Sean Spicer Press Conference Cold Open – SNL

Sean Spicer Press Conference Cold Open – SNL

Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) and Jeff Sessions (Kate McKinnon) take questions from the press (Bobby Moynihan, Mikey Day, Vanessa Bayer, Sasheer Zamata, Cecily Strong, Kyle Mooney).

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20 Responses

  1. ANDREA NICOLE says:

    When trump accidentally made SNL great again instead of America

  2. Brian Hudson says:

    This skit is even more hilarious than the last one!!!

  3. desiBUZZ says:

    She’s not Melissa Mccarthy, She’s just Alternate Sean Spicer !!

  4. Rachel Fifer says:

    Cecily’s face when getting blown by leaf blower??

  5. Jason says:

    Cheap Ivanka bracelet falls off at 6:10.

  6. Javan uHnah says:

    She’s so good at this lol. Trump really revived SNL.

  7. IndigoHeaux says:

    The snl hair and makeup team need a raise

  8. Jason Milton says:

    I know its SNL, but in real life these people really do act like this..
    Damn!! I wish Obama was still President so the US can be Normal Again….

  9. Sophia N says:


  10. Kookie Monster says:

    How did they get Sean Spicer to do this skit? Spicer must be a cool guy!

  11. Dominique Powell-Saidykhan says:

    Melissa always putting her leg up high as hell… Lmao

  12. Why you gotta go there says:

    Speaking of that terror attack list, anyone notice how it didn’t have any
    non-Muslim terrorists on it? How about the Quebec shooter? Where is Trumps
    response on that? He won’t talk about the Quebec shooter because it doesn’t
    fit his agenda. Simple as that. People need to start understanding that
    with trump, and his supporters this is more an immigrant thing than a
    Muslim thing. I mean it has become a full on anti-Muslim thing as
    throughout the history of America there has always been at least one group
    used to fear monger against. However it is still an immigrant thing. If
    India for some reason had a refugee crisis the same people would start
    going after Hindus, and talking about how people who follow Hinduism, and
    are Hindustani don’t share the amazing American values that America should
    have. The amazing values like voting for, and supporting someone that has
    said “With these terrorists when you take them out you also have to take
    out their families”

    Also amazing values like this poll from Public Policy Polling shows:

    Question: Do you support bombing Agrabah?
    41% of Donald Trump supporters responded with a resounding yes!
    30% of GOP voters responded with a resounding yes!
    19% of Democrats responded with a resounding yes!

    Agrabah for those of you who sadly don’t know is not a real place. It is
    the fake city from Aladdin.
    Yet people heard the name, their minds went “That sounds Muslim” and then
    their mouths went “Bomb them”

    And you just know that these same people are the ones that cry and shout
    about how great their values are, and how that’s the reason they can’t
    accept Muslims.

  13. CLRaider says:

    Donald trump: I don’t like how Spicer was play by a woman. it makes him
    look weak…..women are weak

    Melissa McCarthy *doesn’t give no fucks and continue to play as Spicer*

  14. squanto2 says:

    Remember folks, just because you think Trump is a disaster does not
    necessarily make you a liberal. It just means that reality tv has not
    ruined your brain.

  15. Thanos of Titan says:

    Trump’s blood pressure hit 250/140 when Spicey showed off Ivanka’s shoes.

  16. AryaDelRey says:

    How does snl have access to the actual press conference??

  17. Frederick Erebor says:

    There should be repercussions for all this lying Trump’s administration is
    doing. The worst part is that they tell easily provable lies. Even if
    you’re a liar, at least be good at it ?

  18. Lynn Karol says:

    The moving podium was a genius…LIKE old spicy better

  19. ermasing says:

    Top 5 POSITIVE outcomes of Trump’s presidency:

    5. The Republican party is being exposed.
    4. Trump is out of Nordstroms.
    3. The American people are becoming more politically aware.
    2. With everybody worried about Trump the Kardashians are nonexistent.
    1. SNL IS LIT!!!!!!!

  20. EveryOneHasAIDS says:

    That Jeff Sessions is going to haunt my dreams.

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