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35 Responses

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  2. Tell It Animated says:

    Love the Scream franchise, was so excited when you and Chelsea made the cameo in Scream 5, pointed it out to the person I was watching it with in the theatre but they just shrugged haha

  3. S. Izaan says:

    Glad to see Scream being an even bigger influence on you with time and being considered within your top 2 horror movies of all time, James. The Thing and Scream are two perfect choices for favorites. Also, I love how you are literally dressed as Billy with almost the same hairstyle.

    • Miketrapper04 says:

      I have a question and idk who can give me an answer, but what did Bob Weinstein do, I know what Harvey did, and thank god he’s in prison, but what did his brother do, I keep googling and nothing comes up

    • Pokèmaster14 says:

      Ooooh my god! No wonder! I was like James is styled a little weird here but I get it now.

  4. Karen Ingram says:

    I always thought Gail was callous for not noticing or caring that Dewey was alive at the end of the first movie. I had no idea that him surviving was a last minute change. That explains it! So cool to learn something new about an old favorite like this.

    • alexia shankle says:

      i mean if we’re being honest she would’ve been callous and uncaring either way because at that point while she did genuinely like dewey, she liked having the glory way more. she hadn’t developed yet. it’s a nice parallel to the sequel, where she stops giving the story completely once she sees dewey on the stretcher—showing that she finally puts him over her dream. she has matured.

  5. MKing2024 says:

    Gale immediately reporting on the woodsboro murders after surviving them is so meta and so funny at the same time

  6. Bexi Muzy says:

    Matthew Lillard is a gem in this film, Stu’s crying about his parents being mad at him was hilarious and perfect

    • Miketrapper04 says:

      It’s still funny to me that he was also Shaggy and now he’s purple guy in Fnaf now, I always imagine a what if scenario where there’s a scooby doo episode where ghostface attacks and the Scooby gang try to solve the mystery and realize Shaggy and maybe Fred were the killers and I imagine the line “let’s face it Daphne your mother was no Sharon Stone”

    • David Roarty says:

      filming has begun on Five Nights at Freddy’s movie adaption(produced by Jason Blum) with Matthew Lillard in it as well

  7. Non-PC-Productions says:

    The entire ending of the film from the “killer(s) revealed” scene through the death of Stu and Billy is one of the best endings of any movie ever. Stu and Billy’s acting are truly bone chilling and it was a tortuous few minutes to live through in the best way possible

    • Miketrapper04 says:

      The twist of who the killers made the killers themselves scarier

    • DTOM says:

      I love the way they turn the tables in the ending scene! In Slashers, the killer has all the power, all the speed, all the smarts, and all the luck.
      Once Billy & Stu took off the masks, they lost that power. When Sid found the costume, she gained all that power. Slashers become the Slashees!

    • J SH says:

      I still go back to watch that scene. The first film is good overall but that final act is MINDBLOWING. Everything from ‘we all go a little mad sometimes’ is PEAK cinema.

    • Dodo Ribeiro 1999 says:

      The final act is the best part of the movie besides the opening, while Stu is still having a hell of time enjoying the scene, Billy is far more chilling and sociopathic so in point he didn’t mind stabbing his partner deeply to frame him along with Sidney’s father as the killer. A acting

    • Josh043 P says:

      Seriously. That entire final act is just perfect. Seeing the killers stabbing themselves is something that blew my mind as a kid, and it still holds up today with how twisted it all feels

  8. 3C Films says:

    Great video as always !!! Love this franchise

  9. KC Taynor says:

    Billy and Stu was most definitely a shocker. Even if at one point people suspected either of them, it was never thought that there were 2 killers!

  10. Kevin Stephenson says:

    I think it’s really good that you made a cameo in Scream 5 because you are a part of horror culture even if people will argue how influential you are. I will say that you absolutely belong there and hope you get your wish to count yourself on a major motion film. You’ve definitely earned it.

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