Scientifically calculating the game of the year | Unraveled, Ep. 6

Scientifically calculating the game of the year | Unraveled, Ep. 6

Wouldn’t it be nice if we no longer had to argue about which game deserves the GOTY crown? Good thing Brian David Gilbert has unraveled a statistical formula to scientifically calculate the best game of 2018.

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42 Responses

  1. W!Z says:

    So…. Super Mario bros 3 GOTY again?

  2. Bazooka Eliminator says:

    since your BCE equation uses the google searches as a factor. games that came out over the past 2 weeks won’t have as many results as games that came out in January of 2018. so you should multiply the searches by the reciprocal of how many days the game has been out. since smash came out 23 days ago, the reciprocal would be 1/23. so then multiply 1/23 to the searches and then divide your answer by the negative results times the reciprocal of the games times the funko pops

    • Bazooka Eliminator says:

      +Sleuth Bear you’re right, but it would be still more accurate. maybe you could just use search results that were created within a month of the games release and just divide those results by 30. if you see a problem with that tell me and i can try to fix the formula

    • taro4012 says:

      Do Amiibos count as funko pops

    • Sleuth Bear says:

      +Bazooka Eliminator That is better but still favours the games that are hyped up on release, so are talked about for the first month or so, but then fades away. Whereas games that are culturally pervasive for a long time after release are disadvantaged, for example; games like Minecraft, that had a small following on release, but is now hugely pervasive. I don’t think that there is a proper answer, since how much a game affects someone is subjective anyway. Likely, not as many people searched about Celeste as Black Ops 4 for instance, yet the people who did search about Celeste likely, felt a much stronger impact from the game. In conclusion we are over analysing a joke. It isn’t supposed to make sense. If it did it wouldn’t be funny. 🙂 I respect your dedication to proper statistical analysis though!

    • Tim Thomason says:

      +taro4012No, but an amiibo is about equal to half a Funko Pop

  3. _Bookleman says:

    This series is so wholesome

  4. Some Ginger Kid says:

    11:48 you look like a fusion of Barb and Steve from Stranger Things

  5. nerdpiggy says:

    Wow, with that second formula Celeste got 1 QUADRILLION bdg’s! The science is finally accurate!

  6. Ellis says:

    This man is Polygon’s most valuable asset.

  7. Ender Durant says:

    You should find, objectively, the best main for Smash Ultimate

  8. Bronze says:

    souls-like being one of the negative descriptions is amazing. Eldritch, on the other hand, is just spiteful to all the Lovecraftian horrors in the audience. 8:12

  9. Dylan Norman says:

    11:32 IS THAT A “WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS” REFERENCE? HELL YEAH, BDG! Also, I love how at 1:12 when Brian asks if he looks like a fool to us, the top right of the screen pops up with “definitely a fool.” God I love these videos.

  10. Dylan Norman says:

    Me throughout the video: “Oh no, it sounds like Fortnite’s going to be number one. Oh god, it really looks like it.”
    Me at the end of the video: “I’ve never been so upset to be right before.”

  11. Some random person says:

    OK, but why do I find this man so attractive?

  12. Max Kordon says:

    GOTY= Gilbert of the year

  13. D4t Suç says:

    12:04 *commits ritual suicide* 13:47 *is revived just to ascend again*

  14. SomePerson says:

    Idea: Make a map from all the choices you can make in all of the Mass Effect Games and how they affect each other including a listing of necessary sidequests/activities in Mass Effect 3 to get the “best” ending.

  15. Derek Savery says:

    I think Frames per Game makes sense to be in the numerator because you want this to be as high as possible, but Frames per Game per Gamer doesn’t make sense, because then the more # of Gamers you have the worse the score. Shouldn’t # of Gamers be in the numerator, not the denominator?

    • Brandon Whitaker says:

      Agreed, that was my first instinct as well. # of Gamers would be higher in more influential games, it should be in the numerator. I also feel like one could develop a much more comprehensive graphics analysis, for example incorporating % of positive Metacritic reviews that mention key words like “graphics” or “visuals” and multiply that on as a coefficient. Something like that might help account for games that excelled in style and graphical achievement apart from frame rate alone.

  16. Jonic_P says:

    I actually use something similar to DPM in real life when I’m determining whether something was worth it, especially when it comes to video games.

    My first wage was about $10 an hour, and most games were about a full days worth of work. So if I had “fun” with Triple A game for at least 6-8 hours (Including if I replayed etc.), it at least met the minimum requirement for being “worth it”. If they were fun beyond that then it was a “bargain”. Been expanding it to other things I buy to at least feel “better” about slightly pricey purchases like better (but pricey) backpacks.

    Tl;dr : If it wasn’t worth working minimum wage to get, it probably wasn’t worth it.

  17. HappilyBlue says:

    bdg the chest is looking good

  18. Ludvig Nilsson says:

    Oh yes,
    One of the best shows on YouTube. Not only is it very good but the show host’s hair looks just like mine.

  19. SovietLlamaMC says:

    9:45 This is all I think about during my undergrad research.

  20. Loaf says:

    how did brian make me okay with watching a video in which fortnite was the scientifically chosen GOTY?

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