Sea Creature Adventure!

Sea Creature Adventure!

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On this episode of Coyote’s Backyard, Coyote goes on an epic Sea Creature Adventure with two of his biggest fans Julia and Naia!

Visiting an island near their home on Orcas Island, WA they discover all sorts of amazing and bizarre marine life on an absolutely gorgeous day on the West Coast of the United States. From crabs and sculpins to pricklebacks and chitons…wait what is a chiton?

Get ready to find out!

Hey Coyote Pack! Coyote and the crew are going ON TOUR all across the Eastern United States and are super excited to finally meet members of the Coyote Pack in person!

If you want the chance to meet Coyote, Mark and Mario make sure to buy tickets soon, because they are going fast!

East Coast Tour Dates and Ticket Links

9-13-17 SECRET SHOW! – Columbus, OH – TBA
9-15-17 New York, NY –
9-16-17 Washington, DC –
9-17-17 Philadelphia, PA –
9-18-17 Richmond, VA –
9-19-17 Charlotte, NC –
9-21-17 Orlando, FL –
9-22-17 Tampa, FL –
9-23-17 Fort Lauderdale, FL –
9-24-17 Atlanta, GA –

In addition to the tour, Coyote is also announcing the Golden Adventure Ticket! A ticket that gains you access to a very exclusive REAL adventure with Coyote and the crew. Only a limited number of tickets will be given out at the tour stops, so make sure to show up and try to find one! *No purchase is necessary to have a chance to find a ticket at the venues, but you do need to show up!

Will you be one of the few to find Golden Adventure Ticket and join the team in the field?! We sure hope!

Either way, these next few months are going to be a blast! We’ll see you all very soon!

Huge thanks to River, Shandra, Jen, Julia and Naia for making this adventure possible. We had an absolute blast and hope you love the video! We can’t wait to come back to Doe Bay and do some more exploring soon! –

On Coyote’s Backyard we’re sticking to the trail because animal expert Coyote Peterson wants to show you all of the cool creatures that live just outside of your house, or in your local parks nearby. Sometimes the opportunity to connect with nature is a lot closer than you think!

If you or your family want to be featured on an episode episode of Coyote’s Backyard please let us know what amazing animals live around you in the comments section or by emailing

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Follow along with adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they lead you on three exciting expedition series – Emmy Award Winning Breaking Trail, Beyond the Tide, Dragon Tails and Coyote’s Backyard – featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tarantulas…each episode offers an opportunity to learn something new!

So SUBSCRIBE NOW and join the adventure that brings you closer to the most beloved, bizarre and misunderstood creatures known to man!

GET READY…things are about to get WILD!
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