Seafood Sausage – Food Wishes – Fish Sausage Recipe

Seafood Sausage – Food Wishes – Fish Sausage Recipe

Learn how to make Seafood Sausage! You’ll be surprised just how easy it is to make, what are the rarest of all the sausages. Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy Seafood Sausage recipe!

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64 Responses

  1. Faraz Karim says:

    colab with binging with babish

    make it happen chef john

  2. Marcus Kloepping says:

    Great video. Can you please do a liver and onion recipe. Not much out there on YouTube.

  3. adam mac says:

    IF you’re at all still interested, Chef. *pineapple fried rice, please.* Maybe with chicken. If so, *thanks!*

  4. mike greened says:

    Tiny spoon is back!!!

  5. Ehab Shanan says:

    In my fantasy world, you are the father of Binging with Babish. The voice over chef family.

  6. Mike Arredondo says:

    Take no hostage after making this seafood sausage

  7. Dwayne Wladyka says:

    This is great. Seafood kielbassa.

  8. Paige Trigleth says:

    Ah the freakishly small wooden spoon

  9. adam mac says:

    _Brown_ the outside, _brown_ the outside.

  10. adam mac says:

    “The Weiner of Neptune.”
    *in Italian*

    • FULL DOUBLE says:

      Poseidon’s Penis.
      Serious question though – > What’s the difference between this and a seafood croquette? The shape?

    • Benjamin Shaw says:

      Neptune sounds better in Italian: Il pene di Nettuno vs Pene di Poseidone. To stick with Poseidon, I’d modify the recipe. Start the sauce by deglazing with a bit of ouzo, go a little heavier on the lemon, and sub dill for parsley. Maybe incorporate a little pine nut, cardamom and chopped dried apricot into the sausage itself and wrap it in grape leaf rather than plastic so you can call the dish Πέος του (Péos tou Poseidóna.)

      A croquette would have a lot more filler: bread crumbs, mashed potatoes or whatever and then be rolled in more breadcrumbs. This recipe is mostly seafood with a tiny bit of bread crumb added to hold things together. The taste will probably be similar, but the texture would be quite different.

    • Ringa-ding-ding Mischief makers says:

      Why not? We’ve already covered the nipples of Venus.

  11. Zach McNulty says:

    The irony of waterproofing your seafood sausage

  12. Chris Moore says:

    The Wiener of Neptune. I am howling!!! So great! Poseidon’s Poker!

  13. King Ironfist says:

    pene di poseidone

  14. Keith Doran says:

    You are the barbeque hostage of your seafood sausage

  15. Mike T says:

    “what this lacks in popularity, it more than makes up for it by not containing ears and lips” i love this channel for much more than good recipes

  16. adam mac says:

    #PenisOfPoseidon instead?

  17. International Silverstring Submarine Band says:

    You are the Boss Hog… of your seafood log!

  18. John Carr McIlnay says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t introduce the FSWS

  19. 加藤みずっち says:

    i’m a Bob Ross of Seafood Sausage !!

  20. Birute00 says:

    Oh the return of the freekishly small wooden spoon made an appearance! I have never head of fish sausage, but will give this a try! Thanks Chef John!

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