Sean Spicer says border fence is actually a wall

Sean Spicer says border fence is actually a wall

via FBN

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20 Responses

  1. paulchartley says:

    Go on, tell him it looks like a fence again.

    Eventually he’ll chimp out and start talking about Nazis again

  2. T Soumaila says:

    I’m starting to believe that some of these reporters…are paid by the administration to give certain questions.

  3. Brian Tyler says:

    Trump: “And who’s gonna pay for it?”
    Crowd: “Mexico!”
    Trump: “Changed my mind, by Mexico I meant the American taxpayers! Oh and instead of a wall we are kind of patching up 40 miles of fence on a 2,000 mile border!

  4. blacknightz2011 says:

    this guy has more flip flops than a *BEACH*

  5. Stan Buczak says:

    What happened to the bid beautiful magnificent bigly wall we were promised? no. no wall for you

  6. Dorothy Johnson says:

    Don’t fence me in.

  7. Rexcetera says:

    A fence? A wall? A stoop? A bump. Why argue over words when words mean nothing to these people?

  8. MrIsaac480 says:

    I guess I have a wall in my front yard, not a fence.

  9. HOLY SMOKES says:

    Mexican President: “WHO’S GOING TO PAY FOR THE WALL ?!?!!

    Mexican People: “THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER !!!!!”

  10. Dan says:

    Also build a wall around Canada since you say we have no country without a full border wall

  11. AboxoroxRoxursox says:

    A fence is not a wall just like a wall is not a fence. I think this uneducated tool is looking for the word, “barrier.”

  12. James Blazes says:

    so your blaming Obama on something that you promised? what the fuck kind of logic is that, the US is seriously fucked.

  13. Ben says:

    Alternative walls. Sad.

  14. 6EQUJ5 says:

    who’s gonna pay for the wall?

  15. Cable Summer says:

    ( I’M CONSERVATIVE ) BUT RACIST TRASH like this is why I no longer refer to myself as a REPUBLICAN! IMMIGRATION WASN’T AN ISSUE FOR DECADES!!!!!!!! And ( no other Republican would touch the non-issue! ) Steve Bannon used it to rally a hardore RACIST BASE around Trump against all the other running Republican Candidates who refused to touch the non issue with a 10 foot pole! SADLY ONE OF THE BIGGEST WAYS TO RADICALIZE TRASH and ENSURE A VOTE IS RACISM!

  16. Cable Summer says:

    ( I’M A CONSERVATIVE )…BUT this election has TRULY EMBOLDENED HARDCORE RACISTS! I’m disgusted! I’m done defending these Nazis!

  17. Chris Portal says:

    Steven Colbert has a LOT to work with on this one!

  18. ANHZ 52 says:

    humpty dumpty wouldn’t even crack after falling of that fence lol

  19. rome368 says:

    THIS ISN’T FUNNY ANYMORE! Why the hell did people support this. Build a wall and we pay for it. We are going to waste our tax dollars on a wall that will never be completed. It could have went to the baby boomers that are getting older and older by the day and will increasingly require more healthcare benefits. Smdh karma is something else.

  20. Julio says:

    This man is literally standing there with a serious face calling a chained fence a wall. I’m done????

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