School of Rap

School of Rap

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45 Responses

  1. Al says:

    *_you motha fatha_*

  2. maxmoefoePokemon says:

    Jablinski gaming updates > Jablinski games

  3. NPC #491614 says:

    Ten bucks says he never gets that gaming going

  4. Seth Likes Things says:

    Is anyone else fine with him never actually playing anything? I think the funniest inside joke this channel will have is that he will never actually plays games.

  5. Bilbo Faggins says:

    I hope he never reviews games and just keeps promising to it’s hilarious

  6. Drewsap 101 says:

    Jake Paul be like 5mil on YouTube in 6months never done before jack black be 3mil on YouTube in 1 month

  7. LUKY says:

    Jablinski games is gonna be the biggest gaming channel of 2019 without any gaming videos.

  8. Mastro Lindo says:

    I love this human being

  9. I promise to subscribe. says:

    Legend says people mistake him for a homeless person.

    Oh yeah oh yeah

  10. Quesrok says:

    Does anyone else think he’s trolling everyone with the video game disclaimer at the beginning? I think it’s a brilliant opening for all of his videos.

  11. G G says:

    I used to love the Adams family pinball machine . They’re creepy and they’re kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They’re altogether ooky,
    The Addams Family

  12. xd SkillzBoii says:

    i got 1 word
    2 say
    3 words
    4 you

    *_OH YEAH YEAH_*

  13. streetCan memes says:

    motherfather down below ?

  14. streetCan memes says:

    Metallica m/

  15. Christian Burkhalter says:

    I’m sorry

    But the Indiana Jones pinball machine is best

  16. john says:

    I’m uncertain that I want gaming now…

  17. Lickable Saxophone says:

    Still waiting for Jablinski to play sum delicious Roblox.

  18. Jon Jon says:

    I’m starting to think he’s trolling us about this being a gaming channel…

  19. ThiS is Maurice says:

    This man will make big in Hollywood someday, *MARK MY WORDS*

  20. Mr. Angad says:

    #1 Trending worldwide in less than a Day, *ONLY JACK-BLACK CAN DO IT* ?

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