Schlatt Makes Minecraft 1000% Funnier

Schlatt Makes Minecraft 1000% Funnier

I played the Origins Mod with some friends and it was hilarious!
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Edited by Kristin! 🙂

Profile Pic was drawn by Glamist!

#Philza #Minecraft #Origins

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64 Responses

  1. Akish says:

    I’m seeing a patterns with these titles.

  2. Ph1LzA says:

    Kristin edited this one guys so let her know how she did! (literally her 2nd thing she’s ever edited lol)

  3. Aviara says:

    PHILZA NOW YOURE DOING THE FUNNY TITLES??? everyone, we’ve lost every sleepy boi to the funny titles, the only one we have left is techno.

  4. Fathima Nazmeen Anodiyil says:

    Imagine FragranceMan’s punchline was “Get a whiff of that!”

  5. Melon says:

    I feel like for Niki, they should make waterways in a basement-like area for Niki with a small pool in the house so she can go in and out-

  6. FrankFr0nk _ says:

    “I wonder what the Great Wall of China smells like?”
    That line killed me

  7. Comical Cow says:

    Schlatt: “I’ve learned a new scent… sand.”
    Phil: Oh no not again

  8. Martin H says:

    Alternative title: A priest, a child, a ghost, a strong boi and a teen that can teleport abuse an old man by forcing him to smell different kinds of blocks. While a fish lady is looking like she is being held captive. (Thank you for all the likes I didn’t expect this to get that much)

  9. camindainnit says:

    Wilbur: **talks about eating sand**
    Phil: not again…

  10. Artekaii says:

    “Here comes mama bird, you fuck” is not something I ever imagined Philza Minecraft would say

  11. Robby Hackett says:

    Wilbur and Schlatt: *talking about sand*
    Schlatt: “it’s crunchy”
    Philza: *terrified look from the memories*

  12. Bready Crumbs says:

    Everyone should put a fish tank in their houses and a tunnel connected to where niki lives so she can visit people


  13. Gabs says:

    Phil: Him in animatics
    Nikki: f i s h
    Schlatt: Fragrance man
    Ranboo: 8 yr old me
    Wilbur: Ghostbur
    Tommyinnit: Tommyinnit but with Jump Boost

    • Gabs says:

      @Ƿynnťari wow thank you, I didn’t know that, since you corrected me you are superior to me, and by that my opinion is invalid. Thank you.

    • Ƿynnťari says:

      hmm… no. It just means you didn’t have the abilities of a random minecraft mod memorised.

    • Gabs says:

      @Ƿynnťari * corrects and tries to roast commenter* yeah im the best

    • Ƿynnťari says:

      calm, it’s okay. I wasn’t roasting. And whoever roasts you for being slightly incorrect in an irrelevant topic is an idiot.
      People can correct without roasting, I just wish more people would do that.

    • Meghan Travers says:

      @Gingerspice547 R.I.P Jack Manifold, I will never forget you and your accent.

  14. Fishbowl Liz says:

    Phil: We built a grave for you!
    Fragrance Man: Where?
    Phil: **takes him to the grave.** Right here!
    Ranboo: *Hop in :)*

  15. Spoonymeerkat27 says:

    Phill gets ptsd every time someone mentions eating or smelling sand.

  16. Nevaeh Johnson says:

    Alternative title: Schlatt starts a cult on smelling scents

  17. Probably Procrastinating says:

    I dont think the joke “my father was a vegan, he was married to the wrong type of grind” gets nearly enough recognition

  18. The Channel Without A Name says:

    Kristen did amazing!!

  19. i_dont_know_why_im_here says:

    “I’ve been reading literature.
    “What’s your favorite book?”
    “Scratch and sniff boxes”

  20. Human From the moon says:

    Honey, schlatt is giving the kids drugs again

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