Sean Penn’s Favorite Thing About Writing: No Collaboration

Sean Penn’s Favorite Thing About Writing: No Collaboration

‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: A Novel’ author Sean Penn increasingly prefers creating in solitude.

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96 Responses

  1. Shane Kimberlin says:

    This had an old-school interview vibe, from the cigarettes to the weary adult conversation.

  2. Nandakumar K says:

    Does anybody else feel a slight tremble in his voice?

    • tdsm19 says:

      Not in the course of a 10 minute video. He “sobered up” too quickly. He was acting. Think about it.

    • 123 456 says:

      It’s the constant fear of being assassinated by the cartel for getting El chapo caught

    • Helle Møller says:


    • R Hl says:

      When I was taking ambien I would sometimes wait until I rolled around in bed for a few hours before forcing myself to take it as a last resort just to get SOME sleep. That usually ended up being around the early hours of the morning. So going into work the “next day”, factoring in the extra hour for the ambien to even hit your system… when I show up just like he says I’m still trailing off ambien. He held together remarkably well considering. Must have been a low dose. Insomnia is no joke and neither is ambien.

    • Rob W says:

      It’s the cocaine

  3. N E A K says:

    Haha , This interview was out of the scope of reality. I love it ! Had a old school vibe to it.

    • Ed Dursky says:

      Just another old wasted “Useful Idiot” leftist fuck. Pack your shit…and move to Communist Venezuela…the workers paradise. Take an American grocery store with you…and prepare to fight for every morsel. (Funny how the lame stream media types never ask him about Venezuela?)

    • N E A K says:

      Ed Dursky Lmao , Who knew me just stating the obvious style and environment of a certain interview would trigger half of You basement dwellers in this comment thread into bringing up your skewed politics every chance you get. Proves no one can just make a simple comment without cry babies like you and others here bringing up stuff that was never brought up.

      This generation is so screwed …

    • Ed Dursky says:

      SNEAK – This man dedicated his life to offering endless very loud and angry support to Hugo Chavez. God only knows how many people were murdered by this Communist monster. And, today, men women and children are starving to death…every damn day. (Anyone who payed a role in this nightmare for humanity should NEVER be allowed to simply walk away…to his STILL great life in America!)

    • zephyra says:

      N E A K
      Right? I kinda liked it. I remember watching Dick Cavett and his guests light up during a twenty minute interview. John Lennon and -Yoko Ono- Dick talking about the Beatles not getting back together while smoking a cig.

    • zephyra says:

      N E A K
      Ehhh, I usually see a lot of older people comment under YouTude videos throwing their political opinions and views into discussion. I wouldn’t generalize. Were you thinking of millenials when you typed ‘basement dwellers’. And then ended the comment with ‘this generation…’, not hating, just making sure. Since people usually make fun of millenials for being basement dwellers.

      I see a lot of older people doing what you said… and I mean *A LOT.* People rarely mention the older generations, they usually point out millenials in their rants in this turbulent political climate.

  4. stachulec says:

    he looks like Ian McKellen

  5. Element Air says:

    He’s the dad that would buy the keg for our high school parties.

  6. GroovyGirl1990 says:

    Job security for oncologists, hilarious

  7. Jay Quek says:

    Reminds me of a john lennon interview

  8. Jimmy Gillard says:

    Can never tell if Sean Penn is playing a character, or if he is just really nervous. Good actor.

  9. firstname lastname says:

    That lawsuits and Netflix bit… Sean Penn is talking about the El Chapo Netflix documentary “The Day I Met El Chapo”. He has a lawsuit against Netflix… I’m sure Colbert wasn’t aware of this.

    • Barbara Leon says:

      earth ocean If you watch the documentary you’ll see this is exactly what he caused in Kate del Castillo’s life because of his selfishness and lack of integrity.

    • earth ocean says:

      Barbara Leon – You are basing your opinion of the situation on a documentary that was entirely created by its writers and directors, as neither Penn nor his legal team got involved to explain their side of the story nor the depth of his involvement. It’s more than likely that Penn was used by the government to capture El Chapo, and that could have happened to anyone. Either way, constructing a story with only partial information is incredibly irresponsible on the part of the documentarians.

    • earth ocean says:

      Brandon Brown – But it does reach a broader audience with someone’s creative version of the truth. If it weren’t for people doing things that seemed risky or outside of vanilla peoples comfort zones, nothing in this world would ever get accomplished and progress would never be made.

    • Brandon Brown says:

      earth ocean: So a major drug cartel with a billion+ dollars and thousands of employees and global influence needed to watch a Netflix documentary in order to know that Sean Penn was involved in El Chapo’s capture. It wasn’t all over the news at the time? They needed a documentary to later come out months and months later to confirm this. Sure thing.

