School Segregation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

School Segregation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Public schools are increasingly divided by race and class. John Oliver discusses the troubling trend towards school resegregation.

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20 Responses

  1. SuperXrunner says:

    and they say white people in America isn’t racist

  2. warius1 says:

    Let me guess: it’s white peoples fault schools are segregated.

  3. Leo Bat says:

    Why is this a problem? If there are no legal discriminations and people
    still don’t want to mix, should they be forced?

  4. Gankageddon says:

    So what are the grades the schools receive that are segregated? When a
    certain demographic think it’s cool to not show up at school, ruin the
    lesson and fail classes, it’s no wonder there are segregated schools and

  5. Lord of Fire says:

    There is so much wrong with this video, it’s not even funny.

    First, there is no such thing as ‘systemic racism’. SJWs love to throw this
    argument around, pretending it’s an actual thing, ignoring that if it was,
    blacks wouldn’t be as successful as they are now. Individual people being
    racist doesn’t make *everyone*, or even the *entire system* (whatever
    ‘system’ that may be) racist. The fact that the US has a black president,
    and any black person can go for whatever position he or she wants proves
    that theory is BS. The only thing holding black people back is black people

    Second, a lot of this segregation is pushed by the very people who complain
    about it. When blacks get ‘triggered’ to study in the same room as whites,
    they *demand* to be given their own safe spaces, and the school actually
    does so. I have yet to hear or read stories of white students protesting
    about having black students in the same room as them, quite the opposite.
    And if there are, how frequent does that happen?

    Third, don’t you just love how we’re made to feel guilty over children not
    recognizing black kids? And can you truly be considered racist if your
    interaction with black people is minimal at best? Also, did that little
    girl point out a *brown* child as example of a ‘good’ child? How reliable
    is that test to begin with?

    Fourth, I don’t consider Blackface to be racist, as long as there is no
    racist motive behind it. The little boy who wanted to dress up like MLK was
    obviously not doing this from a racial perspective, but just because he
    painted his face black it became an issue. Isn’t it time America stopped
    seeing Blackface as purely racist, and look at the context behind it? By
    shaming this boy for wanting to pay homage to an important black figure of
    human history, you’re only making the problem worse, not better.

    If you want desegregation to work, then call out to the social justice
    lowlifes who want to undo the progress that has been made in the past
    decades. Tell them to grow the fuck up and to stop playing the victim card,
    especially when they themselves are privileged as fuck, and sometimes *more
    so* than their white classmates. Once that’s been dealt with, I’m sure
    it’ll be much easier to get desegregation to stick.

  6. haustyl12 says:

    Another SJW episode of john Oliver

  7. Kelly Shi (CapitonJugador) says:

    Why are there people defending this

  8. James Adams says:

    Oh look, virtue signalling from leftists! The court case referenced a clear
    case of racism, but rather than addressing that the kid was excluded for a
    racist policy relating to quotas, John appeals to how that student got into
    another school. It’s not relevant, John. Your narrative doesn’t fly with
    rational adults.

  9. Brian Butthole says:

    Why do you really think those schools can’t get or keep teacher’s. It can’t
    be because the teacher doesn’t want to try and keep control of a bunch of
    disruptive hoodlums that refuse to learn or do the work that is assigned.
    Go to just two math classes at any predominantly white and black high
    schools. The parents need to change and the kids need to change. It has
    very little to do with anything else.

  10. Ionlymadethistoleavecoments says:

    11:30 – stabbings and drugs are not limited to minority groups miss.

  11. I just came To say hello says:

    this isn’t white guilt, you shouldn’t feel personally responsible for this,
    but yelling ” white guilt!!1 ” every time someone of your complexion does
    something wrong rather than face the issue is stupid

  12. lurikeenrock says:

    how about you do some episodes on how fucking retarded BLM is? Racism goes
    both ways

  13. Zeno Gamma says:

    Making fun of a child ? Because he wanted to do some good ? What has this
    show become.

  14. Elizabeth Lingurar says:

    Abandon all hope ye who enter the comment section.

  15. Bob The Almighty Destroyer of Worlds and Bringer of Rectal Fissures says:

    btw this is all about race and in no way about class RIGHT???

  16. Chad Drake says:

    I realized white people can see Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, Aliens,
    Jesus in toast…. But can’t see racism and white privilege even when
    coming from a guy who they actually agree with when we talks about anything

  17. Paulo Costa says:

    For fuck’s sake, John Oliver! And here I thought you had finally figured
    out that it’s BLM demanding safe spaces for black people and preventing
    black people from getting a decent education by cultivating victim
    mentality in the inner cities. But nooooooo…

  18. Lucas Lemos says:

    Americans, stop making drama about “anti-white” propaganda and things like
    that. Non-white people do has less access to quality school and jobs. Also,
    it’s not like white people are being chained and sent to manual labor with
    no payment at all. And no one is hanging white people and burning them on
    crosses. So stop complaining you damn hypocrites, you didn’t do anything to
    pay for your past.

  19. Billderbeerg S says:

    The “Social justice warriors” and BLM WANT SEGREGATION in schools, this is
    what happens with bad education.

  20. Eat Veggies - Save Me says:

    It’s *hilarious* to see the comments that say that racism doesn’t exist in
    the US anymore refer to black people as *”thugs,”* *”lazy,”* that people
    who want school de-segregation just *”want free stuff,”* and that *”minorities
    always play victims. It’s always white people’s fault.”* Their comments ARE
    PROOF of the racism that they say don’t exist. Their comments ARE PROOF of
    the victimhood that they accuse of minorities. xD