Sea of Thieves 2022 Preview Event

Sea of Thieves 2022 Preview Event

From the adventures that await to plans set in motion by nefarious forces, join members of the Rare crew as we peer into the Order of Souls’ cleanest orb to see what the future holds for the pirates of the Sea of Thieves over the next year… #SoT22


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30 Responses

  1. Welyn says:

    looks like some BIG HIJINKS on the horizon!! Looking forward to some good swashbuckling adventures this year 😎🏴‍☠

  2. Jacob Patterson says:

    I love how much fun they’ve made this game. I’ve stuck with it since day one, and it has come so far!
    This might be out there, but I’d love to see more marine life! Such as whales, dolphins, sea turtles. Etc! Maybe ever a Hunter’s Call whaling faction? And more sea monsters would be amazing! Like a giant sea serpent, or some other Harryhausen-style sea monster, or even an island monster, would be so epic.

    Also more sword types relevant to the “era” would be so cool. Like, more rapiers and such. But how could would it be to be sailing and suddenly a whale breaches next to the ship???

    • billie pipers teeth says:

      sounds good but it’s another card to get rared by when you are trying to turn in all your loot

    • Wow wow pow says:

      @Heavy Drizzle my point is more that Rare has already said they won’t add whaling, I may be wrong but that’s what I heard

    • Local Hawks Office says:

      @Jonathon [REDACTED] that would be cool. Have you seen the interaction a Meg causes with boats on a less than brand new server? =)

    • Heavy Drizzle says:

      @Wow wow pow I deffinetley agree in real life whaling is messed up, but historically it was a huge part of sailing and a way of life for hundreds of years. Plus I don’t think anyone playing the game is gonna enjoy it so much they buy a boat and start illegally hunting whales haha. I mean, murder and theft are also pretty frowned upon but are a core part of the game.

    • Jonathon [REDACTED] says:

      @Local Hawks Office yeah but the opposite would be cool. Have a whale suprise you and leap out and flip over. Whale watching. Although I’m not sure that whales are common in the carribean area where the game is based on.

  3. Dominatorv111 says:

    I would love to get hoods in the game similar to the reaper costume and maybe reapers helmets as another option because there are different designs seen on the walls in the reaper hideout. This may also not just apply to reapers, but various other helmets, hoods, and mask for your pirate. Heck one day I want to see the figure head with unique characters have those turned into costumes like the master chief figure head. These are ideas that I think would be cool to see, but hey you can only do so much.

  4. Runechaos says:

    Rare: Sea Forts are to do it alone with your crew instead of an alliance

    Meanwhile me and my crew: Do everything alone due to mistrust in others

    • Job Vermeeren says:

      @Keegan Burns you need to develop a feel for it I guess. Also voice chat helps

    • William Scott says:

      @Redlightning616 the point of game is to be a pirate not a ganker rofl.

    • DaredevilMoon says:

      @Punk0 I feel like it’s a given that he’s not telling you what the point of the game is to u. He’s talking about himself and players like him

    • Keegan Burns says:

      @Garrett Fisher so I’m a relatively new player, playing with a couple of guys, also new, we had just destroyed like three or four skeleton ships and looted them when we ran into another player telling us he wanted to form an alliance. Long story short we got bamboozled, and even though we lost a tone of cash it was pretty hilarious, but ya definitely learned to never trust anyone on the seas 😂

    • Punk0 says:

      ​@Redlightning616 I love when you guys tell everyone else what the whole point of the game is. It’s the point of it to you. The majority of people I sea on the seas are doing their own thing and couldn’t care less about what you think the point of the game is. Judging from the direction they seem to be taking the game, that’s what the data is telling Rare as well.

  5. SkyeNexu says:

    This is going to be a great start to new players with more adventures ahead I can’t not wait!!!

  6. drunkbrute says:

    So glad Rare keeps improving the game it’s become one of my favorites games.

  7. haunted dreams says:

    It’s such a beautiful and relaxing yet terrifying game

  8. Mangoeater69 says:

    Sea of thieves is one of the games where you can truly see the love and passion of the developers, almost like they have managed to code the passion into the game scripts

  9. Vishal says:

    Sea of thieves is such an amazing game because it has housed so many diverse player base so it will be unfair to see the game from a single perspective. It’s really sad to see arena going but when viewed with the perspective of a company, arena was not even pulling off fraction of what it was supposed, compared to the money and manpower to keep it going with the on going game. A lot of people are disappointed for obvious reason but there is a lot of reasons to be happy since they are now gonna completely focus on making the main game better and hopefully bringing lots of content for end game players.

    P.S. Lookout for the sweaty arena crews coming after your loot.

  10. Lazer Monkey says:

    Thank you guys! Thank you for making me feel free like jack sparrow, Thank you for making me experience my own fantastic story everyday I´m sailing the sea of thieves, Thank you for letting me have adventures with my friends and also with totally foreign people, Thank you for always going another step further and keeping and creating always a fresh new breeze on the seas. I am really gratefull! You created a wonderfull and fantastic place for dreamers like me.

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