Seafood Boil with ImwoahVicky

Seafood Boil with ImwoahVicky

Join me and ImwoahVicky for a seafood boil Blove Style. Connect with Vicky:
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Artwork by Paris L. Wilson

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74 Responses

  1. Bloveslife says:

    GM, Everyone, I just wanted to say I don’t know what some of yall beef is with Vicky but I genuinely like her for the person she is. She really is a sweet young lady. A lot of yall may not agree what she does or how she does it but I’m a strong believer in to each its own. None of us are perfect, if u have problems with individuals Pray for them and keep it movin. Love u Guys very much, Enjoy the rest of your Weekend?

    • Lance Villanueva says:

      There’s a difference between each is own and coonery and down right praising those who blatantly disrespect black people and insult our culture!!! But hey everyone supports their becky!!!

    • The Patrick Way Patrick says:

      Oh….umm….ok ? well I really see this video getting lots of views, not sure if this is the type of collab your loyal supporters were expecting but hey at the end of the day, get that check I guess ?‍♀️Cant say I watched this whole video but you sure did get me to click on it! Cant wait for your next bloves video. Still love your channel ?

    • Ashley Stewart says:

      I’m on her side

    • Coco Loco says:

      You’ll do anything for clout ???

    • Sherrea Dacus says:

      +Erica Mcneal Stop kissing her ass.

  2. Santana Ayee says:

    That mouth on fire!! Lol but love this Blove I never Judge anyone period I enjoyed this?

  3. Maggie J says:

    It’s so hard to listen to this girl talk. ?

  4. Nina Davis says:

    Im so confused right now. Like, what???? ?????

  5. Cupcakes World says:

    She asked blove do she like chicken??? Do she like meat????? She clearly doesn’t follow blove!!! Wow lmaoooo.. blove lovessssss meat especially chicken????‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️…

  6. MAKEUP ADDICT says:

    WOW? Who else was confused and shock for it is video ??‍♀️

  7. Lance Villanueva says:

    Did you ask her why she going around claiming she black appropriating and insulting blackness?

    • Brandon X says:

      She’s not going to ask those kind of questions because she couldn’t care less about Vickie insulting anything when it comes to Black folks.
      Her family laughs at dark skin Black folks, and Daria thinks he’s a White girl with a long ponytail. So Vickie was more than welcomed to come on her channel.

    • carrmen banks says:

      +DeeVaBae CHRONICLES Vicky was NOT raised around black people her father is a rich white man.

    • •B• For BOOBIEE says:

      She has already addressed that . Its not Bloves job or platform to force her to apologize AGAIN for mistakes she has made cause yall missed it . Its not Bloves jon to keep yall updated with Vickys progress as a human being & why she is who she is . Shes already addressed this on other videos . Youre on youtube do some research yourselves

    • Lance Villanueva says:

      I don’t expect anything but i do expect blacks to not boot shine!!!

  8. Alex Milliance says:

    Who’s Next Now? The Cash Me Outside Girl???

  9. Jae Jae says:

    Bahd Bahbie (Danielle Bregoli) gonna come for you for speaking and laughing on her name ??? watch out now ?‍♀️

  10. Jasmine Aaliyah says:

    That sauce on Vicky’s chin the whole time was so irritating ?

  11. Yvette says:

    Its obvious this girl doesn’t watch Blove’s channel. “do you like chicken”?. Girl bye!

  12. Bridget Salaices says:

    LMBO did she really just ask Blove if she ate chicken obviously she doesn’t watch her channel ??‍♀️

    • Cookies Love says:

      Vicky has a busy life she doesn’t have time to watch every video…duh

    • sosexy s says:

      Bridget Salaices blove loves chicken wings and pop eyes

    • Nikki Nicole says:

      This girl here… lol. I can’t wait for blogger Real Talk with Lady Dee to do a video on them lol.

    • AnnMarie Duron says:

      It sounded more like they was just asking questions to fill the time. And she’s a young girl nervous. I love how Belove talked to her. ❤️

    • •B• For BOOBIEE says:

      Bridget Salaices & B love probably dont watch her either . They’re networking. . Relax

  13. Emily Elias says:

    Now she trying to get her views back up after she lost them lol got this weird girl ?

  14. Analeyahh Blanco says:

    You helping someone that doesn’t even watch your Channel asking you if you like chicken. DISAPPOINTED blove

    • Erin Ebarra says:

      That and she didn’t know how to open the crab leg.

    • Analeyahh Blanco says:

      And blove said she was like cash me outside. They beef right ??

    • Joey Aloha says:

      Oooh! Somebody call the cops! What’s the number to 911 again?

    • •B• For BOOBIEE says:

      Analeyahh Blanco She dont watch her either and not everyonefeels like they ONLY wanna help mf hat helped or supported them before . Some people understand you suppose to give from the kindness of you heart just cuase u want to and thats how ur blessings return STINGY ?

    • Analeyahh Blanco says:

      Don’t support people that don’t support YOUR people. Point blank period dummies

  15. Rigby says:

    I just woke up, so I’ll come back later to make sure this is real

  16. Babygirl Gigi says:

    This collab is extremely ignorant, I’m disappointed Bethany. So much nonsense on this channel lately, smh.

  17. Mr. Rodriguez says:

    I was dead AF when she said you remind me of that catch me outside girl, not knowing they had this big beef online, I was fn WEAK. Thank you for that Bethany, girl you cold???

  18. • Iee says:

    ? She just bringing anybody in her
    circle now lol .. I mean I guess if it
    gets you views ??‍♀️ have a blast …..

  19. Mia Jones says:

    This collab is a HELL TO THE NO for me

  20. Whitney says:

    This ain’t it. I had to thumbs down ?? for the first time.

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