Schumer: Trump walked out of meeting after Pelosi said no to border wall

Schumer: Trump walked out of meeting after Pelosi said no to border wall

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) talk to reporters after meeting with President Donald Trump about a deal to end the partial shutdown of the federal government. Schumer told reporters that President Donald Trump walked out of the meeting after Pelosi said she wouldn’t support funding a border wall. #shutdown #schumer #CNN #News

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  1. Darrell Valentine says:

    50 billion dollars last year alone that went towards foreign aid, as some of them chant death to America as they burn the American flag. Yet we can’t give up 5 billion on a wall, that at the very least un-deniably would make it slightly more difficult to traffic drugs and illegal aliens. Interesting…

    • Carlos Teixeira says:

      Agree. Chuck and Pelosi care more for the law transgressors then the Americans. They could well compromise with the 5 B instead of going against the legally elected President

  2. Jeremy Foltz says:

    It all about money to the government.. not the Life of the Americans.. it a sad government we have

    • Erik So says:

      Jeremy Foltz did you listen to what the Democrats were saying there. It’s trump that isn’t listening to anything. Even some republicans just want to get this over with. It’s sad but it’s more the presidents fault then the entire governments.

    • justmemadison says:

      Ah, you’re lumping them all together when there is one person responsible for this and you know exactly what and who the problem is. Nice try.

    • instantsiv says:

      +Erik So You’re biased.

      Reality is Trump is willing to negotiate. Pelosi/Schumer are 100% unwilling to negotiate. Pelosi/Schumer are willing to sacrifice gov workers to win. Trump is the one willing to sacrifice his goal in negotiations so that gov workers can get back to work. He wants concrete wall but is willing to come down to a fence, he’s willing to only do a partial section rather than a full $5 billion, from the gossip he’s willing to do daca for a wall.

      Face it, if Democrats lose and a wall is built their political power structure will collapse. Their only source of demographic growth is illegals. Once illegals are cut off they can’t sustain city growth and cities will collapse and republicans have an opportunity to compete in Democrat strongholds. They can try free stuff(welfare, food stamps, socialized medicine,…) But that will only last as long as rich people are willing to endure the taxes… And it looks like rich people are already fleeing. Free stuff is only temporary…

      Nobody talks about this but the areas that republicans gained in the midterms was in California. They gained the Democrat strongholds of the rust belt in 2016 and made gains in California during the 2018 midterms. And it looks like Ruth bater Ginsberg is in serious ill health, she isn’t going to make it thru Trump’s presidency, he will get a third supreme Court pick pushing the court to the right.

      It’s gonna collapse, like it always does. Let’s just hope Democrats don’t go crazy and JFK Trump or start another civil war.

  3. Z28 Ark says:

    Obama shutdown government for 17 days for Obamacare no different congress is full of children

    • MrDboi1236 says:

      +Do Not Meddle With An Compute lies

    • Palaven says:

      +Do Not Meddle With An Compute Until suddenly you get a nasty disease or a traffic accident that leaves you disabled for the rest of your life. Then you’ll realise that you might not even be capable of paying the bills. I pay 150 euro per month on universal healthcare on an income of 1400 euro’s. Ambulances, revalidation, therapy, meds, operations, hospital stay; all for 150 euro’s a month 😉 Other things included are costs for alternative treatments, costs for shitting out a baby, dentists, herbal treatments, specialists, glasses, braces and so on, so on 😉

    • Grecia Araujo perea says:

      +lil jack russell affordable haha your retarded

    • COBALTJACK33 says:

      But but but Obama was black and said nice things

    • Alex Widdel says:

      +Grecia Araujo perea and you’re* clearly a damn savant aren’t you

  4. shaquille mccray says:

    Give Trump some Legos to build a Wall.

  5. F M says:

    he takes children hostage, doubt he cares about govt workers.

  6. Israel Guadarrama says:

    Enough with this clown!!!!!
    People have to pay bills

    • Neil Martin says:

      tell them to get off their fat asses and go get temp jobs. Just like I had to do under the Obama administration when my company left the country due to his suffocating taxes and restrictions. Trump has provided hundreds of thousands of jobs. Go fvckin get one!

    • Rjdks says:

      this is the only way to get the wall. democrats caused this shutdown

    • TheDman216 says:

      Call ya reps the ones that refuse to pay for the wall..they are holding ya back

  7. Ali Kazi says:

    Just build a wall around trump. Problem solved.

  8. Gothic Mom says:

    To hell with the wall!! I need my money!! Just find a solution and open the government back up!!

    • WontonSoupOfficial says:

      Neil Martin how bout $30 towards something helpful like giving flint water and helping our homeless

    • JamieLan2011 says:

      Gothic Mom: Kindly extend that sentiment to President Orange Cunt. He seems to believe that people care more about having a wall than providing for their family’s basic necessities. I don’t know who gave him the idea that unpaid federal employees support him 100 % on the wall, and told him to stand firm.
      Given the harsh realities of either starving and losing their homes vs having a wall, I’m reasonably certain which people would take.

