School Board Meeting – SNL

School Board Meeting – SNL

Two board members (Alex Moffat, Ego Nwodim) try to keep the school board meeting attendees focused on one topic.

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48 Responses

  1. Jade Nguyen says:

    This feels like a Pawnee press conference.

    • Alien says:

      The Pawnee ones are actually less intense then the real ones 🤦‍♂️
      Especially now with covid

    • Home At Last says:

      This is what you do when you’re in the humor business, but you aren’t funny. You desperately resort to offending people who are more intelligent than you are, so your intentionally controversial video clip can gain attention and at least have a chance of making some cash off of YouTube views…………

    • Dexter Norcross says:

      Corporatist NBC’s meat-puppets of SNL ridiculing concerned active citizens.😎👎

    • Toulouse5 says:


    • Brandon West says:

      “liberals”2021; Silence show me your papers, assimilate to the Borg or be destroyed. My handheld robot demands obedience, take the injection, stay inside or be locked up, no medical care unless you allow the govt to poison you

  2. Connor Coplon says:

    As a Florida resident, this is everyday hell for me.

    • Dannie Dyke says:


    • AriesGirl VirgoMoon says:

      @Sal Fox Moving from the cheapest state to live in to the most expensive probably wouldn’t work out.

    • Brandon West says:

      @AriesGirl VirgoMoon Somebody deleted the fact that old ladies use gangsta slang and block isles on purpose in the superman pose, and everyone can tell men and women apart, and black people don’t really hang out with transgenders getting bullied by Trump supporters, and it’s mass psychosis only made possible by censorship, someone censored even that, next they’ll censor saying the sky is blue

    • Bobby Brown says:

      Im jealous. Blue states have been hell holes.

    • trainwreck told ya says:

      @Jon Hinson that’s what I meant to say. You people get nastier and more condescending every year.

  3. Kuriketto says:

    Finally. Had to sit through all that just to get to the soccer schedule.

  4. Sheryl Smallwood-Valdivia says:

    The child with the beard had one second to shine- and he killed it!

  5. be_more_unorginal says:

    My mom and I watch my school’s board meetings since they are live-streamed, and it’s sad to say how this is pretty much how they are just this is slightly more extreme. Emphasis on “slightly”.

  6. J S says:

    Wow. “Scary” Gary Loomis has been trying to get that Halloween Haunted House approved for a decade now!

  7. rocko.ambition says:

    Idk why but Andrews “…bitch”, made me laugh so hard 😂 the timing was so good

  8. Grey Bar0n says:

    This went everywhere and it actually was kind of like real life.

  9. Stephanie Kolb says:

    Cecily is the perfect unhinged person; doesn’t matter if she is playing a politician or a homeless person.

  10. wandaromanov says:

    “ALL OF THIS IS ABOUT ISRAEL.” – i laughed so hard

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