School shooter in Michigan kills 3 students

School shooter in Michigan kills 3 students

WEYI reporter Stephanie Parkinson joins Shep Smith to report on another school shooting, this one in Michigan, where a 15-year-old killed three students and wounded 8 more people, including a teacher.

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  1. Chris1980436 says:

    My condolences to the parents of those lost and to those left to grieve.

  2. Abu Fast says:

    RIP to all those passed away That is very disturbing to know children won’t be coming home for Christmas .

    • The Hitman says:

      They didn’t pass away, you pass away from accidents or sickness…these kids were murdered in public. Open execution to the shooter. No other punishment is acceptable.

    • Abu Fast says:

      @The Hitman Yes We have to honour the Dead No matter the cause we need Justice for them

    • SteampunkBelladonna says:

      Why are POlice there – Michigan wants them “de-funded”. Give that DemoCULT what they want. Release the prisoner, hell – close ALL the jails (see Cortez), let the book bag carrying “social workers” DO something for a change.

    • Effix says:

      @BlasBlas Blas20 An eight y/o, as well as several of the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, were killed in Waukesha on the 21st.

    • 800lb Gorilla says:

      They probably shouldn’t have been bullying him. I guess they learned the hard way.

  3. DeerhunterMcD says:

    That is me and my mom in the thumbnail. I am fine and everyone in my family is fine. Some really close friends of our family have been injured or killed. Please offer your condolences to these family’s and help us get through these tough times.

  4. Kennedy Starr says:

    I can not even begin to imagine getting that call and the agony these families are going through. Beyond grateful my 10th grader is at home with me tonight.

    • D A says:

      My son is 22 years old and Not in school anymore ,but I pray everyday for him and just the world in general, It’s such a challenge being a parent these days , cause the biggest challenge is worrying about our kids. Praying for these families .

    • Spongy3 says:

      They’re not real wake up

  5. Jacob Benninger says:

    I’m a student here and this was horrifying to say the least.

  6. D Man says:

    I can’t believe this is happening yet again, sorry for the loss of those kids..

  7. Angela Guadarrama says:

    Oml my heart that’s sad ,sorry to the family who lost their student well RIP to the 3 students and hopefully the ones that are in the hospital get well ❤️‍🩹 God is with y’all! 🙏

  8. TheSargentMajor says:

    We had a gun threat a few weeks ago and to my understanding I don’t think the guy was found
    It scares me knowing that these troubled kids can fly under the radar and when we find out, it’s usually to late. It seems like nowadays we need to worry more about a kid with a gun more than school.

    • Kojack TV says:

      “Their grades are more important than their troubles” is what the whole modern school system revolves around.

    • Michael Collins says:

      I believe the schools are creating them. And I think it’s low key political. I watch students who record their teachers now show footage of teachers verbally abusing students etc. and set them up to be bullied. Which explains why the kid gets a gun and targets the school etc. the teachers do this to psychologically screw up the kids, and it makes it easier for democrat law makers to push agendas when bad stuff like this happens more

    • Michael Collins says:

      Do I also think it’s mental health absolutely, but it’s being induced and exploited by the school

    • DubbyDominate says:

      @Michael Collins mental health is a global issue it’s only getting worse because the services aren’t there for them I’m not sure how good it is in the USA but in the UK it’s pretty poor we have a system for it but it’s not brilliant. (Talking from experience).

    • Cynthia G says:

      @Michael Collins when was the last time you stepped in a school? how are you an expert at mental health? You must also not have a “political” agenda right… Its like look im not a republican but i am racist…

  9. Baron King says:

    Love your kids… Talk to your kids… Find out what’s going on in your child’s life… Stop letting you kids do what they want… Teach your kids the correct way to do things… Most importantly check all children before entering a public school…

  10. FIS Studies says:

    Tragic. May their souls RIP. Sincere condolences to the parents and loved ones. Our thoughts are with the students, teachers, school staff and affected communities. Praying for our American friends 🇿🇦

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