Schumer and Pelosi’s full response to Trump’s border address

Schumer and Pelosi’s full response to Trump’s border address

After President Trump addressed the nation Jan. 8, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer delivered a response. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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85 Responses

  1. Scott Cromwell says:

    Our government has gotten WAY to big. They are elected to represent the people. The government should work for us not the other way around. 80% of our government needs to be fired and we need to start over with a much smaller government. There shouldn’t be far right, far left, conservative, liberal, Republicans, Democrats, it should be AMERICANS that represent the people. Our government shouldn’t be full of criminals, people that do and say anything just to line their own pockets with dollars, nobody with a hidden agenda. This is not the America I grew up loving and being proud of. I am still proud to be an American but our government is destroying what America stands for. I could go on and on about this, some of you understand and feel the same way, some of you don’t. We don’t have anything against immigrants, but if you want it migrated to this country you do it the proper way you go through the ports of entry file your paperwork. You don’t come into this country attacking ice agents, attacking the border patrol, bringing in drugs, trafficking children, and killing American citizens. While living for free off our tax dollars, that is what President Trump is trying to stop, not immigration but illegal immigration, immigration of criminals, of drug lords.

    • Josette Tharp says:

      AMEN SIR

    • Your Reflection says:

      YouTube: Congress is telemarketers. Wake up.

    • Mayra Rubio says:

      Scott Cromwell

      1- Illegal immigrants DO pay taxes
      2- the only immigrants who can come to this country are the rich and those whom already have family here who can petition for them. If there was a way for the lower class of immigrants to come in legally, trust me they would but unfortunately if you do not have assets in your country or someone to help support you in the U.S. it’s almost impossible to enter the U.S. legally. Immigrants come here to work the jobs no one else wants. If you are going to make an argument please state facts and don’t let yourself get fooled by what you see in the media.

    • Adam Mendel says:

      +Alondra Hernandez does that make it right? no. your telling him “your people” as if he knew them.

    • XxAngelReaperxX says:

      Agreed. We want our government back in shape, American Revolution 2.0! ??

  2. Ordinary Non Player Character says:

    Orange man bad. Very. Bad. And stuff.

    • Cory Buffaloe says:

      Updated talking points received.

      Pepe master lord informed.

      Lock her up – DELETE
      Emails – DELETE
      George Soros – DELETE
      Leftards and Libtards – DELETE
      Fake News – DELETE

      Memory Rebooted…..

      Run 4chan2018.exe..

      Bleep bloop Magabot…..

      Resume defending dear leader at all costs through viral meme.

      Disregard irony.

  3. Tucson Bushwhacker says:

    Such disrespect for the President. Disgusting. Pelosi is a liar and a fraud.

    • J Scotland says:

      Just a shame you dont FACT-CHECK Pres. Trump….eg, ‘Dems say they want a steel fence!’ lie! MEXICO will pay ! Lie.

    • J Scotland says:

      Surely there aint a bigger fraudster than he who went bankrupt 6 times, and wriggled out of his war service draft…and who defrauded his own charity — FRAUD AT ITS HIGHEST

    • Thoughts says:

      +J Scotland these inbreds dont understand logic or common sense. Doc said to just leave em be. They get upset if you give em facts so be careful.

    • Center Reps says:

      Tucson Bushwhacker really ??? What did they lie about ???

  4. Zac D says:

    These two are gross! They’re the ones unwilling to negotiate. This is so childish!

    • Gavin Williams says:

      Hi partisan deal that includes border security funding has already been passed by both the house and Senate… just one person holding this one up…

    • The FPV Life says:

      They’re not supposed to negotiate a policy where your cult leader promised Americans wouldn’t pay. That’s logic.

  5. John Smith says:

    Screw these fake do as I say not as I do Vampires. They won’t give Trump $5 Billion but are willing to give other countries tens of billions in “aid”.

  6. MKK Properties says:

    They HATE AMERICA!!!! Try them for TREASON!!!!

  7. Desperado5501 says:


    • The FPV Life says:

      Neither does a 30-foot wall buddy.

    • Frenk Lopez says:

      +Ruben let’s assume that I don’t know, I have you the example of California bc it’s failed as a sanctuary city, go on Google and ask google what it means. We’re just assuming that I don’t know it. So what your point now?

    • Desperado5501 says:

      The FPV Life tell that to Israel u stupid fuk. !!!!

    • Frenk Lopez says:

      +Mike George it will stop the crime from South not the terrorists that our country creates to fight us. Brainwashed kid

    • Ruben says:

      +Frenk Lopez Well, as far as I’m concerned, sanctuary cities allow people to go to police for help irregardless of their immigration status, and ask for help. Being abused at home? You can go to police. Got raped? Can go to police. Saw someone else get assaulted? Can go to police. I don’t know about you, but making it so that people are more willing to call the police if they see a crime is a good thing no? Because I wouldn’t want to be assaulted only because the passer by didn’t call the police due to being afraid of being arrested themselves. You know?

