Seafood Boil with Christina Milian and her daughter Violet

Seafood Boil with Christina Milian and her daughter Violet

Hey Y’all join me Christina Milian and daughter Violet as we get it in on a massive seafood boil and chat about juggling life as a celebrity. Check out all things Christina’s Milian; from her new movie on Netflix: Falling Inn Love, to her Viva Diva Wines Moscato: (Available in Canada only) to her Beignet Food Truck: and House of fine Gold: @ houseoffinegold or

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Artwork by Paris L. Wilson

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47 Responses

  1. Preciouspreciousprecious says:

    Christina Milan still look the same!!!! Looking like she still a teenager

  2. Google User says:

    Violet is such a well behaved little girl. Didn’t speak unless spoken to so well behaved…this needs to happen again..wonder and beautiful collab. She needs a channel lol…

    • Taila Shi says:

      Danielle T but that’s not the type of things you say to a young easily moldible child you say things like “if two people are talking don’t interrupt it’s rude” and “if no one is talking it’s good to say something to spark up a conversation” yes, some kids grow up a way where the understand more and do good with that type of teaching but most kids grow up to believe adults are superior and that they should never try to disrespect one and not stand up for themselves which is very dangerous

    • Taila Shi says:

      Jesenia Brady what does that have to do with anything? She’s like 7 still a very young easily Impressional little kid

    • Danielle T says:

      @Taila Shi Sis, did you have a troubling upbringing? You’re taking this comment a little too serious.

    • ThatOneJotaroKujo says:

      Google User sounds like being a slave

    • ThatOneJotaroKujo says:

      Taila Shi big facts the message sounds like being a slave

  3. marlyne frederic says:

    I know beloved made it, but when you know Christina Milion in there you know she made it made it lol ? ? ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Blasin Hun says:

    Her daughter is so freakinh adorable

  5. Tatyanns says:

    Omg this was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Cristina your new movie on Netflix was great you’re a star ⭐️

  6. mea.narae4⃣ says:

    “ you cannot be cute with a seafood boil “
    meanwhile violet is the cutest eating seafood

  7. Yo Yo says:

    Violet is the cutest?. Bubbly like her mom! Christina hasn’t aged a bit.

  8. Kita says:

    Violet is sooo adorable i cannot handle this cuteness and she’s so polite she doesn’t seem snobbish or split I’m loving this

  9. Betterme4lf says:

    Her daughter is sooo adorable ? I couldn’t take my eyes off her, so precious?

  10. Jai Gorgeous says:

    Christina daughter Violet is a NATURAL on camera, she knows how to show the food and EVERYTHING!!!!

  11. Miranda Sierra says:

    Violet is a professional she needs her own channel lol

  12. Louis Lark says:

    Love Violet. She has impeccable manners, ebullient, and gesturing the foods towards the camera. She is beautiful; so is her mom.

  13. modelchickny says:

    Wonderful video! Violet said you guys can talk, I will be grubbing! Too cute!

  14. Lifestyle of Shortcake simpson says:

    Baby girl is me ALL DAY okay you guys talk while I smash this food ? love it

  15. sharae brown says:

    she’s violet bestfriend & you can’t tell .. their duo is so adorable

  16. Psing Singletary says:

    Violet is a well-behaved child with a face and a smile like an Angel.

  17. Neo SoulZ says:

    Christina the corn is so buttery…
    Violet looks at her ?it is??? grabs corn lol

  18. Alex G. says:

    Wow she’s 37 and legit
    Exactly the same that’s crazy !

  19. Be Ran says:

    Violet is the cutest and most polite little girl. Christina did a good job raising her

  20. Lea OsoBlessed says:

    I’m so happy ms. christina, let violet join you guys, also that she was so humble. ?

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