Sean Evans Tackles Season 8 Controversies and Answers Fan Questions | Hot Ones

Sean Evans Tackles Season 8 Controversies and Answers Fan Questions | Hot Ones

Sean Evans is back in the hot seat for a look back at Season 8—from Gordon Ramsay all the way through to Scarlett Johansson! Watch our intrepid Hot Ones host tackle #ShaqGate, break down his favorite interviews, and unveil another tear-jerker of a season-ending montage. Thanks for watching, spice lords!



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56 Responses

  1. First We Feast says:

    What was your favorite episode of Season 8?

  2. David says:

    Keanu Reeves
    Brendan Fraser
    Oliver Tree
    Lil Dicky
    Babish (from Binging with Babish)
    Nicholas Cage

  3. MoonChild333 says:

    Been watching this show since the very first episode…. And it only keeps getting better!! I’m excited for the next season ?

  4. Rowan Battleson says:

    Highlight of the season is Sean holding Scarlett’s hand and share her beer.

  5. Bruce Hamilton says:

    I wonder how Eminem would be on the show. Probably dgaf about promotion but idk if that means he’d say no.

    Anyways, I’d love to see Conan do it!!

  6. Ben I think says:

    Eight Grade? Man now you gotta have Bo Burnham, you don’t got a choice

  7. Malo says:

    Shaq: Kansas don’t know how to make no wings
    *4 seconds later*
    Shaq: I apologize Kansas

  8. Anton Mossberg says:

    the best thing about shaq episode is the meme that came out of it

  9. diego perez says:

    100% shaq belongs on the wall, dude tried to play off the fact he couldn’t hang and deflected hard af.

  10. Mykander says:

    Will only stay subbed if I get a Sean Evans helicopter drop into my house. Or Hot Ones keeps going, whatever works.

  11. Geneva says:

    I truly want to thank you all for creating suuuuuch a great show. I’ve seen every episode (most more than once) and I’ll never take for granted your respect for your guests, your insightful questions, the effort that goes into your production, or your grind for the best hot sauce. If I didn’t live in Canada, I’d apply to work for you guys. See you folks in season nine. ??

  12. Juan Ulysses says:

    Elon Musk
    Joe Rogan
    Mike Tyson
    Conan O Brien
    Nick Swardson

  13. MrSpeedyAce says:

    Shaq definitely deserves to be on the Wall Of Shame. #bully

    • Gregory Smith says:

      He was weak fo sho

    • Camila Lopez says:

      I concur! Other guests might not have finished or had people sub for them, but they weren’t assholes to Sean. But it just goes to show Sean is a top notch host and super professional.

    • Kekarot says:

      doesn’t matter the show has jumped the shark and doesn’t care about the integrity of the challenge anymore. It’s just a boring ass itnerview show like the millions of others.

    • roberto armstrong says:

      Kekarot I’ve seen YT trolls before.. but you are something else… you miserable, no friends, L taking, mother loving turd wrench. I bet your butthole is always shitty and when you stand near anybody they can smell it but they can’t be bothered calling you out on it because they don’t want to talk to you so they just move away.

    • Central Elegance says:

      Kekarot you real funny dude ???

  14. Dirtydizzle says:

    damn Sean, Scarlett Johansson might be in love with you

  15. mank demelord says:

    Interview your girlfriend so we can get her opinion on dating a guy who eats spicy wings for a living

  16. BroadwayLover says:

    James Corden!
    Then he can have Sean do Spill Your Guts as revenge ?

  17. KamikoInu says:

    You should get a hockey player from whichever team wins the Stanley Cup and have them bring it on the show.

  18. RJ Cager says:

    The point Sean made at 1:35 actually rings so true to me! Whenever I DON’T know too much about a celebrity and wanna see how they think, get their outlook on life, or just wanna watch their brains gets picked, I come STRAIGHT to Hot Ones! ????

  19. notluvulongtime8472 says:

    Shaq treated you with much disrespect. That said, I really enjoyed your interview with Chelsea Handler. Suggestions for guest requests: Bill Nye, James Corden, Idris Elba, Angela Bassett, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Steve Aoki, and Margaret Cho.

  20. Lunchbox bleh says:

    The way Sean talks in this video is giving me a cringe stroke.

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