Sean McDermott And Josh Allen On Damar Hamlin’s Progress | Buffalo Bills

Sean McDermott And Josh Allen On Damar Hamlin’s Progress | Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott and quarterback Josh Allen addressed the media after Thursday’s practice. Topics included: Damar Hamlin’s recovery process, coach/player’s perspective on Damar Hamlin’s incident, Mario Hamlin’s discussion with the team, the focus on mental health, the importance of sticking together as a team/staff in hardship, donations to Damar Hamlin’s toy drive, resources in the community, Damar’s positive attitude in the locker room, Damar’s first message after regaining consciousness and the team’s positive perspective on Damar’s future.

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31 Responses

  1. Nik-Mik says:

    The worst events always bring out the best within us and within our organizations. On Monday night, at 8:30pm ET the most imporant thing on my mind was the Bengals getting a win. A lot changed in the next 30 minutes — and any competitive feelings I had with Buffalo were vanished. That feeling, where you can look across the stadium and know that everyone in that moment is praying for just one man and just one outcome is powerful and long-lasting. The entire Bengals fandom will always be linked in a very important and special way with Buffalo, and no matter how competitive the future game may be, no matter who wins or losses, we will always part ways as friends.

  2. Heather Helen says:

    I tear up every time I see the picture of Diggs crying. And now I am tearing up listening to Josh struggle with his emotions. I am so incredibly happy that Damar survived this. Go Bills, and Go Damar!

    • Mark is godly says:

      I knew damar had that dawg in him also I’m very happy to have one of the best trainers he was straight into it with cpr n the Cincinnati hospital and first responders and the bengals franchise zach taylor

    • Lucy Burr says:

      @Joe Schmoe I have seen very few Buffalo 🦬 games as a Saints fan, but I love them from watching Reuben the Bulldog videos on YouTube! (Look them up; they’re great!) Whether you even like football at all or not, any human being can and should have compassion as a human being.

    • Tom DiPasquale says:

      Feel the same way!!! 😢🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Melissa Brown says:

      @Joe Schmoe ummm….huh? What comment are you replying to?

    • Joe Schmoe says:

      Now lets move on to the real question. Have you ever even watched a Bills game?

  3. X P says:

    God Bless everyone around the country who had the empathy and compassion to share all the kind words and thoughts and prayers, seeing 99% of the country coming together to show their support made a HUGE impact on all of our ability to cope with this tragedy

  4. Ginger Kat says:

    There is something so very special about this team…..and it starts at the top. 💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️

    • Jeff Weaver says:

      When they came, the cleared house. All the attituded, and entitlement, and the ones who didn’t want to be there. They pick players fit character just as much as for talent. That matters. There’s a reason players WANT to be here. Home is where you’re loved, wanted, respected, appreciated. These men get that from the people of Buffalo. They are our family, long after they put away the uniform. Bills is like a last nsme to unite western NY as a family

    • Jake Bailey says:

      @Joe Schmoe4

    • Joe Schmoe says:

      How many downs are in a series of downs?

    • Tommygunl88 says:


    • Brent says:

      Totally agree im so proud to be a bills fan since i was a kid back in the 80s . We werent good for a long time and now were good in so many ways w-l record , playoffs in , but most of all were good in character and class , this tragedy it shows what this team is built on !

  5. Bridgette says:

    The TRUE character of a man is revealed in DIFFICULT circumstances. Hats off to Coaches McDermott & Taylor! Praying for Damar’s complete HEALING, WHOLENESS & RESTORATION!!

    • Brent says:

      @Bridgette cincy lost their chance at number 1 seed by the game being cancelled , both teams put damar first thats pretty incredible. Your edit was well deserved thank you 🙂 GO BILLS

    • Bridgette says:

      @Brent I TOTALLY AGREE! I will edit my comment to include Coach Zac Taylor!

    • Brent says:

      Im a bills fan too but the bengals did a fantastic job as well……ill be routing for the bengals in the playoffs unless they are playing buffalo. They are a class act

  6. John Truxal says:

    Absolutely outstanding leadership by both coaches and character displayed by the players. Obviously the nfl tried restarting that game , can’t tell me they didn’t. When Shazier was obviously paralyzed the game was restarted (oddly same stadium) and i commend the coaches saying no to restarting. Local boy #3 DH , we in pittsburgh love you and can’t wait for constant good news on you. 💯

  7. Beast_e55_amg says:

    I still get choked up and teary eyed about this whole situation. And the emotion from the love and support is a amazing. Wishing Damar a speedy recovery and the Bills to get back to work! Unfinished business

  8. Danno # says:

    Thank You Cincinnati for taking such great care of our Bill. Won’t be forgotten.

  9. Mary Brown says:

    So needed to hear from these two gentleman! Wait until this young man wakes up fully and sees the support from everyone in the USA and around the world.

  10. Danny Van Sickle says:

    I am a diehard lifelong Bengals fan from as long as I can remember…. From watching them with my dad on tv to eating dinner at Wilmington college with them as a 15 yr old campus brat when they practiced there… but Monday night I didn’t care who won after the play…. I didn’t want to see a snap after Damar went down…. All I could do was watch and cry with my Bengals and now my Bills…. I witnessed the same injury in high school when my friend Ray Bear was hit in the chest by a line drive baseball… he dropped just like Damar… that was over 30 yrs ago and until Monday I had not thought about it but all those emotions came back… Monday night The Bills gained a new fan in me and I think millions across the world but since then all I have thought about is #3 Damar Hamlin… I pray for that young man every morning…. At 3 pm and 8:55pm at night… the news today was great… Damar wrote… Who won the game? UC Medical Staff said…. You won Damar…. You won the game of life…. I will continue to pray for him… his family… the Bills and Bengals bc they’re all going to have that what if question in the back of their minds…. Put it in God’s hands bc Damar is proof that the power of prayer is real💪🏻🙏🙏🙏

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