Sean Spicer Returns – SNL

Sean Spicer Returns – SNL

Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) confronts President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) about the rumors that he’s being replaced by Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant).

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20 Responses

  1. Peter says:

    Cue the trumpanzees getting angry over a comedy skit

  2. Vee King says:

    Aidy Bryant is too cute to be playing Sarah the lying Slob Huckabee. A horses ass would have been a way more accurate depiction.

  3. pinoi78 says:

    How long before Trump is impeached?

  4. keyvoncapers theawesomeness says:

    Liar liar pants on fire so i put it out. i fuckin died at that part

  5. JesseKantstopolis says:

    LMAO shitlibs are so assblasted about getting BTFO in November that they’ve convinced themselves there’s was some massive conspiracy by Russia to ‘hack’ the election. My fucking sides.

  6. Adam Shell says:

    USA # 1
    President Trump # 1

    Accept reality libtards or off yourselves.

  7. Tractor Lover says:

    Do you guys have anything else better to do except make fun of our President?

  8. Infinity Hand says:

    I’m not a Trump fan but how can you guys just sit in an echo chamber smelling your own farts? This is unoriginal and pathetic. You’d never dare say anything negative about Obama. Pathetic.

  9. OasisofSpirit says:

    ANY RUSSIA connection with Trump IS A LIE! Comey was/is a loyal Clinton Puppet! He got the Clintons off Whitewater! He got President Bill off Bribery charges in the Pay to Pardon Prisoners Crimes when there was 100% PROOF of his guilt! Then Hillarys Email CRIMES, Comey acts as Judge and Jury and IGNORES Hillarys Blatant and EASILY PROVEN CRIMES of Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, Classified Information Mishandleing Crimes, and Collusion Crimes! COMEY is/was A DIRTY FBI CLINTON POLITICAL PUPPET!

  10. Buffalo Wild Wings says:

    Wow this disgusting. FUCK YOU SNL

  11. J.R Kidd says:

    Fuck Donald Trump.

    How About You Fire Yourself, You Dumb Truck.

  12. Pat Windorf says:

    Elizabeth Warren 2020! SNL needs to do some Elizabeth Warren skits, little princess Poca-dishonest. She may not be Sacagawea but she’s a sack of something.

  13. 12vinyl says:

    Cancel the show. Hasn’t been funny since the 90’s.

  14. MIchael Simpson says:

    Reading the low-IQ Trump supporters’ whiny comments is funnier than the skit.

  15. Junior Mendiola says:

    on this Mother’s Day #fuck Donald Trump ???? .

  16. John_ Carter says:

    How was this trending #1 when it only had 50,000 views??? SNL had to PAY for views people! That’s how unfunny this crap was!

  17. VCG Construction says:

    You don’t need Spicer’s routing number to get money, the #VeryCoolGuys are giving you a chance to win $500 right now !

  18. Josh Womble says:

    What is wrong with that little dwarf who sounds like a woman?! He gives me anxiety ?

  19. Tank Evans says:

    lol at all these liberals saying “snowflake” and “triggered”. Don’t have enough brain cells to come up with their own insults.

  20. Joel Osteen says:


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