    • WontonSoupOfficial says:

      Neil Martin conservatives go hay day if they have to spend a cent where they don’t want so don’t expect jack shit from my taxes for your little dick size contest with mexico

    • Margo Mason says:

      +The Arian Orthodox Church Arianism Today democrats aren’t putting a chock hold on innocent U. S. citizens and hold back their paychecks for a stupid wall. People know how to dig tunnels under walls. Next he’ll bring back slavery! You blundering idiotic trumpster!

    • Nicolas Ortiz says:

      Neil Martin I love all you brain Dead idiots who have do not care about your fellow brothers and sisters

  9. Blown says:

    Donald Trump is an embarrassment to Call President.
    America’s Biggest Mistake .

  10. Tony Yao says:

    A big bully boy….now is facing a power balance system that our founding fathers designed to counter guys just like Trump. I appreciate that they had the vision..

  11. R.O.T.C SEEM says:

    Trump is the biggest embarrassment of The United States of America they need to impeach him and erase him from the history books

  12. sng1867 says:

    I am a conservative and I blame Trump for the shutdown. Why? Because the guy said he will proudly own the damn shutdown! People attacking the Democrats are delusional.

  13. Drew says:

    Trump should pay for the wall with his own money

    • I Laser says:

      +camaro rider only an estimated $70-100 billion to build the Trump wall, so even if he gets his $5.7 billion where’s the rest coming from? I wonder how long that shutdown will be lol! Even if he built the wall it would conservatively cost about $150,000,000.00 per year just to maintain. But you’ll save soooo much money, considering the drugs come through the border crossings and the criminals and terrorists through the airports. LMAO! 🙂

    • Kaiyah Atreides says:

      @SpeckleKen ok so you mean not paying for the illegal Melania who worked illegally before her visa was legally approved to do so and not paying for the anchor baby “Baron” she had, and further not paying for her parents who got citizenship through chain migration which Donald Trump has himself campaigned against. Please do tell us how anyone should support the liar in chief when it’s one rule for him and one rule for everyone else.
      Or are you standing against him and his lies? Because you’re not being clear in the English language as to where you believe your tax dollars should be spent if you don’t state it honestly and without partisan prejudice.

    • Andrew Bailey says:

      Give me all of your money. Now.

    • SpeckleKen says:

      +camaro rider
      Hello me understand who you thing a wall helps.
      People fly in legally and overstay their visas and you build a wall and… [finish this sentence].
      And other people move to the US legally and have anchor babies and you build a wall and… [finish this sentence].

    • Herman Justice says:

      Maybe he’s broke. Or wiil be .

  14. hi there says:

    Even if a wall gets built, it won’t add security. It won’t change much except waste money

  15. 827dusty says:

    The longer this goes on, the more Democrats feel the pressure. Trump a stubborn SOB. He ain’t backing down on this one. You watch and see. I’m right on this.

    • Raymondsma Jinkins says:

      827dusty the shutdown isnt hurting the pirahiah why because he lives with andacondas

    • TheDman216 says:

      As he should.. we have let this go too long..the money illegals and drugs cost this country in th3 last 20 years we could have built 25 walls

  16. YN Clan says:

    How could you let a child run your country

  17. Neil Martin says:

    Chuck Schumer in 2009:

    -Americans don’t like illegal immigration
    -“Illegal immigration is wrong”
    -People illegally in the U.S. are “illegal aliens,” not “undocumented”
    -Border fence made the southern border “far more secure…created a significant barrier to illegal immigration”

    • Palaven says:

      And now we live in 2019 where there are far more effective, less expensive solutions than a fucking wall of 5 billion cause Trump wants his name on it so he can stroke his tiny mushroom penis and brag how he’s the best general and forest raker, the best in stopping wet hurricanes from the standpoint of rain ;-))))

    • wutup5566 says:

      +Palaven 5 billion isn’t shit we give 10s of billions in “foreign aid” every year. We give Israel alone more money every year than what the wall would cost.

  18. John McGowan says:

    Stop the politicians pay during the shutdown & this won’t happen so often.

    • C.C. Neal says:

      Dude most of the ones in real power are already really rich, this would only hurt the newer Congress people which tbh are our best hope

    • Cheryl Stimac says:

      There are a lot of things just like you suggest that could be done.

    • John McGowan says:

      I’m in Scotland & I don’t know why the US government can punish it’s workers like this? Also forcing some department workers to work without pay is Slavery!

    • Vexoclast says:

      +John McGowan 1. Donald wouldn’t care if there was no pay 2. Its not slavery since they can leave the job anytime they want to.

    • Donna G says:

      Yes…I agree that should be the law of the land ….this president is a traitor and liar.

  19. Hijazi Family says:

    Can’t someone buy him some legos so he can build a wall?

  20. Man Hands Recipes says:

    Omg Nancy and Chuck are so crazy it’s funny to watch.

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