Seahawks vs. Panthers Week 12 Highlights | NFL 2018

Seahawks vs. Panthers Week 12 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Carolina Panthers during Week 12 of the 2018 NFL season.

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104 Responses

  1. Lock.JoeHaden. 23 says:

    When you’re so early the thumbnail isn’t here

  2. Alexander Carter says:

    Great game but the panthers have blown two games lately one against Detroit and this one

    • DRock6906 says:

      I’m not crying. I’m not even a Panthers fan. I’m just a lover of football and hated that McCaffery’s epic performance was pissed away today. There are sometimes these games come down to play calling more than the players. Seattle had 2 timeouts. Carolina knows that Wilson is a freakin’ magician in the 4th quarter so why give him the ball back with time on the clock? If not McCaffery, Cam could have ran the ball on those downs and forced Seattle to use all of there timeouts. That way if or should I say when their kicker missed, there wouldn’t have hardly been any time on the clock forcing OT. Bad coaching.

    • DRock6906 says:

      Looking at it from that view, I see your point. Yes McCaffrey had fumbled a few times but if Rivera didn’t trust him, he should have let Cam run the ball himself. That pass play on 2nd down where Cam had to throw the ball away should have never happened. Seattle’s defense was RIPE for a QB draw on that play. Even if he wouldn’t have gotten the 1st, Seattle would have had to use a timeout. That way, the third down play would have forced Seattle to use their last timeout. That’s how I was looking at it. Wilson is dangerous as hell in the 4th quarter as you clearly saw. He did the same thing in the Packers game. I guess Ron Rivera didn’t watch that game :’-( Hard fought game by both teams and a good win by Seattle.

    • John Whodat says:

      Panthers blew two in a row and I love it!

    • earthatom7 says:

      Detroit was BLOWN… Cam/Rivera knew this one though wasn’t gonna be easy… So did Russ/Carroll

    • earthatom7 says:

      +Rico Alexander I guess they forgot we are a 2nd half team and thrive on pressure ?

  3. Josue Tejada says:

    Russel Wilson in the 4th is dangerous

  4. Willy Dang says:

    Gano pulled a Blair Walsh lmao

  5. BananaBro 967 says:

    Do u love wasting 3 hours of ur day watching ur team lose? Cause I do ?

  6. Escocivo 30 says:

    Panthers keep finding ways to lose.

    • vin russo says:

      Cam seems to do bad things at bad times and good things at good times. 3 games this year he has had a shot to drive and win the game. No problem.He played good but 4th and 1 at the goal line was pretty obvious, and of course the nail in the coffin was the Int in the end zone. he has his pre-snap calls at the goal line, so it was his call.

    • Langford Lawncare says:

      They will lose several more but 2 of them for sure against the SAINTS are coming SOON!!!!

    • Jacob Bart says:

      Cam Newtown keeps pounding the Panth0rs!

    • RML 3000 v says:

      Escocivo 30 … what a treat watching the panthers lose. You might as well give us saints the Lombardi. NO ONE WILL STOP US… ??????????????????????????. The superbowl is ours

    • dennis2370 says:

      Secondary is not very good, Blown coverages all day

  7. The Real KEN says:

    Nice job Seattle… Now we just need to win 1 game clinch division
    -saints fan

    • Saint Rodgers Domino says:

      +KrayzieBeatz I’ve seen what the Rams have done against the Saints and it’s not pretty the same to the only ones they give the rims and actual illusion shot I’m just looking at it from a NFL stand for it I like NFL in general Drew Brees definitely deserves another rain just because I don’t think the Rams are going to make it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to see it I know for a fact it’s going to come down to the Rams and the Saints

    • Saint Rodgers Domino says:

      +Mr lakers Man one is at 49ers stadium I believe

    • Ben Mangrum says:

      21 Savage Yeah in St Louis but not in LA and plus we didn’t have McVay or Goff yet

  8. Cameron Nelson says:

    Seahawks are 6-5 on a rebuild…

    • A Fucking Bird says:

      +Donald Trump Jr. X 8-8 We play the Chiefs and the Vikings

    • Alvaro Carloza says:

      +Harvey Grant I believe so too, but we have it worse than the Eagles, since we are a rebuilding team this year. Go Hawks!

    • roy ashman says:

      +Alvaro Carloza Ok hey i hope i am so wrong..!!!! great win yesterday best of the season…If we dont do anything stupid we might sneak into p.offs that would be great considering we are on rebuild..

    • roy ashman says:

      +earthatom7 Hey I am from UK I am a pessermist!!! Look I hope I am so wrong and after our best win of season yesterday ..p/offs are now a possibility..but I actually think 49ers might take one off us , Cheifs could be resting a few and we are on par with the Vikings so anything is now possible !!!!

    • Ben Kennedy says:

      Yeah? So are the colts buddy

  9. Cierra Williams says:

    This was a compelling game. Had me worried for most of the game! GG Panthers. #LetsGoHawks !!! ??????

  10. Mrimpossibro says:

    Russell Wilson is clutch, elite, and magic. Great win today!

    • Aldo Padilla says:

      Vonn 2x and also all Newton is known for is the 2015 season and running the ball the panthers first drive was literally all runs and 1 pass like wtf

    • seahawk russ says:

      Vonn 2x russell is one of the most underrated qbs out there, look at his performances and all everybody keeps bringing up when talking about him being clutch is that one interception he threw as if it somehow defines his entire body of work

    • tor sir says:

      +Wolf J Gamer yeah we got lucky with that one punt but y’all got lucky 4 out of 5 fumbles bounced right to another Panther.

    • killerboy 1155 says:

      Mrimpossibro nah panthers just have poor defensive backs

  11. Dr. Phil on yo bitch says:

    Let me be the panthers kicker. I be kickin game to these hoes so why not

  12. John Wick says:

    6:02 I see Chris Carson’s been training with the Avengers this offseason…. ?

  13. John Wick says:

    7:00 shout out to Tyronn Lue’s Ankles Bruh ??

  14. John Wick says:

    Christian McCaffrey is a beast, good luck to you guys on the rest of the season panthers fans this was a hard fought game..

  15. TheMrFreshPrince1 says:

    Russ in 4th quarter is the scariest. Plus they ended Panthers’ home record. Don’t know what that loss means for Saints but so happy.

    • Dan Seth says:

      Lol Panthers can’t even beat the Seahawks at home with their playoff hopes depending on it lol.WHODAT

    • NPC #2578478 says:

      Doesn’t mean anything. Carolina could have won the next 3.. Saints are still going to win the division.

    • WHITE NIGGER says:

      Doesn’t mean crud. Saints will win the division and face the Rams in the playoffs. Saints will win and Breese will get his second ring, thus setting the stage for a prosperous retirement a few years from the season.

  16. ᕼᗩIᗪEᑎ ᗯIᑕKᔕ says:

    From 6-2 to 6-5. What a depressing turn of events.

  17. Ximien Lum says:

    9:43 WTF??!! The balls on Wilson!

  18. Tupac Shakur says:

    You gotta give respect to Pete Carroll for developing this team in so little time. Lost their entire defense of several future hall of favors only to be replaced by some late round rookies. Last in the league in rushing last year, they have three backs with 100 yard games this year. I’m impressed.

  19. K Mula says:

    Use this as a Seahawks are underrated button

  20. Alex Saucedo says:

    Seattle is 6 @ 5
    Today the better team won on the road
    Russell Wilson is dangerous in the 4 quarter. Seattle is looking so good
    Great win guys. Seattle nation BABY

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