Schwarber loses his mind on Ángel Hernández, a breakdown

Schwarber loses his mind on Ángel Hernández, a breakdown


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48 Responses

  1. Nicholas Ehrhardt says:

    The fact that the MLB has a formal document saying he sucks is priceless

    • Gabagool says:

      The guy has a track record going back more than a decade. How much longer do you want MLB to wait?

    • D0NKY says:

      @excep7 You say blah blah blah, but your life expectancy is 5 years lower than mine. It’s a direct result of your lack of interest in fighting for your rights as a worker.

    • Stephen M says:

      I suggest they rename the ABS (Automated Ball Strike Machine) and call it the Angel Hernandez machine.

    • L Ruddy says:

      Ppl can still get fired while belonging to a union and bring really bad at your job is pretty reasonable grounds for dismissal so there is probably a bit more going on that the MLB has some blame in

    • excep7 says:

      @D0NKY blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  2. EncryptSpoon says:

    I love how from 0:53 on, it seems like a montage of Angel Hernandez’s worst calls ever, but then you realize that is all just from one game alone.

    • Blazer says:

      @Sunny Moon 1:40 is when you mistime a pitch in mlb the show, yet this fucking umpire called it a strike wtf

    • Hockeyfan94 says:

      I was about to say the same thing , thought that was a compilation over his career but it was all just this one game he is god awful 😂😂😂😂

    • Mason Garner says:

      Legit thought it was took me at least 5 pitches to figure it out

    • Steven Langer says:

      Yeah I was legit waiting for it to get to the actual game in question 😂 will say, I’ve done a bit of home plate for my local little league, shit fucking sucks. No one wins. Get some god damn computers in there MLB. You can keep one for plays at the plate as a normal dude, but asking someone to practically play god for 9 innings is just too much pressure and too much responsibility on a singular, fallible human being.

    • Matthew Hannah says:

      His all time greats would be far worse calls.

  3. Peter Rehm says:

    The part at the end when Angel’s face fades through the strike zone with all the missed calls is the best part.

  4. Rusty Broken says:

    From Wikipedia: “Hernández performed stronger in 2018 than his average for 2008–2018. He averaged 19 incorrect calls a game, or 2.2 per inning.”
    Hey, he’s consistent!

  5. James McLaughlin says:

    The called strike to Segura at 1:40 missed the zone by more than 6 inches, making it the single worst ball-strike call of 2022 so far (according to Umpire Auditor).

  6. TK-0327 says:

    As a Brewers fan, I feel this game could have been decided by a coin flip. Sorry to the Phillie fans for the robbery thanks to Hernandez.

    • Seros Kal says:

      Imagine admitting you’re not a Braves fan in 2022.

    • N8 C says:

      @Dakota were u gonna cry ?

    • Dakota says:

      We appreciate you Brewers fans being so respectful about it

    • heekomogwin says:

      He burned Andrew M a couple times too. He needs to get some perspective training from behind the plate before he calls the game again lol. Takes away from the integrity of the game if anything thrown within 2 feet of the plate is fair game to be a strike 😆

    • Ian Schroth says:

      Meh, I’m a Phillies fan and you guys won and I’m ok with it. The Phillies left guys stranded and couldn’t push one stinkin’ run across the plate. They don’t deserve to win. You guys put a runner on the board. That’s a win. Yeah, Angel sucks, but he sucked for both teams and the Phillies couldn’t put up one single run. That was a hell of a pitchers duel so congrats to you guys.

  7. Jason Emerson says:

    I never thought one individual could have a stranglehold over a whole league.

    Welcome to 2022. My goodness that was an awesome rant by Schwarbs.

  8. John Harris says:

    2014, A member of the Oakland A’s hits what is clearly a home run, but the ball bounced on the field and Angel called it in play. Replay clearly showed it went over the wall, hit the wall behind the outfield fence and bounced back in to play. This was 2014 when umpires did replay and Angel said the call was correct it was a double. That HR gives the A’s the win, they would lose the game. That one game meant they were the 2nd wild car and lost a road game to KC in the last inning. This guy is terrible and has change the outcome of games and teams.

    • DEZZNUTZ 1001 says:

      A fan who respects the game needs to take him out since MLB doesnt and wont.

    • T Phillips says:

      You referring to the game in Cleveland when the ball clearly hit the gate above the wall? Not a fan of either team but I do remember that cause it was terrible. I remember Melvin going nuts

    • KodalyCat says:

      @Adrianne Engel !…well, somewhere in this baseball mad (?) country, he’s someone’s FAVORITE umpire for precisely that reason.

    • Ian Armbruster says:

      I see that clip on bad umpire compilations a lot and I always skip it because it makes me cringe in my soul

    • Adrianne Engel says:

      The more time goes in the more I think mans may be a narcissist who is incapable of admitting he’s wrong or mistaken.

  9. The Gute says:

    Seeing Schwarb call out that Angel missed calls for BOTH teams, which he did, was extremely refreshing. Would’ve been very easy to act like it only happened to them, but he’s a class act. Something that Angel will never be. F the Union, F Angel Hernandez, and a W for the MLB for exposing this guy in front of the nation at least twice a year

    • TheOrangeRoad says:

      @Matt Thompson Unions had their place, back when workers had no rights, but these days they are just political special interests groups that have way too much power.

    • Matt Thompson says:

      I respect pipefitters, longshoremen, OTR truckers. They do tough jobs in shitty conditions and do it consistently. But this dyed in the wool, my Daddy was a union man and I’ll die a union man loyalty is exactly what produces Angel Hernandez–and you all know who the Angel Hernandez on your shift is, if you’re honest.

  10. Derek McGraw says:

    My buddy said right before the pitch “I bet he’s gonna strike out looking on a bad call and get mad and get ejected” and it literally happened that pitch. That’s how predictably bad Angel Hernandez is. Not even making this up

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