Scumbag ASUS: Overvolting CPUs & Screwing the Customer

Scumbag ASUS: Overvolting CPUs & Screwing the Customer

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ASUS’ actions relating to the Exploding Ryzen CPU debacle are disgraceful and abrasive to the trust that the brand has earned. ASUS has demonstrated clearly it wishes to not only avoid supporting users, but actively engineers ways to abandon them. ASUS’ updates haven’t even fixed the problems, yet they posture as if they have while simultaneously suggesting that users ‘just run defaults’ on their $700 motherboards, as if that makes any sense whatsoever. So, to accommodate ASUS’ request, we ran defaults and re-benchmarked the Ryzen 7000 series. It sucks. Big surprise. They also don’t support their own BIOSes for the ASUS ROG boards.

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Intel XMP Warranty Investigation:

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01:52 – So Many Problems
04:51 – They Didn’t Even Fix It
12:20 – Disabling EXPO is Bad
16:00 – Trust ASUS to Screw Customers
22:50 – Intentional Manipulation
27:50 – Eroding Trust

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Host, Writing: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video Editing: Vitalii Makhnovets
Video Editing: Mike Gaglione

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33 Responses

  1. Gamers Nexus says:

    Support our independent reporting by getting the brand new GamersNexus 15-Year Anniversary LIMITED EDITION foil t-shirt! Directly funds our testing, research, and independent reporting:
    PART ONE –

    Or grab our new Project & Soldering Mat!
    Intel XMP Warranty Investigation:

    • THE MUFFIN MAN says:

      The limited edition shirt looks mint AF.

    • James Fox says:

      Its Afffecting AMD Download Page and Thats Due to Windows Denying Proper Registration
      as far as the ASUS Thing = Its Directly Afffecting ALL of asus`s motherboards Through the anti virus patch bs , remove that patch and watch

    • Dukes videos says:

      Asus has done bs for years to make there mobo seem like it makes ur pc run faster at stock than the competition even tho they have the exact same stuff on a mobo as say msi or gigabyte

    • Felice says:

      Hey Steve, if you don’t want the manufacturers interfering with buying users’ malfunctioning products, you should probably make use of back channels whenever possible, rather than contacting them in the middle of a thread as you did around 17:15. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re now monitoring popular sites for your site/user name, so you really need to keep your contacting on the down-low.

    • Furious TV says:

      They overvolt to sell higher clocked ram, basically.

  2. ThioJoe says:

    I would LOVE to see a judges reaction to an official bios update (beta or not) that is meant to “protect the CPU and motherboard”, but voids your warranty 😂

    • mikerzisu says:

      The irony

    • David B says:

      Vs what you would love to see a judge say if ASUS puts out a bios that continues wrecking people’s CPUs? This is just a tiny website, Steve is a nice guy, but he’s not an EE.

    • desmond lau says:

      Sad fact is whenever the word “overclock” appears in a Taiwan court , they will automatically be off the hook. It is just that stupid there and certain other companies had been declining RMA because of XMP and got away with that as well. The court there somehow still see any sort of “overclocking” would automatically mean its the users fault.

    • Travis Clark says:

      My 7950x3D and MSI Mag x670e Tomahawk was built on 4/19 with a beta bios dated 4/14. They blew up 3 days later and I rebuilt the next day. A new bios was released on 4/28 and the prior was deleted from MSI’s page. No RMA issues here and the PC has been fine since.

    • Louis Lafond says:

      Maybe Legal Eagle can do a video about it.

  3. dimitrisk06 says:

    Thanks, impressive way for ASUS to go from a trusted manufacturer to “buying random motherboards from aliexpress” level of confidence

    • The Fool says:

      Personally I’ve never trusted them or any other brand for that matter, built-in Armory Crate is a huge red flag and why I’m never buying an Asus board regardless of the CPU

    • Leo Stanek says:

      I used ASUS boards in 2013 and 2016 for my two previous builds with no issues at all. Thus, I went with an ROG Z690-G for my current build last year and have had no end of little issues with their BIOS updates. It seems to be mostly settled down now but yeah, my experience combined with hearing about this makes me not want to go with them ever again.

  4. Joe Holloway says:

    This whole series of videos is hands down one of the single most informative pieces of independent journalism I personally can recall. We, as consumers, have been given information that we otherwise would have likely never had the chance to know. Ever. Absolutely outstanding job to every single soul at GN who had a hand in this. I wish there was a meaningful reward I could give you guys for your hard work. Thank all of you.

    • Egon Freeman says:

      You can always buy some t-shirts… 😉 They do say that those contribute _directly,_ after all.

    • dudder2008 says:

      I have thought this several times before but the GN team really deserves atleast one pulitzer for thier extraordinary journalism

  5. TenemaesLament says:

    I remember when ASUS was the go-to brand. It’s insane how quickly they managed to burn that goodwill.

    • CesarinPillin Gaming says:

      Unfortunately, ASUS has had a reputation for bad bioses for decades.
      I still remember I had to TURN OFF THE FLOPPY DISK OPTION on a motherboard to be able to enable a RAM profile on my AMD 1950X!!!
      Else it would bluescreen non stop or reboot loop.

    • Akkbar says:

      I dunno. This matters, but I don’t buy into a black or white response. Single mistake and poor response is valid, but not a majority deal breaker. I feel like the audiences seeming desire to exalt or bury based on one issue is a bit hyperbolic and I personally can’t follow that lead. My feelings are bit more measured based on what we know now.

    • Nek Minnit says:

      ​@Akkbar true but I think most would simply avoid them so as not to run into ‘potential’ problems.

    • hawksfan816 says:

      yeah thats what scares me Ive really like their products for awhile now and don’t want this to be their new norm

    • akhtar zaman says:

      I was about to buy the Hero, but after watching this, I’ve shelved my plan.

  6. whoisittho says:

    ASUS clearly setting themselves up for a losing lawsuit with this one. Hard to believe, I once thought of them as the highest quality mobo makers but now I’ll never buy their products. Thank you for calling them out on it.

  7. Charlie Harrison says:

    Thanks for your work guys. While I’m an unemployed 41 year old guy who could only imagine being able to afford such products, it’s inspiring and important to see such actual journalism. Thanks again.

  8. Japesh Marwaha says:

    “ASUS is spearheading the best marketing campaign Intel has had in years.” has me dying

  9. Eduardo Del Valle says:

    I can tell the level of “upset-ness” due to the fact that they stabbed the mat with the tools in that fashion.

  10. thischarmingmothman says:

    Love seeing the two halves of why GN is such a trusted source; serious technical investigations, and then righteous outrage at companies taking advantage of consumers. I had an ASUS X670E in my parts list for an upcoming build and now I’ll be looking for a different motherboard after all of this.

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