School Lunches PART 12 pam_a_cake #shorts

School Lunches PART 12 pam_a_cake #shorts

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28 Responses

  1. Caddie Ohm says:

    Lovely, all of them!

  2. Merry Cristler says:

    I love this series!

  3. yitraboom says:

    “it’s a combination of meats and cheeses” *pours grapes*

    What meat is that

  4. Monkey says:

    I use to always eat bread and butter and my mom would get so mad at me for wasting butter 😂

  5. Sup I'm Panda says:

    literally everyone had that “bread and butter run through my veins” phase

  6. Alyssa Starman says:

    Bro i literally brought butter sandwiches to school for like a month in elementry, ngl i was never happier- bread+butter=pure joy

  7. Pretty in Pink says:

    I love that all the kids get along and hang out together in her impressions. Too cute

  8. Natanoodle says:

    You seem like an amazing teacher! You seem so kind hearted, and like you genuinely care about your students.

  9. Kerina J says:

    Baking some bread tomorrow, I’ll go through my 78th “bread and butter” phase 😂

  10. RavenTheArtist says:

    I love how she perfectly mimicks child conversations

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