Sean Evans Reveals the Season 7 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones

Sean Evans Reveals the Season 7 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones

Hot Ones Season 7 premieres next week, and you know what that means, spice lords: It’s time to reveal the new hot-sauce lineup! Watch Sean Evans unveil the new symphony of spice that will be setting the tone for celebrity meltdowns all season long. Plus, some very big announcements for the Hot Ones family. Let’s go!

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61 Responses

  1. First We Feast says:

    Tell us your favorite hot sauce we haven’t had on the show. Season 8 tasting begins now…

  2. TheOfficialDrk says:

    You can just tell he loves what he does. I enjoy watching him talk about hot sauce.

  3. Rowdy Boy says:

    Get Brockhampton on Hot Ones.

    All of them.

  4. Benny says:

    Some ideas for future guests: Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, Gordan Ramsey, Eminem, Joyner Lucas, Cardi B, Jimmy Fallon, Twenty One Pilots, Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5), Adam22, Brian Reagen, Bill Nye, Khalid, Diplo, Chalrlie Puth, Zedd, Marshmello (somehow..,) Post Malone pt. 2.

  5. El Niño says:


  6. fuck says:

    My main man sean killing it with that beard

  7. Ammon McCain says:

    You look good with a beard man.

  8. Thato Mafoko says:

    Sean speaks like the hot sauce has made him deaf

  9. Muse says:

    It’s time for Da Bomb to go and bring back 357

    • Kraluth says:

      I get the feeling Da Bomb is only there because it has that medicine taste and chemical heat. It basically is the moment of “I fucked up.”

      If everything tasted great, it’d be a fairly milquetoast show. Gotta have that chemical shock.

    • Jaysen Gomez says:

      Nah da bomb is needed.

  10. Heat RayProd says:

    Why is this so anti-red color graded, besides solo sauce shots? Messes with my eyes alot…

  11. Tom Groebe says:

    The sentence starts at 0:00 and ends at 8:25.

  12. Tarks Gauntlet says:

    Da Bomb will never disappear. It’s unique in the line-up where it’s the only one with only spice and no flavor. It’s a special challenge among the line-up.

    • Amshu Chitrakar says:

      the da bomb bottle looks like the bottles used in my chemistry lab used to store isopropyl alcohol. i use that shit to clean my bong.

    • Jason Barry says:

      Bull I put da bomb in my asshole every morning

    • Black Tractor says:

      Da bum is shit next to exhorresco. Wanna die… Eat half a bottle of exhorresco. Please….!!! Last dab is nothing until smokin Ed releases the seeds to the pepper x. Puckerbutt isn’t known for making great hot sauces, just growing peppers, I met Ed last year.

    • Porcupixel says:

      No flavor?~~!~ HA!! You make me laugh Tarks. It HAS flavor. And that flavor is straight up chemical ass.

  13. Koenigsegg Fanboy says:

    I want:
    Any MCU cast member
    Dave Grohl
    Joakim Broden
    Dave Filoni
    Mark Hamil

  14. God Emperor says:

    I just want Joe Rogan on the show!

  15. Jordan Lutz says:

    Reviewbrah or we riot.

  16. Jaan Yang says:

    Get Tyler the creator on the show PLEASE!!!!

  17. martin53mattsson says:

    Get Gordon Ramsey on the show

  18. spacetime says:

    LMAO I was waiting for a round of applause from the production staff at the end…damn guys you left him dry out there… The man just showmanship’d his heart out for us!!! Can’t wait for season 7, been here since season 1!!!! Sean looks like Justin Timberlake if he fell off.

  19. tacefairy says:

    Call me spice lord one more time sean

  20. Tartar Sauce says:

    Bro you could resell me my own car in a parking lot with my own keys in my hand. Talk about a hot sauce sales pitch!

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