      By the way, documentarions don’t need every side of a story to participate in a project to tell a factual representation of an event. Would it be nice? Sure, but there is more than one way to verify information than to get it first-hand from a single person. They reached out to Penn and he chose not to participate. That doesn’t make their retelling of the events false.

    • Barbara Leon says:

      earth ocean – The fact that Kate del Castillo was politically persecuted in Mexico and no charges were pressed against Sean Penn because he decided to obtain a journalist’s permit for him and his filmmakers and purposefully avoid providing that for Kate is definitely verifiable in the judicial system in Mexico. Just like he decided to make himself a hero by embellishing some details of the meeting and the nature of Kate’s and El Chapo’s relationship, Kate had the right to tell her story. He could care less about Kate’s safety against the Mexican Government, as well as the aftermath in the States, like being subjected to the DEA’s harrassment.

  10. Nancy Mesek says:

    This interview boosted my opinion of Sean Penn.

  11. Josie M says:

    I think he’s friggin awesome. He helped out with rescues after Katrina hit. Then went to Haiti after the earthquakes, stayed for like 3 or 4 years to help rebuild. He’s obviously a very compassionate person and has done alot for others.

  12. JamieLan2011 says:

    Sean Penn has the perpetual look of a drunkard that got woken up too early in the morning after a long night of boozing. Not necessarily a bad thing. Some dudes pull it off just right.

  13. QUITUTINCI TV says:

    Last time I saw someone smoking on a late night show was Joe Pesci on Letterman

    • MadriFilmArt says:

      Bette Davis used to light up every time she was on Johnny Carson… Even in her 80’s!!

    • Poxyclypse says:

      Colbert and Sarah Paulson smoked together for part of her interview, sometime last year. If you want to see some epic Interview Smoking, look for Mike Wallace’s interview with Rod Serling, from just before the first Twilight Zone aired. 22 minutes of them both smoking continuously. There must have been an intern popping in with fresh ones while the camera is on the other guy.

    • Cath Stuart says:

      John Cougar Mellencamp smoked on Colbert last time he was on…

    • Muddy Raccoon says:

      Johnny Depp spent his entire Inside the Actors Studio interview hand rolling cigarettes or smoking hand-rolled cigarettes.

  14. Kate Durst says:

    7:53 Hairdresser at backstage: “Here goes my lifework”

  15. HeikkiP says:

    21 Grams is brilliant and he’s excellent in it

  16. dimitreze says:

    David Letterman would’ve killed him. Hahaha.

    • demongo2007 says:

      Maybe letterman took his show too seriously–or maybe just himself

    • R. Young says:

      “Oh Sean, sorry you couldn’t be here tonight.” I love Letterman and yet how is THAT so brilliant? How is that killing someone? Dave was sleepwalking through years of his own show himself. The only people he slayed were braindead idiots like Paris Hilton. For someone like Sean Penn, Dave’s lazy barbs would have been like a gnat on the back on a lion.

    • MySpartapictures kitty says:

      Why is dick aloud to poison people in the building?? Fuck him!

    • Dead Wax Channel says:

      because he can spell better than you.

    • Snowskeeper Ferenczy says:

      +Alex Camacho

      Wait, all it takes for somebody to become a “giant pussy” in your eyes is for them to refuse to allow people to smoke on television? You might need to re-examine your standards, there.

  17. Tolerance says:

    The Whole country IS on some pretty strong Tea at the moment.

  18. Stephen Vest says:

    this is awesome..getting Sean Penn out is incredible

    • Ed Dursky says:

      Oh hell ya, man…the guy’s a regular fucking socialist/Communist Tolstoy, (pass your crack pipe.)

    • tdsm19 says:

      Ed Dursky Get off your cavalry high horse. Your boy Trump just threw you under the bus. He wants to take the money he promised to build the military and use it on the wall. Speaking of socialism, that wall sure reminds me of Berlin.

    • Ed Dursky says:

      Tdsm 19 – What a “Useful Idiot” response. News Flash: The Berlin Wall was built to keep people IN – not out. (I have a relative who shot his way through the Berlin Wall in the early 70’s…who’d just LOVE to explain to you…the difference.)

    • tdsm19 says:

      Ed Dursky Yeah, 5 years from now, we’ll see if that wall is still to keep people out….

    • Stephen Vest says:

      You Tube is on clean up for these trolls tdsm19 they have over 400 plus profiles…they are transparent, so tracking them is easy because the Facebook problem

  19. Carson Redford says:

    Okay but what does Scotty Kilmer think??

  20. Majikalnight says:

    Best interview of Sean Penn

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