Search for Brian Laundrie

Search for Brian Laundrie

Gabby Petito: Search for Brian Laundrie at Carlton Reserve

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54 Responses

  1. Seagull Livingstone says:

    Would you trust “he went that away”-by the evil Laundries?I wouldnt ..a no brainer

    • Alex Young says:

      Not to worry, every international transitway has been rigged for him! An intpl Red Notice was issued for him. He wont be able to move by any legal means, hes a wanted person.

    • robin o rhys rhys says:

      It seems they were not really meant for each other. They were forcing it. In their clip they posted on YouTube, at some point she referred the place a “desert’ when he corrected her immediately by saying ” well there are trees”… In that simple interaction you already know they have conflicting views, which are bases for dispute…I am sure she meant “desert” in a way like “no one is there or around except him’ …. And also that ‘deserting’ is for her, quite scary a thing… She seems not mature enough to handle ‘being left alone’ even on a highway!!!. And his idea of letting her (or both) walk away to let heated dispute wear off is what may have caused such a lost. They had many dispute, and walking away is either one take the van or go to a hotel or go home. We will see how it unfolds, sadly it is.

    • {{{{Ké SiNGS}}}} says:

      @cj Ribeiro Yeeeeeeeeah……except for that pesky little fact that her death was ruled a homicide.

    • Franzy Von Karma says:

      @cj Ribeiro if you were following this case, you would’ve known that Gabby’s death was homicide meaning someone else killed her.

    • Norma Jean Vandever says:

      @Alex Young, if he left the country then it was before this manhunt began.

  2. Rogena Whalen says:

    These parents do not act like their son is missing or in any harm. The gestures to me appear of someone who is hiding a lot.

    • Keough says:

      I agree that they probably know where he is, but we don’t know how they are acting bc they have not made any public statements or have even left their house!

    • gusubunation says:

      ahhhh speculation. the best part of any investigation.

    • Alpha And Omega says:

      @Keough But that’s just the point if they were truly worried just like they(.his parents) called when they all of a sudden wanted to say they didn’t know where he was , you would see Authorities there giving them a update, now I know someone’s going to say we’ll maybe they are sir and no ma’am … we would know ..

    • Amy M Averill-Guzman says:

      Because they are

    • Alpha And Omega says:

      @Linds200283 I think that’s what the mother told Authorities he had with him ( now don’t quote on that one ). I’ve retained so much information my brain is about to pop ..

  3. Susan MinhTrang Nguyen says:

    What a waste of time and resources on the word of his parents… Wake up Florida, HE IS NOT THERE!

    • Mason Dixon Piper says:

      @OnThis Rock When don’t they? Cops lack street smarts and are completely inept. I once thwarted a DUI by telling the cop that I wasn’t even old enough to drink after doing an U turn in the middle of the road right before a sobriety checkpoint, no joke.

    • bip slone says:

      @Susan MinhTrang Nguyen there isn’t an arrest warrant for Brian Laundrie, what are they going to do when they find him…. ask if he want to answer questions? No? OK you are free to go

    • Reason says:

      For real! He’s in another country. It’s not hard to get on a boat or small plane and go to some Caribbean island from Florida. There’s no customs checkpoints in most of those places. You have to VOLUNTARILY check in with them when you arrive by boat or small airplane.

    • Joan Black says:

      My first reaction is that Brian is not there, but these people aren’t stupid and I can’t help but think that they know much more about the situation than we do and that It’s enough to justify their continuing to search that area. (I even wonder whether he went in there to kill himself.)

    • xXx Punk Rock xXx says:

      Nope. The cops are so dumb. He was just caught on a trail camera in Baker FL. Yet they are still searching the area that the parents purposefully mislead them too. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. Lucas Burch says:

    You would think it would be obvious by now that he’s not in that reserve. Hell, he’s probably not even in Florida anymore

    • Wall Stretcher Official says:

      If I didn’t understand investigation protocol it would seem like that to me also.

    • Doge Hardon says:

      The police have to do an exhaustive search of that reserve, they don’t have a choice just yet. I understand that his parents are not to be trusted but they have to assume that they are telling the truth because if he is ultimately there and they didn’t search then that would look really bad for the police. No matter where he is, he will get caught because he has to eventually interact with society to get food, water and clothing. It’s just a matter of time.

    • Robert A says:

      Maybe he’s hiding in a gator belly

    • Norma Jean Vandever says:

      @Doge Hardon, not necessarily if he has a person/ or persons keeping him stocked up on supplies…..which is probably the case.

    • xXx Punk Rock xXx says:

      He was recently caught on a trail cam in Baker Florida.

  5. J F says:

    I don’t see how Brian’s parents are not persons of interest and treated as suspects?? He’s “missing” and they were the last to see him. FORCE their hand!!!

    • Norma Jean Vandever says:

      @Alpha And Omega, I’m sure aiding and abetting is a felony.

    • Norma Jean Vandever says:

      @Randi Rose, and how did the parents know that there was a note on that car when it was many miles away…esp?

