Seafood Boil with Itslovelymimi from Wild’N Out

Seafood Boil with Itslovelymimi from Wild’N Out

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all of our vets. It’s Boil time. Let’s get it in with my girl itslovelymimi. Check her out on YouTube at itslovelymimi, Instagram: @itslovelymimi, and on Snapchat: lovely.mimi4

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Artwork by Paris L. Wilson

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38 Responses

  1. CarMukbangs Nthangs says:

    I think this is my favorite collab so far. Yesss I love it. Your so much more relaxed B

  2. Tenille Bull Bear says:

    I screamed when I seen the thumbnail. Two favesss ??

  3. Big Mack says:

    I want to see BLOVESLIFE with Tokyo Vanity and Supa Cent!!!!!!

  4. MAKEUP ADDICT says:


  5. MzLady says:

    Mimi said “I thought your head was going to be bigger”??

  6. ShaymarieWorld says:

    Blocs you been dropping back to back bangers ??Got me waiting who is gone b next❤️??

  7. Kim James says:

    This collaboration was better than the shekinah one she only had her kids in the video which was ok. Blove looked more comfortable with her and they was very open to each other

    • Lameca Phillips says:

      Kim James I agree I love them all but B love just look tired on the other video and she didn’t really eat that much. I still love both videos and can’t wait to try the B Love Sauce

  8. Lavonna Brown says:

    Yes, I’ve gotten to know lovely Mimi a lot more since I’ve been following her YouTube and she’s actually loving caring and kind (very likable) When she was on Love & Hip Hop, I’m going to be honest, I didn’t like her…
    So I totally understand what she’s saying…
    By the way LOVE THE VIDEO LADIES….
    And Mrs. Blove werk it hunty???

  9. Eryka Gordon says:

    This video is like being on the phone with your homegirl and she constantly fussing/ talking to her kids and other people in the background ???

    • jillscott915 says:

      +Momma Nicole yes she is a Celebrity dey treating her like a round da way homegurl. BUT HER KOOLNESS ON ANOTHER LEVEL.THATS HOW SHE WAS ABLE TO HANDLE HER AND SHEKINAH. SMH!! I KNOW SHE AT HOME LIKE, WTF..NEVER AGAIN??‍♀️

    • Lil Brandie says:

      Well that’s what happens when you have kids! Plus she at their shit soo oh well ??‍♀️

    • lady charlotte says:

      I agree, she was so annoying ! foot propped in the chair, kept saying huh ? what ? smh too much nonsense going on

    • Coesha Davison says:

      Yessss it was cool and B was so comfortable with it. Conversation just flowed

    • lady charlotte says:

      +Michell Malone I agree ! smh.. the dog running around barking and all under the table, people in the background going in/out the door letting in flies.. so annoying

  10. Shareia Wiseman says:

    GotDamnZo would be a good collab Blove he’s in ATL too hit him up if you haven’t already lol

  11. Giselle Rivas says:

    You both look so flawless and laid back This is my favorite collab !!!!!!!! QUEEEENS ✨?????

  12. Noelani Aloha Kimo Lacad says:

    I agree you’re more relaxed in this video and oh my gosh loving Itslovelymimi ❤️ and her keeping an ? on her family. Love this video! ?????

  13. Jerita Streater says:

    Finally a collab where someone knows how to open the crab with you

  14. Iam Keva says:

    Please collab with gotdamzo!!!! Talk about EPIC!!!

  15. Sugar Sprinkles says:

    Yasssss even Mimi told her she had a crumb in her hair she real real kuz no one else be tellin mama b nothing ??

  16. Chanyece T says:

    Idk if I am ready for this ??
    I am waiting for GOTDAMNZO & supacent
    But Blove is working !!!!

  17. Taylor D. says:

    Okay now I am here for this!!!! The vibes and laughs were so real, Blove I’m so happy for you to be collaborating with all of these people. Girl you better do that!!! ✊?❤️

  18. Veronica Star says:

    I’m loving how comfortable you are B. The last collab had me scared. Like where do they got her???

  19. Charlene Fergus says:

    Great collaboration,mimi so,comfortable putting her foot up,relaxed just chilling with your girlfriend,blove am loving you with this chick and she eating too!!!sweet????

  20. It's Viola says:

    Please do a collab with Got Damn Zo, He’s too perfect

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