Scott Baio Defends ‘Jokes’ About Women, Blocking Tamron Hall On Twitter | MSNBC

Scott Baio Defends ‘Jokes’ About Women, Blocking Tamron Hall On Twitter | MSNBC

Last night at the RNC, Scott Baio said “Let’s make America America again,” a statement that calls for some clarification. Baio joins MSNBC’s Tamron Hall to explain that, and to double-down on his “jokes” about Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and his friends’ wives.
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Scott Baio Defends ‘Jokes’ About Women, Blocking Tamron Hall On Twitter | MSNBC

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20 Responses

  1. Robert Thomas says:

    This fool’s ideas about what America’s past was is hilarious.
    Republicans are disgusting. I would never say that about my friends wife if
    I saw an unflattering picture of her. I would get punched!

  2. Anonymous2708 __ says:

    I don’t remember Obama ever saying the knife/gun thing. But maybe he did.
    cannot confirm nor deny it. However, lets assume he did say it. Isn’t
    that what conservatives want? They want guns. They see any physical
    threat as justification to shoot someone even if they don’t have a gun.

  3. S. Murchison says:

    I’ve watched Scott Baio express his views and I am not shocked at all.You
    do know just because someone goes to church doesn’t make him /she a”
    Christian”.There is nothing Christ like about his post or his speech.I see
    and hear so much separation in this country and maybe that’s what some
    people want . Everyone who cries Lord ,Lord will not enter into God’s
    kingdom. Remember what’s in a man will come out of him eventually !! No one
    can hide their true selves . Scott Baio why don’t You,Trump, and the rest
    of you who want to make America Great again say what you really mean ..You
    all want to make America white again whatever that means . I listened to
    your words very carefully and others before I decided to leave this comment
    I have become very tired of some of the Republican party supporters and
    Trump undertones of racism and belittling of women.GOD IS NOT RACIST
    PEOPLE!!! And he don’t put Women Down either. AMERICA Get It Together!!
    Ms.Tamron Hall God Bless you and very well done ?

  4. Tails from the Foster Kittens says:

    good for you Tamron!

  5. Cassandra badie says:

    wow she tore him a new one, ha ha you get him girl

  6. Ralph 328 Chauncey St. says:

    I wish he would stop claiming Brooklyn,which is probably the most diverse
    place in The World.

  7. Hippie Dachshunds says:

    Scott Baio, I am disgusted by you.

  8. jiminberkeley says:

    The truth is Scott doesn’t know much about anything.

  9. lissa leggs says:

    Men and their fractured fairytales….

  10. Bk Knicks says:

    This right here is an example of how this country is more divisive than
    ever when “Reporters” inject their opinions and create more divisiveness
    for their Network’s profits.. Case in point are all the comments (From
    either side) you are all being played by the media. The more you type and
    share, the more clicks they get, the more $$$ they get from the pre-roll
    sponsors and and the more they do things like this… These “News” channels
    only care about their bottom line and that’s it…The “Reporters” care
    about making a name for themselves and getting raises…


    The only c*** there was Scott Baio.

  12. Daniel Fraley says:

    “I’m from Brooklyn so everything I do makes sense and isn’t offensive. You

  13. InferSader says:

    I wish Hilary and Donald just went away forever. Sick of this election.

  14. Scott Chastain (GAHusker) says:

    Is Tamron a journalist or a defender and commentator for the leftist
    Democrat agenda? Just wondering? She seemed to be particularly animated and
    emotional with her defense of the left.

  15. DELEONSKI2359 says:

    This fool chachi talks about “hard work” like he knows hard work…..? Tell
    you what Chachi, spend a normal work day in the fields harvesting Onions,
    Grapes, Apples, Watermelons, etc etc, then talk to me about your “Hard

  16. mushroomking11 says:

    It’s pretty obvious that the “word” applies to him more than Hillary. What
    a broken rubber.

  17. Randy, The Lazy Comic says:

    I’m dying laughing on this. Tamron Hall is so out of her league on this. I
    love it when she says, “I do this for a living, you can’t chop my words
    up”. Isn’t that EXACTLY what she’s doing to Scott Baio? NO DOUBLE
    STANDARDS! And since this is the MSNBC YouTube channel nobody will agree
    with me. NOBODY. Randy McDaniels, TLC.

  18. ImStayGold42 says:

    LOl, Professor Scott Baio here… What a joke!

  19. stev devon says:

    Not a realist! How is that people that work hard aren’t getting what they
    deserve? Because others are stepping on them and won’t allow them to
    succeed. Those other people try to stop others from achieving success! That
    is why we have the government to stop stupid people that put walls around
    them for others to make some thing of themselves (but those opportunities
    are either taken away or their hard work is not recognized (nor REWARDED).
    i.E. – TRUMP UNIVERSITY– those people took up an opportunity to succeed.
    but yet their optimistic outlook was taken away…when they found out that
    Trump University was a “SCAM”. Yet Trump lied about a lot of things about
    the University. He turned his back on them. That is when “the Government”
    had to step in.. Because when people don’t play by the rules and are not
    fair (I don’t see “chachi” going to law school to preside what is right!)
    He is not going to look into the facts and see what is fair. He has no time
    for that. and if Trump didn’t take the time to resolve issues.. Then
    someone else does. It ends up on the lap of the courts (which is called the

  20. Tadzio5050 says:

    She walked him into an alley gave him a cold drink and then took him down.