Seahawks vs. Vikings Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2018

Seahawks vs. Vikings Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Minnesota Vikings during Week 14 of the 2018 NFL season.

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62 Responses

  1. Alex T. says:

    As an Eagles fan, Seahawks please take care of the Cowboys in the playoffs!

    • Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

      Alex T. Yes, because your team won’t be there.

    • randy johnson says:

      The Cowboys may lose to the Colts, and depending on what Giants and Bucs team show up they may lose at least one to them.

    • Architect says:

      Alex T. They’re just gonna cheat to beat us. The refs were paid off by the cowboys.

    • randy johnson says:

      +Architect Who says the Cowboys are even going to the playoffs? If Philly wins their next 3 which will be hard and the Cowboys lose 2 of their last 3 which is possible the Eagles will go over them right?

  2. Don Bur’s Kryptonite says:

    Seahawks fans really opened my eyes about Bobby Wagner, dude needs more attention

  3. fixer10091994 says:

    Cousins sucks, thats just how it is. He sucked with the redskins, dont understand why that many expected him to bring the vikings into the super bowl

  4. George Gonzales says:

    no one gonna talk about the vikings player who had an easy pick 6 but then looked like he fell for no real reason

    • George Gonzales says:

      MrBlondieZero it almost looked like he did it on purpose to cover the ball then remembered he actually could run and tried to get up but it was already too late

    • bill harvell says:

      George Gonzales Hardly an easy pick 6. Even if he hadn’t stumbled, no way he would’ve gone the distance.

    • George Gonzales says:

      bill harvell he caught the ball on like the 10 with no one in front of him and the closest two people were o lineman, if he can’t out run them there’s a problem

    • bill harvell says:

      +George Gonzales Na. If you look again you’ll see two, what look like receivers, come into the picture at the end. Highly unlikely Kendricks would’ve out raced them to the end zone. Maybe if it was Harrison Smith or Xavier Rhodes… But you’re right- sorta weird the way he just fell down.

    • Skriblss says:

      George Gonzales even if he was 10 yards ahead of Tyler Lockett I’d put money he would be able to catch up

  5. F3arNot says:

    Kirk cousins 0 – 7 on MNF ??

  6. Nathan Smith says:

    Final score should have been 38-7 if Seattle hadn’t blown so many scoring opportunities.

    • Skriblss says:

      Nathan Smith well in that case it should’ve been 38-0 because cousins went passed the line of scrimmage

    • balkthor says:

      +Skriblss Naw, that was legal. Key is that part of him was still behind the line of scrimmage. It was called correct, though I totally get that it doesn’t look/seem that way.

  7. Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ says:

    Dear Vikings, Kirk Cousins is worth every penny you’re paying him. -Bears fans

    • Sixth Street says:

      Cousins never came up big in a games that mattered in Washington. Nothing has changed.

    • Nelson C says:

      Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ

      I wouldn’t say it’s all his fault. That Vikings O line looked horrible this game and many others this season. And this is coming from a Giants Fan! And though our O-line started horrible, it’s been getting progressively better, but the Vikes O-Line seems to be going in the opposite direction! LOL

    • Chris Lancour says:

      +Nelson C of course it’s getting better you got rid of the human turnstyle known as Erick Flowers

    • ? ? says:

      I mean come on he’s the top paid quarterback in the NFL and he only has 24 touchdown he should be way further than that

    • Nelson C says:

      @ Chris Lancour

      LOL so right so right you are sir! LOL

  8. Seattle Seahawks says:

    9:01 We see you Bwagz! ?

    • balkthor says:

      You all should be way more pissed at Bruce Arians for making that play illegal in the first place. He spent years doing his best to make football less fun for everyone any time something didn’t go his way.

      Heck, I wish teams did this more often. Super fun to watch, no matter what team you root for.

    • Josh Freeburg says:

      that was illegal play you shouldve got a flag you cheater

    • David T says:

      Everyone saying it was illegal but none of you can say it changed the games outcome and none of you were complaining when the Seahawks got flagged for phantom calls like the early penalty against bobby Wagner which was 15 cheap yards ????

  9. Bob Cogley says:

    Remember when Teddy Bridgewater was QB and everything was looking up for the Vikings?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  10. summer18 says:

    On God Seahawks got the best jerseys in the NFL

  11. Seisman 75 says:

    Vikings sucks and quit blaming the refs on 1 Bobby Wagner play. 4 quarters of football and Vikings can’t do crap.

  12. Josh Kurutu says:

    So everybody is not gonna acknowledge the amazing jerseys Seattle is wearing ? ?

  13. Tyler Head says:

    9:36 when she says her parents aren’t home

  14. De Way says:

    Seahawks lookin pretty good man

  15. Julia I МАSTURBÃТЕ WAТСН VIDЕ0! says:

    That was fun.

  16. Julia I МАSTURBÃТЕ WАTСН VIDЕ0! says:

    Farm remembers

  17. sherwin leggett says:

    im just trippin still knowing that pete carroll is damn near 70 but lookin 49

  18. Christopher Kolombus says:

    Who else was hoping for a shut out towards the end?!?!

    • Spartacus Quo Vadis says:

      Christopher Kolombus refs missed the call. Kirk passed the line of scrimmage…

    • Christopher Kolombus says:

      +Spartacus Quo Vadis wasn’t it reviewed? I just watched the highlights

    • shawn bopko says:

      Kirk cousin played awful last night man I think the vikings change to make it to make it the playoffs they had a chance last night but now they have no shot on making it but they have a good d

  19. Scott G. Jarnagin says:

    11:49 – That was an Illegal Forward Pass, as he was on the 5½ yard line but I guess it didn’t really matter anyway. It would’ve been nice to get the shutout though.

  20. cstanberry5 says:


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