Sean Spicer: Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons

Sean Spicer: Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons

via CNN

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20 Responses


    He’s so stupid

  2. Madrid Ascus says:

    “Later in the briefing, Spicer was given a chance to correct the record about Hitler’s use of deadly gas on Jews in concentration camps.

    ‘He was not using his gas on his own people the same was Assad was,’ the press secretary explained.”

  3. Mark Roberts says:

    The clown car rolls on. Will somebody remind Spicer about the Holocaust. These fucking assholes are either insane or idiots or both!

  4. ChakraZulu210 says:

    So you Trump supporters are excusing this because using chemical weapons in battle is worse than using them on defenseless innocent people? Which Hitler TOTALLY did. By your logic if Assad ( whom hasn’t been proven to have used chemical weapons) had put these people in a concentration camp and rendered them defenseless THEN it would be OK to use chemical weapons on them? Sheeeeeeesh you guys are psychopaths…..

  5. DarthCipient says:

    Fucking hell.

    The end of the world can’t be far away.

  6. bmxxxxxxxx says:

    Took 81 days for the Trump administration to deny the holocaust. I thought they’d might make it 100.

  7. koos naam says:

    He forgot to mention that the US is the ONLY country ever to use nuclear weapons killing thousands of people at once.

  8. KindaDumb says:

    what? hitler didnt use chemical weapons?? does he not know about the Holocaust??

  9. Ali A says:

    Holocaust jokes are not funny. Anne Frankly you should stop. My grandfather was in the holocaust. He was a guard. Nice man.

  10. Xylus Winters says:

    well, techniquly Hitler Himself never used chemical Weapons in war

  11. Garkech says:

    Cuckservatives be like how is this trending, YouTube and their liberal agenda !

  12. mz204455 says:

    So what did he think they did in gas chambers?

  13. There's a 2020 election says:

    He meant that on the battlefield Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons, of course in concentration camps Hitler did use chemical weapons.

  14. petite prince says:

    So by his logic the USA is worse than Hitler too because they used chemical weapons in Vietnam ( Agent Orange and Napalm) and also in Iraq Fallujah.
    Israel used white Phosphor on videotape, where is the media screaming for regime change?

  15. thuglife1297 says:

    Vietnam Agent Orange *COUGH* *COUGH*

  16. ShannonLisette says:

    … this really the world we live in?

  17. Pintexx says:

    Hitler GASSED the Jews which obviously means via chemical weapons!…. Is this guy retarded or something?

  18. Awesomerama says:

    So I’m guessing poisonous gas chambers don’t count oh and mustard gas

  19. Cooper Lamb says:

    TBH Hitler seems like less of a douchebag than Trump. Fuck .

  20. Morning Dew says:

    Can anyone provide me a document by Hitler regarding gas chambers or extermination?

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