Schlieren Imaging in Color!

Schlieren Imaging in Color!

How Schlieren imaging works in color, black and white and slow-mo.
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Filming by Raquel Nuno
Sound Effects by A Shell in the Pit

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20 Responses

  1. krinistof says:

    try sound with sound generator and a speaker? maybe it would be better

  2. Nicholas Demarco says:

    This is like how to impress a science teacher

  3. joshua gollaher says:

    This is the best youtube video i’ve ever watched

  4. Julian Ramos says:

    Boil water and look at it in the schlieren

  5. Ryomichi says:

    How to make shockwave without explosive with rubberband whip: have a thick rubber band cut to single strand and make your own .5 ft long bullwhip cracker. To make the cracker (Google for reference), twist single stand of paracord core until it fold/twist on itself one time. tie off the end to prevent fraying. adjust the length of the loose end (LE). short LE makes high pitch crack, long/thicker LE makes low pitch but hard to crack. attach cracker on rubber band like on a real bullwhip fall (Google it). To crack, hold on the rubberband and securely pull on the tip of cracker LE. it would crack as loud as Bang Snaps.

    Easier alternative for cracker, get Micro Paracord. To attach, do a rubberband knot (but as a strand).

  6. Gaming Needed says:

    call slomoguys to help you out with camera

  7. wigenite says:

    So what happens if you put polarized filters in front of it arranged in a way like the experiment in the latest minutephysics video?

  8. Hanz Azazel says:

    You should film a fart. For… Scientific reasons.

  9. Javier Fernandez says:

    You gotta fix that flat tire. That’s no way to live.

  10. dmdjt says:

    Regarding the soundwave matter:
    I would try to synchronize a sound wave (sine, saw, square) with the cameras shutter.
    This should be possible, I guess.
    if this works, I could think of a whole set of interresting experiments… like:
    double slit
    Also I think this would be a first time on youtube. I didn’t find anything like this…

  11. Marcelo M. says:

    Show rubber band or a handheld fan

  12. Captn Beardy says:

    So this guy is literally painting with all the colours of the wind.

  13. Bruno Taglietti says:

    The Schlieren effect is the dumb version of the Lieren effect.

  14. eatyourteacher says:

    Please, for the love of the Internet, fart in it.

  15. Jack 'o Bong says:

    What if you made a RGB three-section colored frame to get RGB Schlieren images?

  16. Tom Simmons says:

    You should use an inferred camera and use the barbecue lighter and flame thing again but with the inferred

  17. Ninjaplz10154 says:

    To see the speed of sound, why not try using a medium that sound travels slower in?

  18. Kiên Hoàng Trí says:

    can you put a speaker near the mirror and turn it on so maybe you can see the speed of sound

  19. Neo K says:

    Is this the “Here in my garage guy”?

  20. NoRmAl PeOpLe ツ NoT AllOwEdツ says:

    Hello guys i just droped my new vid its an AMV with my favorite anime i would rlly appreacite if u watch it. Love u all.❤ More to come.

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