Sean Evans Reveals the Season 8 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones

Sean Evans Reveals the Season 8 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones

Hot Ones is back, and hotter than ever! In the lead-up to next week’s Season 8 premiere with Gordon Ramsay, Sean Evans unveils the brand-new lineup of hot sauces that will be taking out celebrity guests all season long. Stick around ’til the end for a little Gordon Ramsay teaser to hold you over until next week…



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72 Responses

  1. First We Feast says:


    1) The Classic: 1,800
    2) Angry Goat Hippy Dippy Green: 2,300
    3) Paddy O’s Potion: 8,800
    4) High River Sauces Cheeba Gold: 25,300
    5) Los Calientes: 36,000
    6) Adoboloco Kolohe Kid: 61,000
    7) Torchbearer Garlic Reaper: 116,000
    8) Da Bomb: 135,600
    9) Hellfire Fear This: 679,000
    10) The Last Dab Reduxx: 2M+

  2. Scott W says:

    R. I. P. Coolio ?

  3. TUDO says:

    Bring back Cambodia Death Camp

  4. Morally_ Bankrupt says:

    The day they remove da bomb is the day hot ones is no longer hot ones

  5. Morally_ Bankrupt says:

    Sean whispering gave me a confusing boner. ?

  6. Robert Durbin says:

    *We need Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond on the show now!!!!!*

  7. Dropkick Pherby says:

    Gambino gonna be the Season Closerino?

  8. Jayneel Parekh says:

    From the cooking world maybe you can’t go higher than Ramsay in popularity…but from the YouTube side…maybe you can try and get the KING of YouTube next season…PewDiePie!!

  9. Buttered And Crunchy says:

    I would love to see Theo Von in the new season and Sean nice stone island cuz.

    • BarfyMan 362 says:

      Buttered And Crunchy Theo Von And Andrew Santino together would be great. Maybe Bert and Tom Segura together too

  10. Y R says:

    Hey, can we get a Patrick Mahomes interview?

  11. MRLONG758 says:

    What ever happened to the original hot ones fiery chipoltle hot sauce?

    • LifeAccordingToZoe says:

      MRLONG758 i don’t know! i’ve been wondering as well. i tried to buy it online and it’s gone :/. i hope they bring it back.

    • likestoospooge says:

      It’s gone for good. They just had a surprise sale of them a couple months ago to get rid of the remaining stock. I just finished my bottle a couple days ago. ?

    • Chris A says:

      That sauce was delicious!

  12. Nancey Drew says:

    im watching a guy debut hot sauces, what has my life come to.

  13. Badar Shahzad says:

    Sean, you guys have to do something about shipping. I am not paying $22 shipping on a $20 Hot Sauce Bottle

  14. p g says:

    i hope 2pac comes on this season

  15. Mr. LucK says:


  16. Mark Spot says:

    There’s a special something about Sean that is just so God damn entertaining and fun

  17. Swan of Nutella says:

    HOT ONES FIRST METAL GUEST! make it happen.

  18. brownguy903 says:

    Made me nervous with that “just yet” about replacing Da Bomb, IMO there should be one sauce that never changes to give some “lore” to the Hot Ones show and Da Bomb’s probably the most qualified to retain its position with all of the classic (Read: best) reactions its gotten through the 8 seasons

    • Kevin Schultz says:

      I agree, although in looking at the scolville increases, it arguably should shift to the #7 position, with something around 300k taking its place at #8. It may be that they couldn’t find something appropriate for the spot, though.

    • NEEDbacon says:

      I think it’s been talked about how while Da Bomb may not the highest scolville count, how it hits you and it’s taste are so bad that it doesn’t matter it’s not some crazy high number. Like they could throw something with more Scoville in front of Da Bomb, but it’d still hit the guest harder.

  19. Gruff says:

    Fellas, I have Los Calientes, and if you mix it in some eggs and stir it together and then scramble them…. FELLAS……

  20. Emily00Strange says:

    Yay, I can’t wait to see Gordon Ramsay critique Da Bomb!

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