Search for the LION KING!

Search for the LION KING!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and crew search for Lions on the African Savannah to help field veterinarians collect critical biometrics and health data on a very specific pride of big cats!

Get ready to join the crew as they search for the lion king!

HUGE THANKS to the Kariega Game Reserve and the Reserve Protection Agency for hosting the crew at this location. Please visit their websites to find out more about their efforts to protect South Africa’s wildlife! – and

Breaking Trail leaves the map behind and follows adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they encounter a variety of wildlife in the most amazing environments on the planet!

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59 Responses

  1. Jacco Stoete says:

    Excellent choice of music! Really captures the lethal royalty of these animals.

  2. Mia Vazquez says:

    Hi am a big fan and i LOVE LIONS?

  3. Stephanie O says:

    To be continued!? NOOO!!

  4. The Flores Family says:

    What a beautiful Lion ??

  5. Cosmic Soul says:

    Sup simba

  6. Michael Morrissey says:

    Man, I would never mess with a wild lion.

  7. [WR]GrandMafia says:

    Male lions has a body built to fight and any (males are stronger tho) tigers has a body built to hunt. So tigers most likely lose to a male lion since tigers look for a “fast takedowns”, and by “fast takedowns” they must “kill it instantly”, and by “kill it instantly”, they go for the neck, but the male lions has *THICC* Manes, so they most likely run away from the lions because they can’t kill it instantly, Even though tigers are stronger, if they can’t kill it instantly or they’re having a hard time finishing the fight they run away. (BTW lions are also very smart when it comes to fighting. And tigers also don’t want to mess with a lion because they know a lion always has backup.) Sorry for bad english. LOL

    Im basing it on a Male lion vs Male tiger.

    • Zaf Khan says:

      [WR]GrandMafia this incident was already played out. The male Bengal tiger and Siberian male tiger has a more acrobatic approach on fighting. One can take down a buffalo. A male lion alone can not do so. Tiger will posses the upper hand here…well paws in this case

    • Jancy Varghese says:

      ScorpionPlayz yes but it’s more towards the lion

    • Jancy Varghese says:

      Zaf Khan you are talking about hunting, this is fighting bruh. In a sheer power contest a male lion is the clear winner

    • pedro roque says:

      [WR]GrandMafia Tiger win most times

    • XxPredator xX says:

      [WR]GrandMafia that’s like how men r stronger than women but women keep denying it ?

  8. Violet Draws says:

    The last digit of your like is what wild-cat you are!

    1- lion
    2- tiger
    3- cheetah
    4- Jaguar
    5- panther
    6- lynx
    7- cougar
    8- snow leopard
    9- snow tiger
    0- ocelot

  9. Haruチャンネル says:


  10. Berkay Kara says:

    Hail to the KİNG respect.

  11. liidel says:

    Majestic kitty

  12. Silas Mayes says:

    Guys we found Waldo!

  13. Xx DisneYPlaysYTxX says:


    • DarktrooperDalek says:

      Xx DisneYPlaysYTxX BOI. he LITERALLY said that they’re releasing it IN THE VIDEO. They’re just collecting biometric data.

    • nycbklynrmp says:

      they are in reserve, they are only temp sedating to get health data, it will be ok. however im more concerned of them giving location of the lions

  14. Eric Fish 321 says:

    The Lion King

  15. Jose Salinas says:

    Do you know Tanzania has more lions than anywhere else in Africa.

  16. ⵣ Arezki ⵣ says:

    You have the best job ever!

  17. Elif Salli says:

    So amazing ?

  18. Catch’n Keep ‘S says:

    You already know he kept that skull ?

  19. Beyond Silence says:


  20. Thank You says:

    Just go watch the *Lion king* movie.

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