Sean O’Malley reacts to UFC 269 win; Tells Daniel Cormier “don’t say stupid s***”

Sean O’Malley reacts to UFC 269 win; Tells Daniel Cormier “don’t say stupid s***”

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47 Responses

  1. Ian13 87 says:

    Props to Sean for being respectful to Dom. He’s being smart with how he’s letting his career progress too

    • Jay23 isBack says:

      Another win for the Clown. Hope he gets a worthy opponent next

    • Phoomph Gaming says:

      @GoodieRapper I want to see Sean fight him again, you’re fucking crazy if you think that dropfoot wasn’t freak asf

    • Phoomph Gaming says:

      @Jesse bremner nope no it’s not… he’s not ready

    • Jesse bremner says:

      @Phoomph Gaming he is the only one they didn’t throw in to the this point he is def rdy to make the next leap

    • Richard Rivera says:

      @Gandalf maybe he’s being smart about easing his way into this tougher opponents… To you and I sure we would LOVE to see him run against some real competition. But who’s to say he isn’t being wise about his career by getting more experience/comfortability with the easier guys. You’re right though, I think we’re ready to him fight some real competition now. Enough with the ducking.

  2. Xan’cy Pill’osi says:

    Mad respect to this dude, keeping it a buck

  3. Mad Max says:

    Major respect on him not trashing Cody when he’s coming off loss.

    • says:

      @RYAN BLACK imagine using that when in reality cody said that to sean first… yikes

    • Brady Prpich says:

      I mean he did say “some people aren’t built for this” when he was being interviewed the second cody got knocked the fuck out

    • Jonah Delgado says:

      Yeah even though if Cody won and He lost Cody would of been clowning him

    • Mc says:

      @Kyrie Irving okay but not one of Sean’s opponents are as good as Cody’s last 5 years of opponents. The only exception is marlon vera who bet sean

    • Mark Whelan says:

      He can fight and his hands are elite but let’s be completely honest who has he beaten that has any real talent, so ill hold back on giving him props. When he does ill give him my humble apology.

  4. richard franklin says:

    I’m a fan of this guy. He’s honest and there’s nothing wrong with believing in yourself.

  5. Ben McReynolds says:

    I freaking love this dude! I wish him all the best with everything, he is such a genuine dude and happens to be a NINJA. It was so heart felt that he pushed through this injury and performed for the boyz. I felt that. Much respect.

  6. Scott McGillicuty says:

    Sean is unique in that he talks a good game, and backs up every bit and more. Awesome fighter.

    • K G says:

      @Wicked Gaming pointing out facts is blind hate these days 🤣😭

      I actually like Sean but he hasn’t fought anyone yet, the one good fighter he fought he lost

    • Wicked Gaming says:

      @K G mate he hasn’t fought anyone ranked doesn’t mean he hasn’t fought anyone good. He makes a show and puts butts in the seats so stop the hate and appreciate.

    • K G says:

      @Wicked Gaming “mate” if you can read the original comment it says “Sean talks a good game and backs up every bit and more”

      So far that’s not true, his talk is as if he’s elite and a champion, the reality is he lost Vs the only decent guy he fought

      No hate just facts, from your side however there’s definitely some gobblin of Sean’s nuts

    • Wicked Gaming says:

      @K G “mate” he has confidence that he can beat whoever he is matched with and a belief that he is the best fighter right now. The fight he lost wasn’t even against that good of a fighter either just a bad match up. I’m not gobbling nuts I just know what entertainment is and this kid brings it on a whole other level.

    • K G says:

      @Wicked Gaming that has nothing to do with the original comment or my response

      Like I said, if you stopped screeching for one second I do like Sean and think he is talented, I’m just not ready to say he’s backing up his talk because he isn’t doing that, he’s talking like he’s a champion, and he’s nowhere near right now

  7. Weeks25 says:

    So happy for Sean. I knew he would do it! Sounds like Dana is ready to move him up so I’m happy to see that. It’s what Sean deserves! He really impresses me with how smart he is handling everything, his popularity, his career, how he answered questions, the respect he gives, never posing off Dana lol

    • MartyMcFly95 says:

      Obviously he won, he is high caliber and fighting low level fighters it’s not surprising.

    • Airi Aiya says:

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  8. Sam Siryani says:

    You have to love and respect this man and his confidence. Congratulations sir well deserved.

  9. Darrian says:

    3:11 he tells most of you exactly what you need to hear. “I’m in the fight business, most are in the fight game. I’m in the fight business I just happen to be really good at fighting.”

  10. John Swafford says:

    Sean is a class act. Comes out and performs at the highest level, then stays respectful afterwards. How can people not like this guy?????

    • Justin Ejimah says:

      Think OP was being sarcastic. lol..

    • R P says:

      @Ty Hate clown takes like this. Chito destroyed his leg and battered him with ground and pound. That win was legit and not a fluke at all. Having durability is part of physical prowess in the fight game. That was a perfectly targeted leg kick thrown with bad intentions. Sean was a sore loser after that and talked mad trash. Now fickle fans are claiming he is humble all of a sudden. He takes easy fights where he can display his skills, has goofy hair and face tats, that’s why he has become semi popular. Has nothing to do with mic skills or being charismatic. Also he has complained about money several times in the past which is why he doesn’t take tough fights. Did you even listen to any of his interviews? He’s essentially admitted this several times, so he is far from making 90 percent more than the rest of the roster.

    • Emo Mc says:

      @Ty wasn’t even part of the convo but you made a good point!

    • Nick Pollock says:

      @Dylan Kelley lmao 😂 ur a salty boy huh

    • Doug Mattushek says:

      I’d like him ALOT more if he just took his L to Chito better instead of living in dream world where he’s 15-0. C’mon guy…

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