Seahawks vs. Cowboys Wild Card Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

Seahawks vs. Cowboys Wild Card Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Dallas Cowboys during Wild Card Weekend of the 2018 NFL Post Season.

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84 Responses

  1. Stephane Lindor says:

    Seahawks began to play to late!!! Very disappointing!!! Next season??? Congrats to the Dallas Cowboys.

  2. YaBoi Rob says:

    To all the Dallas Cowboys haters: Go to Office Depot, buy a chair, and sit ALL THE WAY DOWN!

  3. Matt s says:

    I am british and have no clue what’s going on but this was awesome

  4. Lux Et Veritas says:

    As a Redskins fan, we are bitter rivals: but I want to wish Hurns all the best for recovery: that was one horrific injury. Bought back memories of Theismann for me. Heal up Hurnsy and hope to see you play my Skins next season. HTTR!

  5. naeem famuditimi says:

    lets wait to see what Stephen a smith has to say on Monday on first take

  6. Fish Hawk says:


  7. Doggy_Munchy Bark says:

    This is why you don’t sleep on us

    • a.d cindo says:

      +Biηx yeah that’s what they said about eagles…and look how that ended….trust me when I say this and am for sure speaking for all cowboys fans around the WORLD we are not one bit scared of rams or any other team in the NFL for all am concerned.

    • mosesquirino360 says:

      +a.d cindo they don’t matter compared to the overpowered offense led by Todd Gurley. All the rams defense has to do is just contain ezekiel’s runs and then it’s an easy dub. See you next week bud.

    • Carson Yoder says:

      I don’t anyone was sleeping on the Cowboys?

    • a.d cindo says:

      +mosesquirino360 oh trust me, our defense will say otherwise, plus every team that went with that plan you just mentioned (contame Zeke) coop has a big game!…and now our other receivers are clicking with Dak now… I’ll say this again we are not worried bout nothing…yes we will see you in LA… it’ll probably feel like a home game for us anyway in LA.

    • mosesquirino360 says:

      +a.d cindo all right next week bud

  8. Christian Perry says:

    Great game by Dallas, but Doug Baldwin’s toe drag swag is ?

  9. TeeMoney327 says:

    I’m an eagles fan but I’m praying for Allen Hurns

  10. soid drone slayer says:

    Them damn Cowboys just keep proving me wrong. They looked real good last night.

  11. JeebusCripes21 says:

    6:05 BLATANT missed holding on Gregory, amazing catch by Baldwin. Shouldn’t have counted if the back judge was paying any attention.

  12. Matt E says:

    Even an Eagles fan hates to see an injury like Allen Hurns’s I wish him a a speedy recovery prayers out to him and his family???

  13. zee Lastjam says:

    Let’s keep calm cowboys fans!!! Let’s not jinx for the team and talk that trash talk….we still have alot of work to do!!!! DEM Boyz!!!

  14. Chad Gordon says:

    Worst onside kick EVER

    • KingUfa206 says:

      Maybe it’s because he’s a punter and not a kicker.

    • Zyon Jackson says:

      Yall are acting like yall punter would do better. Dickson was one of the best punters in the league this season

    • Zyon Jackson says:

      And he did one of those onsides against the bears in week 2

    • Demon Hunter says:

      I’m was so Nervous and pissed off at my defense at the end of the game for nothing!! The look on Pete’s face got me weak AF!! I still can’t figure out what I seen???!!!!

    • daAnder71 says:

      Even with the perfect technique almost 90% of onside kicks don‘t get the wanted effect. When you have to kick onside it‘s already too late most of the time. Seahawks were exceptionally lucky with theirs in the 2014 NFC Championship game.

  15. Ball Life says:

    Why keep running it on 1st and 2nd and then pass Seahawks? When ur run game was getting stopped.

  16. warlocks4life says:

    Thank god the Seahawks play caller wasn’t calling pass plays. Seattle has terrible play calling.

  17. Brock says:

    play calling was bad by seattle

  18. Maria Preciado says:

    The Dak Knight Rises.
    Go Cowboys woot woot.

  19. Airjuan Littt says:


    Everyone in Seattle after the “onside kick”

  20. Balenciaga Hyper ㅇBㅇB says:

    Im from Germany I nothing Check I nothing Understand but its look cool ?

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