    • Ext2, Elle says:

      @John Adams hi. Yes, its very strange.
      Her Dad is a big guy, both!
      If that was my Dad n many more no police would stop him getting to truth!
      But THERE again, the frustration of the right to silence, is it 5th? ( from Europe)
      I looked on missing females… N every other day n yet one case gets THIS MUCH ATTENTION.
      Not for one moment am I taking respect for Gabi, her suffering, the loss…I know the grief they’re in, n hell is it! God grant them some light.
      But spotlight is on this for some reason. I teased out few comments n it appears he has a band of “supporters”. Hard to believe but true.
      Not logical thinking people saying,rightfully, he’s entitled to silence…oh no…this was more.
      And on a different platform. Separate account.
      Police will always watch social media for clues….its a common tactic n a v clever one.
      RIP G. Bless your soul n help your family n friends cope.
      N help USA from where you are….the world needs more angels to get things straight.
      N protect police n dogs etc gone in on v dangerous area on search.
      These brave men n women always step up n don’t allow fear in their path to justice.
      God bless n good luck.
      Saludos de Europe

    • Randi Rose says:

      @Norma Jean Vandever I don’t know the exact details, they knew he was going to that area to hike , I would imagine it was to far for him to walk from their house.When he didn’t come home they went to check to see if he was still there. They found his car with the note saying move the car or it will be towed. They left the car that night to see if he would come home , when he didn’t come home that night they went to move the car the next day so it wouldn’t be towed. They brought it back to their house. This all happened before they even found her . She was just missing at this point.They are doing exactly what the attorney is telling them to do , along with cooperating with the FBI and police. I know we all want to know what happened right this second , but we have to let the system work. We need to let the FBI do their job and collect hard evidence. Theory’s, assumptions, emotions have no place in a court of law.

    • Name Not Found says:

      @teo delfuegoMost useless comment ever bro. Dunno how you got racist from a emotional person. Which is how they sound.

  6. Chantal says:

    I think he WANTS police to think he is there and spend all their recourses and time there. He is definitely somewhere else.

    • craffte says:

      There’s a DA in the family, he’s probably been advised. Like, who wouldn’t do that for their family, but.. yeah, he’s not dead. Just probably really struggling.

    • anonymous johnson says:

      Probably in Mexico.

    • Terri Duphney says:

      Why aren’t Brian’s parents out helping to look for their son?.. Parents know where he is!!..They are not under house arrest………RIP. Gabby 🙏😪

    • Ashley Degiorgio says:

      Damn straight. N they pick the most craziest place to look. N when he gets found in like Canada the parents r gonna say ” u can’t get mad at us. He told us a lie”. I know Florida has the death penalty so cuz they come from there does that mean he could get that or does the murder have 2 happen in Florida?

  7. Charlotte Hanna says:

    So sorry, Gabby. God bless your parents.

  8. Neal L Irwin says:

    If the parents haven’t looked for him then they know where he’s at

  9. Luanne Riffle says:

    Brian isn’t there he’s we’re his parents went camping. Or he took off in a car that probably a family member or friend gave his family.

    • carla chamberland says:

      Hé would have to put gas and buy food and everyone will recognize him

    • Nancy Evans says:

      Well every store is out with all the Halloween stuff. He could have bought a blonde wig. put that hat over it. shaved the breard off. If I was the Police I would look through every store in his area.looking through surveilance footage. Might catch him buying stuff. Right after he 1st got back.

    • Leah Archambault says:

      @carla chamberland not if he’s staying with family or friends. He had days to get anywhere, he could be holed up in somebody’s house THEY are getting him food etc. (This is just conjecture, but possible)

  10. 52musiclvr says:

    I don’t think he’s in the reserve at all. I think his parents have to make a getaway in a totally different direction

    • Whyulyin Tho says:

      Yes. I think they drove him out of state when they went on their 3 day “camping” trip

    • Norma Jean Vandever says:

      @Whyulyin Tho, yep probably to some cabin in the woods that isn’t tied/ traceable to them.

    • Sharon Cobb says:

      I agree i do not believe he was ever their,i believe he was in that truck/ camper his parents drove him straight out of their,

    • sim mo says:

      I see what you’re saying but, these investigators know a lot more than they’re letting us know, they will have cctv, doorbell cameras, licence plate recognition systems, there are enough cameras nowadays to piece together the parents entire journey, plus they have credit card and cell phone activity, search and cadaver dogs sniffing for his scent etc… we only know what the media is reporting on, there is a reason they are focused on this particular area I’d imagine. There’s only so long someone can survive on a backpack of food and his face has been daubed across every news channel in the country, sooner or later someone will recognise him if he’s wandering about anywhere. Personally I think he’s killed himself, and they’ll find his body within the next few days. It’s literally impossible to just disappear nowadays.

    • Cesar B. says:

      @sim mo I agree 100%. Do you also watch JCS-Criminal psychology??

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