  8. igcova freedom says:

    What trump needs to do is invest in a rocket, a giant one, and take all his supporters to Mars and dictate his politics over there, because these people are selfish and ambitious like him it would be better to be on another planet, then living in this beautiful planet earth god made for us to live in peace and get along with the other races.

    • The FPV Life says:

      Or better yet they can simply pay for the wall since they trying to shaft the entire country into the biggest presidential lie on a campaign.

    • essel23fly says:

      You are so clueless it’s sad. Go over to Germany or London or France where illegal immigrants are destroying those societies.

    • NPC Panther of MGTOW says:

      How about you be a little more grateful for what the western world has given you? Don’t throw it away.

  9. ccollins0259 says:

    These morons have selective memory. They forget their previous views which is really similar to the President’s view on illegal immigration. Schumer forgets his buddy Obama had a temper tantrum shutting the government down til he got his version of ACA. Which cost the taxpayers including small business owners and low to middle income workers. If the women and children are humanitarian efforts then the demorats are allowing them to be pawns by the husbands and fathers because then the argument is to keep families together. What the President said was absolutely true. Pelosi, Schumer and so many other wealthy will go to their homes that’s inside a protected wall. So once they put aside their hypocrisy then we can begin to move forward

    • Sheal Deatras says:

      ccollins0259 so deflect more, infinite deflection never take responsibility, ensue chaos, that’s what you want right? Hope rapture/ww3/plague happen already. Its no hope no one agrees with everything

  10. Andy says:

    These 2 look like bond villains

  11. palmweaver says:

    I’ve noticed from the comments on here that’s it’s apparently quite challenging to program troll bots that can actually be witty.

  12. apekillssnake says:

    Schumer saying Trump is ineffective and has not got Mexico to pay for the border wall! Whilst they obstruct finances! When the gears of a Democratic Government grinded still. Just total parasites!

  13. apekillssnake says:

    If you pulled two fish out of the water like this, you would throw them back in!

  14. Pro Light and Sign Maintenance says:

    Every person who believes anything these people say are ignorant to reality

  15. R Watson says:


  16. Marc van Epen says:

    I am from Germany and we experience every day the mess Merkel and EU caused with the open borders. A country needs a secured border and a wall is sometimes the only way to ensure this!

    • MOCOHO -JONNY says:

      The Berlin wall are you kidding me go educate yourself.
      You are a disgrace to history.

    • Rois Mac Connmhaigh says:

      Thank you for your honesty Marc

    • MOCOHO -JONNY says:

      Gavin Williams
      Another Berlin wall mention you are ignorant go to history lessons you have no idea what you’re talking about actually this makes you look like a fool.

    • michail zahos says:

      Cianisboss . This seems a bit false . Did someone find all the people who crossed illegally and get their information for those stats? We know who overstays because of paperwork. Do illegal crossers also leave paperwork when they cross?

      We stopped over a 500k in 2017 from entering or arrested them soon after they did. How many do think actually made it?

  17. BreT MavericK says:

    These two are communist clowns

  18. Chris Collins says:

    No matter who it is. Man woman child any one who comes in to the USA illegal is a criminal in my book. Build the wall take care of American citizen first.

    • Randy Segovia says:

      Do you mean how you white privilege treated our native indigenous Indians


      HAHAHA slave wage’s no healthcare for its own citizens don’t cha just love your government.?

    • The FPV Life says:

      I agree with you but fact is when you reach a border like the Mexicans are doing down south they’re applying for asylum therefore it’s not illegal. do some research first before you open that smelly hole in your face.

    • Ultimate Team Dream says:

      No matter who it is Man Woman Child any who is in the USA is a crminal in my book. Build more jails for American Citizen first

  19. apekillssnake says:

    How can Nancy have 80 Million in the Bank and be a Politician with the faces she pulls. She looks like an old lady confused by her bus ticket! I mean her children must cut her food up for her!

    • firespinnr says:

      +Running Debate More distraction from the core truth being spoken to in the video. That’s a effective way you’re using but oh so transparent and weak. I will not bite on your distraction give it up. [edit] Why don’t you ask your Republican reps why they make more?

    • D Asci says:

      Nancy is ready to catch on fire

    • Running Debate says:

      +firespinnr lol i’m actually curious, not a distraction. You’re IQ isn’t high enough to comprehend the truth anyways.

    • firespinnr says:

      +D Asci Thanks keep up the fire hosing of distractions from the core truth spoken to in the video.

    • apekillssnake says:

      +firespinnr you are a 2+2=5 guy! What core truths you nut job! Its your Leftism, and you supported your own comment! You are a nut! Reprimanding as distraction and saying core truths is not an argument you creep! I have seen this thing a hundred times over now, and I dont see facts or truth! I see a lot of nonreality by the Left!

  20. Sean Kelly says:

    Tweedle dee and tweedle dum have been in govt for 30 plus years and only built walls around their own houses to keep out illegal immigrants

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