Scuba Diving Half Sunken Tug Boat in River! (Explored for Potential Treasure)

Scuba Diving Half Sunken Tug Boat in River! (Explored for Potential Treasure)

In this video I scuba dive a half sunken tugboat!
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20 Responses

  1. Annelise Pronschinske says:

    I love when Brandon and Tristan are in the video too! They add a great comedy element to treasure hunting ???

  2. Jada Pryor says:

    Yo is it just me or buhh they all lowkey hot asf ?

  3. jason silva says:

    was I the only one who was getting scared watching this?

  4. Bree Egan says:

    plz reply i am a big fan ❤

  5. Ola Göransson says:

    Scuba diving begins at 8:00

  6. Maximuss says:

    How did the boat not colapse under the weight of their balls?

  7. Cameron Sjoberg says:

    Wen hi was jumping off the boat i sa something big moving. min 3:07

  8. Michael Oliver says:

    Great vid mate?? Your editing is bloody impressive, if you ever in Sydney Australia ?? look me up, I’ll show you some great underwater treasure locations??? I run a professional Metal Detecting service and our waters are loaded with GOLD. I can hook you up with all the gear to find some AWESOME TREASURE???

  9. AugustHawk says:

    Of course I admire your energy, enthusiasm, and camaraderie. However, as an avid diver and swimmer, I am a proponent for safety first and following training procedures. 1) Never dive (jump) in water you have not checked for depth and shifting underwater obstacles. 2) All diving in an overhead environment requires proper training (i.e., cave) because proper training would have prevented the danger at 10:47. 3) You seriously need to place a warning at the front of your videos to discourage kids from doing this.

  10. Gaming Outdoorsman says:

    im just surprised there was no fish.

  11. Channel 2008 says:

    Please like its my birthday

  12. raven fallorin says:

    I’ve been waiting for this vid?. also thanks for greeting me on my bday recently jake(7th of may). :)

  13. ByHeidi says:

    Like who is watching this without soks

  14. KoS Essential says:

    get this man a tv show

  15. shane morgan says:

    that’s a badass thumbnail. like call of duty or something.

  16. Jack Scales says:

    I’m from Britain so you would probably just fined drugs down there

  17. Mr.ChickenNuggetz says:

    hay dallmyd do scuba diving on folly beach south Carolina fort Sumter is there that is from the civil war so you would most likely find shark teeth,grenades,ammo,if your lucky maybe a gun or abandon sunken ship so please do

  18. YourDailyChug says:

    GET THIS TO 100,000 LIKES ….i want to see the confed ship

  19. Mia Segura says:

    Hey you should dive by the titanic

  20. All Things Paper says:

    does anyone else agree that the bald one with the glasses looks like Shane from the waking dead.

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