:

    Ederson has two assists this season. More than Keita and Ozil!

    • BBB Noodle says:

      Ronaldinho10 Emerson is a GK. Can’t really count him

    • Abulayi says:

      Ozil has started a SINGLE game this season. He’s on bench collecting big wages

    • Jarrett Thomas says:

      Not fair to put keita in there. He’s started like 2 games and played in less than 10. That said he should have had a few by now but the finishing just isn’t there for Liverpool

    • Zeke says:

      +Ronaldinho10 Jorginho is a regista not a defensive midfielder. His role is to spray passes among his teammates in order to help shift the attack from side to side and find that opening. He essentially is a deep lying play-making midfielder.

    • XRAY says:

      Ronaldinho10 they both have more idiot

  11. Kevin Ferrera says:

    Schalke player flopping on sterling goal lol embarrassing

  12. Henry Kates says:

    There is absolutely no transition between the otamendi red and the sane shot, terribly edited for what I’ve come to expect for BRFootball

  13. F Meh says:

    Why was Sane’s goal not shown in real time???

  14. Arash M says:

    3:42 germany decided to leave that out the world cup…….yeahhhhhhh ok.

    • Roy Woods says:

      Sandra Riley who is better than Sané? The injury prone that barely plays for Juve and the other injury prone that can barely make an assist for city as midfielder? Yeah try again . Gundogan and Khedira suck

    • Roy Woods says:

      Adam G. And the German team isn’t playing good either so they need a new coach and new players.

    • FredoCorrleone says:

      +Roy Woods You do realize Gundogan and Khedira play in different positions than Sane, right? Or would you have a team of wingers/forwards playing in midfield and defense?

    • Quick Concepts says:

      +Sami bayeh Hes worse than Sane, but not shite actually, Brandt is pretty good

    • THE DUDE4K says:

      +Sami bayeh what an intelligent statement :the whole squad were shit except maybe some players. Nicely put????

  15. JuS AsTro says:

    Ederson’s assist ?

  16. George Weah says:

    No replay for the handball? Sane’s goal in real time? I’d also like some marker to know when it’s halftime, I felt like I missed minutes 45-80…

  17. MrCadfish says:

    Give the Champions League rights back to Fox Sports your coverage is awful

    • Alain Ebrottie says:

      Agreed…fox was much better.

    • MrCadfish says:

      rofj09 Fox wasn’t amazing but it was much better than this crap and the fact that you need a separate subscription to B/R live is a joke. I’d take Fox over this any day

    • garowe22 says:

      TNT and BR has ruined Champions League for us.

    • Timothy Johnson says:

      +rofj09 NBC have the worst streaming platform though, maybe its just me but Prem games sometimes freeze or do a weird repeating loop and its never full screen, always a damn commercial banner but this is America!

    • Ugo Ibe says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Fox, NBC, and hell even ESPN are better. This shit looks like amateur league. No one is trying to see Mo Edu and Steve Nash talk UCL.

  18. Sagar Rana says:

    Learn how to make highlight videos from NBC.

    • Zachary Caswell says:

      Sagar Rana give NBC the champions league rights, they’d do a good job, just like they do with the premier league

  19. futbolers to go says:

    Don’t rush to get the video out until the edit is at least passable

  20. Alexander lytle says:

    The Champions League was so much better when Fox had the tele rights. B/R has so many ads during half time, and there is literally 2 minutes of actual recapping. They only show one game a match day. The highlights are trash. And has anybody else noticed that they changed the Champions League song a little too?

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