SCIENCE CLASS #4- How to Waterproof Your Hand

SCIENCE CLASS #4- How to Waterproof Your Hand

Lots of juicy demos relating to surface tension! NO CLASS THIS WEDS!! I’m filming one of my normal monthly videos that day. Back on Friday though!!

Go check out Dianna’s awesome channel-

CHALLENGE- float as many paper clips as you can and then come up with a creative way to ruin the surface tension and have them all sink. Tag me on any social media with your responses.

Question for next time- How do astronauts weigh themselves when they are floating and weightless.

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52 Responses

  1. sietse1994 says:

    That moment you are actually sad there is no class on wednesday

  2. Sohamsta says:

    Instructions unclear: now I’m unable to wash my hands
    *how will I defeat the coronavirus?*

  3. Brove Cheesecake2 says:

    Last time I was this early Mark was still at NASA

  4. There's Coffee In That Nebula says:

    “it’s a beautiful Monday”

  5. Willie Bravo says:

    School: closes
    Mark: *hold my beer*

    Also the soap is a dad to a daughter and a boy which are two molecules. Analogies 🙂

  6. Jordan Grant says:

    Hey Mark, when I tell my kids that Science Class is on with Mark Rober, they RUN to the TV to turn on the show. They love what you’re doing and they’re learning a lot. I hope you’re able to keep doing it for a while!

  7. Wyatt Regnier says:

    Anyone notice the hot wheels track as the pointer 9:03

  8. Drake Khahili says:

    Everyone: WASH YOUR HANDS
    Mark: How to waterproof your hands

  9. YellowLion104 says:

    Mark Rober: makes a video about washing your hands
    Also Mark Rober: how to prevent washing your hands

  10. Mackenzie Kling says:

    My Science teacher: School is closed, we’ll have to transfer to online textbook work instead.
    Mark: now wait just a minute-

    Also I love your videos and classes they are so much fun during quarantine!! 😀

  11. Christopher Budden says:

    The irony is that my uncle worked for nasa and said he had a ‘magic touch’ that could push away the pepper on the water

  12. Lili B says:

    Mark is literally the best teacher ever, he made me loves science!

  13. Mark Rober says:

    Thanks for attending! Remember, no class on Weds because I’m filming a normal vid but we’ll be back on Friday with a super juicy one!

    • Kevin Luo says:

      @Mitchell Soap is amphipathic, meaning has a hydrophobic end and a hydrophilic end.
      Only certain rocks can absorb water. Many rocks are porous and contain water in the pores, but don’t actively take up water. However, there is a type of ethiopian opal called hydrophane opal that can absorb water into microscopic pores.
      Sodium is hydrophilic because it is an ion, and since water is polar, it will be attracted to the oxygen end of h2o. This is why salt dissolves in water. Water breaks the bond between na and cl.

    • blue ninja says:

      You should do magnets

    • eric todhunter says:

      Better than my teacher

    • Kyle Fielder says:

      Mark Rober there’s class on Wednesday it’s a April fools joke

    • James Wisley Ayuban says:

      Cool! I can’t wait 😍

  14. Doctor. D.R says:

    Instructions unclear: I am now able to walk on water.

    • Lokman Tomeh says:

      Well you are always walking on water if you r in a pool cuz atoms never really touch each other, but yeah

  15. Salamande R says:

    This dude who literally worked for NASA to help build the Rover is now teaching us high school physics.

  16. Palp Palp says:

    Imagine the NASA scientist dreaming of one day being a school teacher.

  17. Kayak7seas says:

    How do astronauts weigh themselves in space? A space-ial scale 😀

  18. Elizabeth Giovanni says:

    Mark: No, you guys can’t hold hands.

    Me: are you saying that water molecules have to go on quarantine too?

  19. ReFeatured says:


    Mark: *Spends times helping kids learn on his own time and being a very geunine nice guy*

  20. Heba Safory says:

    Mark: How to waterproof your hands!
    10 million people: **iNtErEsTiNg**

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