Scout dreaming and smiling at the end

Scout dreaming and smiling at the end

Scout the dog dreaming on the couch.

Thanks to the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association for the best dog ever.

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20 Responses

  1. wfeohi says:

    dogs can’t smile, if its lips are turned up it’s not out of happiness, it’s
    just the way its lips are positioned…

  2. Troy Martinez says:

    Never wake a sleeping dog up. It could have a heart attack.

    • ajnode says:

      +Troy Martinez
      It’s actually not their heart. When you wake up a dog quickly the motor
      neurons fire too quickly to the cerebellum and their central nervous system
      shuts down.

    • Xodolash says:

      +ajnode this is true i’m a dog, also when you wake a sleeping dog sometimes
      they will transform into an eldritch abomination known as shu’uulathub,
      eater of dreams. when this happens what you have to do is pet the dog very
      gently and hopefully he will fall back asleep and the world will be saved.

    • OrangeTootsie says:

      +ajnode Omg this must be how my little chihuahua. I am prone to night
      terrors and I woke up Christmas day 2012 to her lifeless body. I was so
      confused because she hadn’t yelped and her body didn’t secrete waste like I
      would imagine a traumatic death is supposed to. Her death really messed me
      up. A tiny fuckin dog passing away, killing me inside.

    • OrangeTootsie says:

      +OrangeTootsie How my little chihuahua died.**

  3. Chris Pratt says:

    Do dogs dream things in grey?

    • Laura A says:

      No, dogs can actually see most colors. Their eyesight is equivalent to a
      human that is red-green color blind.

  4. Whatshisfang says:

    [Heavy Breathing]

  5. ZeranZeran says:

    thank you for being so nice to your dog

  6. McLovin Life says:

    Aww what a little beauty

  7. Antony D'Andrea says:

    Where was the smile?

  8. Robeee E says:


  9. Sara H says:

    Hi, I just sent you a YouTube message around media use for this video,
    could you please take a quick look and get back to me, thanks!

  10. Christopher Nuccio says:

    I heard “San Tropez” by Pink Floyd in the background xD. Dat smile, soo
    cute :D

  11. Marianna Oonna says:

    Ya, he looks like smiling when his “daddy” touch him and say “it’s okay”
    Such a sweet video, love it <3

  12. Zech Prince says:

    Dogs don’t smile….they might open their mouths when they’re breathing
    fast but dogs don’t smile at all. It just looks like it. If they look like
    they’re smiling it’s not because they’re happy or anything.